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Sean Looks at The Week of 8/9/2009 in Review; Ashley Greene is Dope of the Week

Sean from writes: You want straight, no nonsense journalism, you stick with

The Dope of the Week Award winner is Ashley Greene. It appears this idiot took nude photos of herself and low and behold they end up on the Internet. Not surprisingly, she’s now outraged and her attorneys have demanded that the photos be removed or this dope will sue. If this wasn’t such a blatant attempt at getting publicity, she’d win the Media Whore award hands down. Unfortunately, she’s just a dope.

Bullshit Quote of the Week: “I’m happy for the production, but I feel bad for exploiting the girls’ situation.” This from Matt Morningwood in referring to the fact that before the economy tanked he was paying girls $2500.00 for a multi-partner shoot but now he only pays $1800.00. I’m sure he feels bad. Just like the fox after he ate all the chickens in the henhouse.

This week’s Sasha Grey Media Whore Award winner is Tony Curtis. After telling his life story in his first memoir, American Prince, published in 2008 this media whore decided to kill another few thousand trees and bless us all with his latest memoir: Some Like it Hot: My Memories of Marilyn Monroe and the Making of the Classic Movie.

In the book he claims that during the shooting of the film he knocked up Monroe. I find it funny that with everything that has been written over the years about her that some writer missed this blockbuster news. I also find this media whore’s story hard to believe because it was written that she developed a rapport with [Jack] Lemmon, and that she disliked Curtis especially after hearing that he had described their love scenes as “like kissing Hitler.” Too bad Marilyn has been dead for 47 years or she could confirm or deny the story. That sure makes it convenient for this media whore.

The Creep of the Week winner is Tawnya Rae Burrows. This jack off took it upon herself to show 2 children aged 7 and 8 a porn flick. That’s really a lack of good judgment. Oh, but this goof ass takes it one level higher by breaking out her sex toys and using them on the children including one child who is two years old. This creep has a laundry list of charges against her and if found guilty of them I suggest she be placed in a wood chipper. Then again maybe I’m just too liberal.

The Douche Bag Award – After reading this weekly review, you would think that Roger Dale Roberts is this week’s Douche Bag award winner: he was convicted on three counts of making child sexually abusive material — pornography — by video-recording himself having sex with a 17-year-old girl. Sorry, but this time you’re wrong. The Douche Bag winners are the “victim” and her parents.

The “victim” was “a few months” shy of her 18th birthday so her parents signed a consent form for her to appear in the porn flick. Later, in trying to cover her own ass, Mommy said “he was consenting to take pictures, not rape her [daughter].” And what did the “victim” say after the trial? “Thank God he’s put away,” she commented after the sentencing. “He can’t hurt another little girl.” She’s comparing herself to a little girl? Geez, what a bunch of douche bags.

Belated Birthdays – Misty Rain 08/10, Amanda Lexx 08/11, Elizabeth Starr 08/11, Nikki Randall 08/11, Britt Morgan 08/12, Lexi Lapetina 08/12, Brittany Andrews 08/13, Kelly O’Dell 08/13, Wendy Whoppers 08/13, Danyel Cheeks 08/14, Heather Carolin 08/15, Jena Ricci 08/15, Justine Sands 08/15, Uschi Digard 08/15, Taylor Rain 08/16, Reigning Football Pool Champion and resident smart ass, Sean 08/16

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Sean: I thought this hump was broke.

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Sean’s Hot-to-Trot Teach Fuck Scale: Crazy 8

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Sean: Fortunately, the Loyal Order of Beaver Lovers still stands by the industry.

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