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Seen and Heard at The Listeners Choice Awards

Special congrats go out to Lorrainiac who was picked in the KSEX Listeners’ Poll as the Best KSEX porn jockey of the year. The station’s awards show was held at Sardos Saturday night and each recipient got a caricature of themselves, very suitable for framing.

While Wayne Lewis is probably doing a re-cap of the show, itself, for, I would like to extend public thanks to Chris Rick and the staff of KSEX for the honor bestowed on me with the Mike Rick Memorial Award. Like an idiot, I’m in the crowd taking notes for a news story wondering who was getting the last but obviously not least award of the evening, and it didn’t dawn on me that it was my name being called to receive it. I believe the award comes in part for contributions made to KSEX and also for being an innovator in the industry. As I said last night, KSEX is doing more on daily basis to promote this business than any single entity and it certainly deserves the uncompromising support of the adult industry.

And one thing I’ve learned after many years in the adult business is that the best seat in the house is generally next to Quasarman. I spent several days in Mexico a few years ago having had the Montezuma mirth shits hanging around this guy and Saturday night at Sardos was no exception. And the fact that Quasarman, like Madam Blavatsky, also a self-acknowledged protagonist of the spirit world [but in Quasarman’s case anything 80 proof and over], was making his first visit to Sardos was an occasion to be noted with great pomp and circumstance.

Asked what he was popping in his mouth between Vodka-sodas and whatever, Quasarman went into some detail about a secret Russian formula that beats the effects of a morning’s hangover, provided that you take two pills after every two drinks, Quaze being quick to pick up on the illogicality of the process requiring two pills after two drinks and not one after one. I didn’t want to spoil the fun by suggesting that the ingredients might hail from the scrapings of the insides of a Russian horse doctor’s valise.

Meanwhile a little skull session ensued between Quasarman and Gauge whom he sidekicks with on the Distorted reality Show Friday night and there seems to be some major comments in the offing this week on Gauge’s festering situation with Metro. I’m told to listen to the show on Friday, that it might be a doozie.

Though he mentioned on his show earlier in the week that he was going to create a website for Darien Ross, Chef Jeff has decided that maybe it wasn’t such a good idea after all particularly after Ross had allegedly walked out on her share of a hotel bill after an impromptu party. Ross eventually made good on the money, we’re told.

Speaking of money, we asked The Dago Bomber about the limo guy that he was supposed to be in big to. The Bomber said he told the limo guy to fuck off, particularly after he left Johnny Buss stranded in a parking lot in Venice.

Kevin Moore said he was covering the awards show for AVN but refused to pay the $20 admission and walked out.

Jayson Sechrest, in top hat, apparently dressed as a one-man tribute to Liza Minelli, prompted the doorman to comment that he didn’t know KSEX had a magician on the docket for the evening. Which prompted Wankus telling him how Jayson could make a dick disappear in your ass.

Max Hardcore and Catalina also came out for the evening and Scott Fayner recalled the time he first met Catalina who was then taking a piss on La Cienega and Wilshire in daylight with Max taking pix. Fayner and Taylor Rain are getting married during the January trade show, and if I heard it correctly, the nuptials are going to be aired on KSEX. It would have also been pretty cool if KSEX could have aired the blow job Fayner was getting from Taylor during the dinner last night at Sardos. And with the speed that the waitresses cleared the tables afterwards, Ron Jeremy would have been shit out of luck for leftovers.

I had to ask Max what the whole story was about in Barcelona when he went on the stage to receive an award and told the crowd to go fuck itself. The story as first reported had it that Max went into the bathroom to take a piss and was followed by a Spanish film crew. Someone from the crew made out like he was flushing Max’s award which prompted a fist fight with Catalina joining in. Later in the evening or early in the morning, when being asked what happened, Max noticed the same Spanish guy and took after him in the hotel lobby. In what developed as a Keystone Cops episode Catalina was supposed to have aimed one of her shoes at the guy. There have been different variations of the story which had Catalina allegedly going psycho on Max and one of his crew guys with Catalina having to be restrained. The cops were called in.

Max admits that he told the crowd basically to go fuck itself but meant it as a joke. Max identified the film crew as the Spanish equivalent of MTV and said the whole incident got started when they asked him if they go do a bit with his statue which took the whole episode in the men’s room. Max said one of the crew guys gave him a smirk which he didn’t appreciate, so he grabbed the guy’s camera and tried to flush it- just as they were doing with his award- all to make a point. Catalina, according to Max, later aimed one of her shoes in the lobby at the smirking guy and busted one of the table lamps. And the cops were called in.



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