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Seidman:There’s a Lot of Counter Lawsuits Coming Up

It’s an inside joke, but if Chef Jeff’s really lucky, maybe Steve Seidman will let him write a press release. Then, again, maybe not if you were listening to Jeff’s show last not that followed the confrontation between Seidman and Bunny Ranch owner Dennis Hof.

Jeff wasted little time digging in Seidman’s shit, commenting how Seidman had been talking shit all week leading up to Thursday night’s show in which he promised to do a tell all about Sunset Thomas leaving the Bunny Ranch, particularly now that Seidman’s Thomas’ agent.

Jeff gave a hats off to the show in general but noted that Seidman wasn’t answering any questions put to him by his show partner Harry Weiss. “He’s beating around the bush,” said Jeff. Jeff described Hof as being very forthright in terms of explaining the situation with Seidman backing off. “It’s pretty much out there what’s going on between Dennis and Sunset.” Jeff said the biggest shocker of the evening for him was Hof’s mention of sex-related charges against Seidman in the past. “I think Dennis’ point was if you’re going to smear me, I can come right back at you.” Jeff said he didn’t want to be quoted on trying to explain the story of the break-up. “God knows everyone’s waiting to jump on my case if I fuck up a story.”

Cytherea lent her two cents commenting, “To me, it’s just two evil men just at it. The thing’s I’ve heard about the guy at the Bunny Ranch is not good and the things I’ve heard about Steve Seidman are not good either.”

Jeff said he had come into the studio to prep for his show and Seidman was still in the studio because Hof was in the jock lounge. Jeff described Seidman as pacing back and forth. “He’s talking to Dahmer. Basically Steve’s venting.”

According to Jeff, Seidman’s claiming he has some tapes from an answering machine but can’t release them yet. “He’s insinuating that they contain some sort of incriminating evidence against Dennis, and that he was saying something on these tapes.” Then, according to Jeff, Seidman was supposedly making comments that he didn’t get fired from the Bunny Ranch nor did Kent Wallace, that they both quit.

“Then he was mouthing off to Dahmer that Dennis physically threatened Sunset and mentally threatened her.” According to Jeff, he also heard Seidman claim that Dennis did hit Thomas although Seidman used every possible recourse to sidestep those questions when confronted by Hof. “I heard it with my own two ears in the studio.” Jeff went on to quote Seidman as calling Hof, “a cocksucking pimp, a motherfucking lowlife and that he was sick of this motherfucker.” Seidman, according to Jeff was also saying that he did not lie once on the show. Jeff thought it particularly amusing that Seidman was venting to Dahmer, of all people.

Between last night and today I had a couple of calls from Seidman. Last night Seidman called just after the show. “It took every bit of professionalism in me not to respond to half of that shit,” he said.

“Like the shit with Trixxxie [the woman allegedly assaulted by Vince Neil at the Bunny Ranch] and everything else. If I had the pictures that Trixxxie had showing the bruises and the ripped clothing, I would have thrown it in his [Hof’s] face. If I had Stacy [another former Bunny Ranch employee who said that Hof attempted to sexually compromise her] there I would have thrown her in his face. If I had heard all the tapes or some of the tapes, I would have been able to go through it without worrying about something. But I couldn’t stick my foot in my mouth because I didn’t want to jeopardize the station or this.” Seidman also had a word or two to say about AVN’s Scott Ross.

“I told Scott Ross straight off the fuckin’ record. I said, Scott, you do not say anything. Scott Ross is a cocksucker. AVN can go shove everything up their own ass.” According to Seidman, he seems to think he can also salvage what deal Thomas can strike with VCA concerning the AEE signings. Seidman also seems to think that Hof was the wedge that came between Thomas and Larry Flynt. “We’re trying to settle this thing. What Dennis is saying is all for Dennis’ sake and it’s the fucking goddamn pimp in him that he’s putting out half this shit.” Seidman also claims that Cheri didn’t let Thomas go. “They just didn’t re-new the contract. That contract was over in November, supposedly.” Seidman said he also was well aware that Hof would show up at KSEX.

“I knew it was coming and I was laughing. Basically it played in what I had planned on doing. I wasn’t going to bad mouth him. You notice he asked me if I had ever been in jail, yeah. I admitted all that stuff. I had no problem saying that. And Jimmy D in the chat room said someone in porn arrested, imagine that. Calling me a piece of shit motherfucker? That’s the pimp in him. And the Bunny Ranch machine? That machine’s going to take a tumble soon. There’s a lot more involved, too. He’s talking about lawsuits? Guess what. There’s a lot of counter lawsuits coming up. If I found out there were threats made and we have that on tape, guess what? I’ll go after Mr. Dennis Hof and she will, too.”

Seidman described his attitude as livid because he didn’t say anything. “But then I’m thinking maybe I’m start because I didn’t ay anything. He defended everything. The worst part about it, Layla Jade and Sammie Sparks called. They were only up there partying. You weren’t up there working. That’s why. They didn’t have to worry about protection? Of course not. They’re not working girls.”

According to Seidman, Hof knew about his criminal record. “I left because of recruiting talent not because of my record. My sex arrest was white slavery, excuse me pimping across state lines. All arrests were 25-30 years ago.”



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