Shy Love and The VIP Connect Lose Another One – Darcie Dloce runs to LA Direct Models

shy love the cum dumpster

Just read a story today that Darcie Dolce left THE VIP CONNECT and is now with LA DIRECT MODELS.

Damn, she can’t keep employees or her talent.

Guess that tells you everything you need to know about Shy Love’s “agency“.




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  1. Be assured Anonymous is on to Shy Love and what she did to Mind Geek and all while Mind Geek contracts a thief a known liar and a tax evader and criminal. Proof will be made available with details on how Shy Love collected confidential financial information and gave that very information to a blogger and more . Shy Love you boasted about how no one can find you in Holland. This non sense was made clear to you by posting the contrary.

    Why is Mind Geek speaking to you and for how long.

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