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Shy Love runs secret escort agency with Sophia Santi

How does Shy Love travel round trip to and from Holland every 3 months when she only has 4 active girls on her roster?  Plus keep in mind she also has to pay her rent for the office, her car payment and the rent in Holland.

How does she pay all of her bills and afford to travel?

The only 4 ACTIVE girls on her roster are:

I would normally include Maci May on that list, but The VIP Connect hasn’t booked her shit so she’s already looking to bail.

Shy Love lists girls on her roster that haven’t been in the industry for a long time.

  • Aubrey Gold announced her retirement two months ago.
  • Darcie Dolce left her a month ago.
  • Alice Lighthouse gone. She doesn’t even live in the country anymore.
  • Brittany Bliss is in Vegas. She hasn’t been shooting for a long ass time.
  • Indigo August hasn’t shot any porn in 6+ months. Maybe longer.
  • Lizzie Bell was in prison. Why the fuck is she still on Shy’s website as available?
  • Tia Cyrus is now with LA Direct Models.
  • Abby Paradise, gone.
  • Madison Ivy hasn’t shot porn since 2015! She was in a car accident, and broke her back and can’t even walk.
  • Valerie White has been self booking for herself for the last 2 years. She even went as far as to shoot an anti-porn commercial to get money because her “agent” doesn’t do shit to help her earn money and she was desperate.
  • Laura Bently – gone.
  • Christiana Cinn – gone. She hates Shy and yet is still listed on the vip connect website.

So if Shy Love’s agency has no active talent, then how in the hell is Shy Love able to pay her bills?

Is that she is running a secret escort agency with Sophia Santi?

That’s what I’m hearing!

She is trying to do a high end version where a client plays $X amount of dollars and the girl does 3 dates and is guaranteed to put out.

She hides because THE VIP CONNECT as if it were a legit agency when in reality we know the truth.

That isn’t a talent agency name, that’s a hooker ring.

  • Ideal Image Models
  • 360 Models
  • 101 Modeling
  • LA Direct Models

See what all these agencies have in common? THEIR COMPANY NAMES SOUND LIKE A TALENT AGENCY THAT REPS MODELS.





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  1. She is blind to all her employees bailing on her and thinks her office manager is loyal to her. The vanity of this liar is beyond realism. Sheelagh Liberbiom believes she is off the grid and operates with impunity.
    Pampuszigt 32
    1111 th Diemen Nertherlands

    Perhaps your Inlaws needs a soundoff of on being in the middle of many gay BBBG doing the funky chicken with your mouth being a human firing range. So many failed marriages and so many wacked scenes anal journeys . We want the content you stole Shy Love. Your emails are known just like your cheese ball phony front rogue agency site weaknesses. I know you get it. You and your Web Master stole content and its in your best interest to give it back ASAP
    All while you run off stealing more content scenes with that fuck wad side kick in Hollywood partner in crime of yours.
    One More talent is leaving this week. Note to self Shy Love you are Not remotely close to being licensed and bonded.

  2. Post one more bullshit rants again and an early Hanukkah card goes out to your geriatric handlers and sponsors who hates your god dam guts already and they will despise your Hepatitis infect liver and rotting kidneys anatomy forthwith. Do you understand

    1. ‘The Real Adult FYI’ allows unmoderated comments. Your knock off site censors everything so no one can respond to your propaganda. Find a new name.

    2. Hey FYI, this piece of shit has linked her post to her bogus copy site. That post should be deleted as it links to a competing rip off site. To top it off, this gutless piece of shit does not allow comments on her site. Why let her advertise here?

  3. Shouldn’t this question be asked with Luxury Companion, Pamela Peaks, Lita Chase and Greg Dodson and HelpUBookHer2, Trinity StClair also? There’s no evidence that the girls are providing sex for money, just time and companionship.

  4. Shy Love AKA Sheelagh Blumberg AKA Sheelagh Liberboim AKA Sheelagh Patrica Albino IS Actively evading an aggravated United States Department of the treasury tax liability and combined with student loan scams that amount totals over $800,000. She does not have a single Bank account in her name. Has Not file a single Years tax return by April 2017 it will be Nine years since she filed ANY.

    Keep in mind this amount does not account for The State Of California Franchise Tax Board/ State Board of equalization which would total over 1 Million. One Federal tax Lien is 187,680 with current penalty assessments and mounting. This is after she sold ATMLA for $642,000 depositing most of it In a Israeli bank account and a Bank of America Account In woodland Hills California, later she closed that account. She blew that money and extravagant parties drugs and alcohol. Is it a surprise her Kidneys and Liver failed? She publicly admits this ailment and condition many times

    Notice once Shy Love was exposed for tax evasion she abruptly packed and flea to taking up residency in Holland in a tiny town of population 26,000 namely Diemen Holland. Why is that ? who resorts to this extreme measure and for what purpose exactly. Normally no one would give a shit here but this is a super bitch who declares wars on several individuals simultaneously as if she is the NATO of Porn.

    If only Shy would keep her mouth trap shut and stop fucking with people she would have escaped all this But no she torments others, rips off her talent roaster who are bailing in numbers while pimping and pandering them out. Then I have noticed she will retaliate by public outings of them all while blaming those she declared wars against as responsible for doing so. SHY LOVE EVERYONE KNOWS OK.

  5. I don’t know. Someone should do an interview with Lenny Dykstra and he can tell us all what he really wrote you that rubber check for. Pretty sure he didn’t think he was just going to the hotel just to talk to an airhead like you.

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