Shy Love’s former agency girls

Has anyone ever notice that more than half of the women from ATMLA when Shy Love owned it, aren’t publicly socializing with her?

Girls from Jessica Jaymes to Brianna Banks to Raylyn have all been silent when it comes to Shy Love. They don’t even follow her on social media. It makes you wonder what happened that these women aren’t publicly speaking to their former boss.

Even when Brianna Banks made a comeback, she didn’t choose to go back to Shy Love nor did she ever mention Shy.

The only girl that I know of that Shy represented back at ATMLA that still talks to her is Alexis Amore. Alexis left ATMLA when Shy sold it and went to LA Direct before she stopped making porn to escort and strip full time because she can’t do anything else.

If anyone has any dirt on this subject, please fill us in. Hell, anything or any gossip on Alexis Amore would be cool too since she’s Shy’s friend.



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