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Slain Wayne Guests on KSEX

Porn Valley — Violet Blue’s KSEX show Tuesday night was a wonderful hour of gossip about the AEE Convention and what-not. To add to the treat, Slain Wayne was on board to offer more than a few, ahem, sound bites.

Blue introduced Wayne as a guerilla porn shooter and creator of weird claymation films. Wayne said he started off as an editor and is still doing that. He also started directing with Extreme and is now doing features for other companies some of which Blue has been in, such as Kung Fu Girls. “Off the wall Benny Hill-type stuff,” as Wayne describes his work. “We had Kung Fu fighting mixed with sex and dummies thrown all over the place.” Blue said she was in Wayne’s garage the other day and described it as a horror film gone wild. “There are like body parts and weird claymation creatures.” Wayne said he was auctioning a lot of stuff off.

In addition Wayne runs a few websites, notably,, and Of the latter Wayne said, “It’s kind of like the Jackass-y stuff- weird clips with some of the claymation and Jackass stuff I’ve done.”

Referring to the ball waxing that took place in the KSEX studios earlier that evening during the Lust for Life show, Wayne said he did one stunt involving a rat trap. “We had somebody do a rat trap on their balls where they snapped it on their balls.” Wayne said this other site, is full of that kind of material including girls doing stunts.

“We’ve got girls doing the jackass-stuff. We have a naked girl wiping out on a skate board. I think girls can do the same thing guys can. This site shows Tania Blade getting a paint ball up her ass. A lot of the girls in this industry are tomboys.” Blue said she was a thrill seeker when she was younger but has gotten away from it. “I think I’m becoming lazy in my old age.” Wayne said he’s also working on the idea of girls destroying things naked. “There’s already four Yahoo groups devoted to it. It’s like this new thjing.” Blue said it certainly beats the jackass-thing of guys with hairy balls and hairy backs running around and doing stuff. “It’s kind of gross but chicks are hot,” said Blue who once put a 9-volt battery on her tongue.

Wayne went on to explain that he got a visit one time from the “jackass of porn people,” Hamilton Steele. According to Wayne, Steele visited him at two in the morning with camera crew in tow. “We went out in this limousine. Hamilton was drinking beer and throwing up then drinking it again and calling it seconds.”

Blue asked Wayne what was going on with Crimson Dust, a vampire movie he directed. “That’s going to be coming out at the AFM this year,” he said. “This thing has been taking years to make.” Blue said she knows full well since she shot it when she still had blond hair. Wayne also noted that Jeff Coldwater had been working on his own movie for five years and it just got released, Reefer Madness 2000.

“It’s in the same indy vein as that film.” Wayne’s opinion is that Crimson Dust looks really awesome but that he wanted to add a little more to it and shoot extra footage. Wayne said it will be released in some theaters for the Midnight crowd. “That’s what they’re hoping- to establish some cult-thing.” Wayne said a lot of critics have been impressed by it. Blue said the claymation alone warrants it. “It’s so intricate and interesting.”

Wayne said one of the reasons it took so long is because they didn’t have a script. “I decided to guerilla shoot this movie. We didn’t have any sets. We didn’t have lighting. I decide to do something that hadn’t been done before. I decided to break all the rules of movie making. It was pretty much chaotic but what came out of this project was pretty interesting. As an editor I had a lot of choices to make- probably five different stories out of this movies. The vampires in this movie don’t have memories. It’s almost like Memento meets a Dracula film.” Wayne said he shot the whole film in sepia tone, in film noir, German Expressionist style. Wayne said there’s hints of sexuality in the film.

As Wayne explains it Crimson Dust is a drug made out of vampire blood and speed which allows people to see what vampires see.

Wayne said he was also experimenting with live, photo comics. “I’m experimenting with super heroes and monsters and girls doing crazy things. You know me I always like to experiment,” said Wayne who grew up in Hollywood. “That was pretty wacky. I used to be in a few punk rock bands. I used to play drums.” One of his bands was Men in Black; another was London After Midnight. “There’ no money in music I guess so I got a job doing this- editing.” Wayne said as you do one thing you get offers to do a lot of other things.

As curator of an underground film festival back in the day, Wayne said you could see that there was a need for porn to have a twist to it. “People wanted something different which Rob Black had a vision about. Let’s do something out there.”

Blue agreed, noting that Black also got arrested for it. “That’s where I didn’t want to cross that line,” said Wayne. “He came up with this concept that was great and I helped him out with it. All the companies then joined in.” Jim Powers, according to Wayne was another director who had similar vision. “Before I even worked for Extreme I was doing a lot of models for his movies and his crazy sets.” Blue suggested that listeners check out Powers’ Perverted Stories 33. “I get abducted by aliens and gangbanged- very cool.”

Wayne also noted that he built a octopus for one of Powers’ features. “Aston Brock gets sexually molested by a giant octopus creature. I had to build this thing. It was 10-foot long.”

Blue asked Wayne to recount some of his strange adventures in porn. “Where do I start?” he asked. Wayne remembered another time making an animated monster from outer space with a penis for Jim Powers. “It was humping this house and his dick was going through the window. It starts coming milk. Gallons of it. It was hitting Dick Nasty while he was trying to push the penis away. Then he had sex with the girl all over the milk.”

Wayne went on to describe a horror set that Tom Zupko wanted built for a gangbang. “A lot of the swamp creatures came out and had sex with this girl- Alicia Rhodes. I remember him coming in this morning [Tuesday] cleaning up after that and was saying look what we do for our art.” Wayne said porn, with its shrinking budgets, has gotten to the point where you now have the director holding the camera, doing the lighting, and maybe writing the story- if there is one. “It’s saturated the market. It shows the big change that’s going on. I feel like a dinosaur.” Wayne said he’s adapting to it and thus came up with guerilla gonzo. “This stuff is not hard to teach. Anyone cam make their own porn movies especially with the Internet. The next thing is the Internet and that’s why I started doing all these sites. This is the wave of the future like KSEX on the Internet.”

On the other hand, Wayne noted that because film is a dying art form in porn, practically anyone who shoots one feels that they’ll get a nomination.

Blue wondered if anyone pays attention to the AVN nominations. “Or do you think it’s basically for people who own video stores and the people that actually shoot.” Wayne feels that it’s a “muscle-flexing thing.”

“It’s a vehicle to pump up the product,” he added. Blue said she had been in the business six months before she had even heard word-one about the AVN awards. Wayne said some say it’s a curse. “You get nominated, you win and it’s like where’s the jobs.” Blue said she won Best New Starlet and didn’t get work for 6-8 months.” Blue said people were under the impression that she had jacked up her prices. The impression, of course, was lent by her former agent Roy Garcia. “They figure you’re going to turn into a bitch.”

“It’s definitely political,” Wayne said. “That’s what the awards are.” Wayne said he once got nominated for worst film [Wally Wankers and The Candy Fucktory]. “It was pretty bad. Don’t try to mix porn and music.” Wayne said you could probably find a copy at Mondo Video, an obscure video store in Hollywood. “They’re like big fans of mine and gave me a Slain Wayne section.”

Wayne said the experience was funny because no one could sing. “I go sing- there’s no music- just sing.” Wayne said he had Claudio, Brian Surewood, playing a bum, and Mr. Pete singing [as well as Zupko]. Blue said if there’s one role Surewood can play, it’s a bum. “He has that old pervert kind of look to him. He’s an awesome performer.”

Blue said she saw Pete at the awards show and he ignored her. Blue said the awards show was more boring than last year. Wayne said he heard The Tubes played. “There was a band- I hate to say it, but they were horrendous,” said Blue. “I thought they were some old porn performers that had just decided to start a band.” Blue said the rest of the show was okay. Wayne said this was the first year that he had missed it noting that last year’s show was awesome.

Wayne said his ex Rhiannon Bray was one time hosting a show. “And Kid Vegas, my ex-partner was titty-fucking her on camera.” Wayne said he and Vegas had a fallout and went their own ways. “I saw him at the show and he was wearing black hair- like someone at a morgue.” Blue said she saw him as well and Vegas seemed scared to say hi to her for fear she was going to kill him. “I guess everybody’s out there to get him.” Wayne said Vegas apologized to him. “I have nothing against the guy.” Blue said Vegas looks like a freak now that he dyed his hair. “And not in a good way. He needs piercings if he’s going to have black hair.”

Blue said she had a great time in Vegas which included a two day drug bender that went from Sunday till Tuesday. “We were up all night doing drugs, playing with the dog.” Wayne, incidentally, noted that he volunteers his time at AIM on Thursday nights. “If you feel like you’ve gone over the edge, you can always visit us there.”



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