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Society Scam Artist Nailed- Read Her Amazing Stories

from – High-society con woman Nydia Vega now has her own Hamptons time share — in jail.

The longtime scam artist, who is being held in lieu of $50,000 bail at the Suffolk County Jail, will appear today in the Riverhead court, where she’s been slapped with seven counts of grand larceny for ripping off stores in Southampton and Westhampton with a slew of bad checks and broken promises.

Prosecutors said yesterday she passed $47,000 in bad checks at various stores around the East End while taking home furniture, $2,000 worth of lingerie and even a Harley-Davidson motorcycle.

Vega, 63, would tool around the Hamptons in Porsches and Jaguars, and rub elbows with the upper crust at charity events.

She allegedly has used 17 aliases over the years, and has four Social Security numbers.

Vega was arrested last month on a fugitive warrant in New Jersey. She’s also been charged with passing bad checks and pulling real-estate scams in New Hope, Pa.

From New Hope, Pa- New Hope police today filed charges against Nydia Neubauer (aka Lucy George, aka Nydia Vega Reeves) alleging felony crimes of theft by deception, receiving stolen property, identity theft, bad checks, forgery and criminal attempt.

Police say Neubauer “conducted a high end flim flam operation” in New Hope, including “the purchase of three properties, high end jewelry, and passing numerous checks on accounts for which she had no authority.”

Two of the three properties are owned by area developer George Michael, and the third was purchased in Philadelphia through New Hope realtors, confirmed Corporal Matt Zimmerman of the New Hope Police Department.

Zimmerman also confirmed that the woman known as “Lucy George” in New Hope, the woman being held in a Monmouth County prison as “Nydia Neubauer”, and the “Nydia Luz Vega” depicted in the passport photo are one in the same.

Police estimate that total damages arising from her alleged fraudulent activity could reach $7.5 million, of which $250,000 was in the form of “bad checks.”

Amazingly enough, New Hope police are also seeing signs of “old activity in Bucks County dating back to the 1970s.” They believe Peddler’s Village may have been among Neubauer’s targets back then.

Local police appear to have left no stone unturned in their efforts to build a strong case against Neubauer.

“We have worked very hard on following this case by the numbers to ensure a successful prosecution,” explained Zimmerman. “We intend to make whatever restitution is available to the victims.”

Neubauer is currently being held in Monmouth County Correctional Institute in Freehold, N.J., and is expected to be extradited to New York next to face a larceny charge there.

from – A 63-year-old woman accused of grand larceny and riding a wave of bad checks on the East End last summer has pleaded not guilty to all seven charges in Suffolk County Supreme Court, where she was extradited Wednesday on a warrant after being arrested recently in central New Jersey.

Nydia Vega—whose last known address was on Madison Avenue in Manhattan, authorities said—denied guilt of two counts of grand larceny in the third degree and one in the fourth degree, all felonies, and four counts of issuing a bad check, a misdemeanor.

Her bail hearing, originally set for Thursday, was adjourned to Friday by Judge Martin Efman. She is being held in lieu of $50,000 bail in the Suffolk County Jail in Riverside.

Law enforcement records indicate Ms. Vega has 17 aliases, four Social Security numbers and two dates of birth, according to Suffolk County District Attorney Thomas Spota’s office.

East End police have said reports of her aliases have included the prominent family surname Rotschild, as well as names such as Nydia Reeves Vega, Domenco, Decorts, Gunot and Dominique. Media reports have also cited names such as Nydia Neubauer and Lucy George.

At least two East End police departments—Southampton Village and Westhampton Beach Village had issued warrants for Ms. Vega’s arrest, and Southampton Town Police Detective Sergeant Randy Hintze said his department had listed her as a “person of interest” in a case file that includes claims of $1,900 worth of unpaid bills to the Long Island Power Authority, as well as accusations of bad checks totaling more than $30,000 to a local limousine service, a landscaping nursery, a motorcycle dealership and a car repair shop in 2009. He said she has also been accused of scamming an Eastport man by illegally using his credit card in September 2008.

The count of grand larceny in the third degree accuses Ms. Vega of stealing more than $3,000 worth of assorted merchandise from Hildreth’s Patio Store in Southampton Village in May 2009. Police Chief William Wilson Jr. said she is accused of issuing four bad checks, totaling $31,421, to purchase indoor and outdoor furniture, as well as linens and other goods and services, and that more than half the merchandise was eventually recovered from Ms. Vega’s Westhampton rental home last summer.

The second count of grand larceny in the third degree accuses Ms. Vega of stealing a motorcycle valued at more than $3,000 from Eastern Harley Davidson in Riverhead.

The count of grand larceny in the fourth degree charges that she stole more than $1,000 worth of lingerie from Anezka Jureskova in Westhampton Beach last May. Westhampton Beach Village Police Detective Ed Hamor said Ms. Vega is accused of issuing a worthless check at Sweet Anezka’s Lingerie on Main Street in that village for $2,460.

Henry Hildreth, chief executive officer and president of Hildreth’s, said earlier this summer that his business is still reeling from Ms. Vega’s deceit.

“They just kept bouncing all over the place for days and weeks and months,” Mr. Hildreth said of the checks Ms. Vega wrote. “She gave all sorts of different predicaments she’s in: her husband just passed away, they’re trying to sell his real estate, I’ll come tomorrow. Any excuse you can think of, we’ve heard.

“People like this ruin it for everybody,” he said. “It made a rough summer that much worse. It was terrible for us.”

Mr. Hildreth said he could not bring himself to talk with Ms. Vega, but David Dempsey, the store’s chief operations officer, said he called her numerous times after the purchases, only to be buffeted with an endless stream of excuses.

“She basically outfitted her home,” Mr. Dempsey said. He added that Ms. Vega called the store before the checks even had a chance to clear to say there had been a mix-up and that they weren’t going to clear, so she would pay by credit card. She never did. “It spiraled out of control after that,” he said.

A recent article in the New York Post said Ms. Vega has claimed she grew up with Ralph Lauren and inherited $100 million from her late husband, William Reeves, has been renting luxury apartments without paying, and in 2002 bilked, via bad checks, a cancer research charity of Denise Rich’s, who has a house in Southampton.

Ms. Vega was arrested in Monmouth County, New Jersey in August, reportedly for skipping out on a dinner tab.


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