Stern a Dick to Jessica Jaymes?

A thread is developing on ADT regarding Jessica Jaymes’ appearance on the Stern show this morning.

FF>> Button posts on Why do porn stars subject themselves to appearing on the Howard Stern show? Honestly, is it really worth the plugs? Stern can be a great interviewer when he wants to be. The interview he did last week with Ron Jeremy was excellent, one of the best he’s ever done. But today’s bit with Jessica Jaymes was absolutely disgusting.

Here she is, one of the hottest chicks in porn who’s always looked gorgeous, and the first thing he says to her was that she lost weight. And then he spends the next 15 minutes discussing her experiences with high colonics. Jessica was very polite and tried to change the subject, but noooo , Stern was fascinated with the irrigation of her colon.

And I applaud her courage for willing to be within 100 feet of the two creepiest members on Stern’s current staff, Sal and Richard. There’s no doubt in my mind that one of these days Sal is going to walk into the studio and go postal but that’s another story.

No celebrity has done more for the porn industry than Stern, but is it really worth being treated like trash at times? Cindy Crawford was literally brought to tears when she attempted to have sex with (Stern whackpacker) Jeff The Drunk a while back.There are rumours surrounding the downfall of Cindy with accounts of her attempting to literally drink herself to death. Frankly, if I tried to have sex with a slimeball like Jeff, I’d wanna kill myself too.

So why do porn stars do it? Is the notoriety worth the humiliation?

At one point in the interview when Jessica politely asked him to change the subject from high colonics, Stern said “Trust me, I know what’s interesting” No Howard, you don’t . At least not anymore.

murg2318 writes: While I agree with you to some degree, I also feel that everyone knows what they are going to get themselves into when they go to howard. Besides trying to get fame out of it (like Jenna Jameson, Savannah Samson, and Tabitha Stevens have), every porn star and celebrity knows the trouble they get themselves into.

The bottom line is that the few minutes on the air gets them plugs for their sites and for some, this is more than enough. No other nationally syndicated show invites porn stars or even plugs them. So a little embarassing talk is worth the on-air promotion and the E! promotion. And it was not even that bad- there are times that regular girls go there and get treated like sh!t.

Howard Stern bringing porn stars on his show is one of the few reasons that I listen to the show. It is great to hear other sides of porn stars that are not read in forums like this or other adult-related news sites.


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