Stern Rails Against Lap Dance Ordinances

This morning on his radio show shock jock Howard Stern took serious issue with pending lap dance ordinances in Los Angeles and other cities. Stern told his listeners he thinks it ‘s patently ridiculous that girls can’t dance close to the patrons.

“There is this really weird going thing on out in L.A. They’re going to eliminate lap dancing. A couple of people decided they don’t like it,” Stern continued. “It’s not prostitution. There’s nothing illegal about it but they don’t like it.” Stern said a similar thing is happening in Connecticut. “I read a thing Friday where they’re going to try and pass a law to ban lap dancing. Same rules apply, Robin Quivers interjected. Dancers will be required to distance themselves by six feet from patrons.

According to Stern, a hearing on the proposed lap dance ordinance in Connecticut is being heard today in Hartford. “People ought to storm that. Know what it is? Nobody has time to sit there and sort of follow this crap. And they just pass it on their own and nobody cares. The point is, what is this? Who’s regulating all this stuff? Who’s saying that we can’t do things. Who’s in charge of all this? I don’t understand.” Stern said a similar lap dance ordinance failed in Detroit.” Someone with a brain realized that in order to enforce the law, cops would have to be in the clubs instead of on the streets protecting citizens from crooks. Here, here. That says it all. This is just outrageous. Please, for the love of God, come to Connecticut and stop the injustice. We will be behind you one hundred percent and hopefully the strippers will still be in front of us.”

Sterns said he wanted to make some kind of appearance- plan a rally. “I would like to have done it today at this hearing- it would have made sense if we went into the hearing- thousands of us- and said listen, it’s not that we’re perverted, which we are, but the point is all this regulation. The government can do anything they want. Even stop a lap dance. Who’s it hurting?” Artie Lange mentioned that people died in wars so that we could have lap dancing. Stern agreed. “A man and a woman just sitting getting a lap dance. Who cares what goes on? If they take away this thing, what do they take away next? Stern suggested the next targets would be strip clubs themselves and porno magazines. Stern suggested this- pass a lap dance law when it can be proved that no one has been injured or killed in Connecticut for a year.



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