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New York- I got a chance to talk to Tabitha Stevens a few hours after the show today and she told me her head was still spinning from this morning’s surprise marriage proposal by her long time boyfriend Nick Manning. She said that it came as a complete shock to her and at first she didn’t know what to think. She said “yes” right away but was also concerned about what Howard would think of Nick using the show to propose to her. She also stressed, again, that the reason she didn’t show much emotion during the proposal was because before coming on the show she popped a Xanax to help calm her nerves and it seems it worked.

It turns out that Tabitha still gets really, really nervous before coming on the show. She told me that she usually can’t sleep at all the night before an appearance. She said she puts a lot of pressure on herself because she doesn’t want to disappoint Howard or the fans. That’s why she came up the “egg in the ass with the Robospanker” bit, so she’d have something new and interesting to bring to the show.

Anyway, back to the marriage thing. So Tabitha was shocked when Nick called in but after the show they got to talk and apparently the marriage thing is for real. She said that she was ultimately really happy that Nick proposed on the show, because the Howard Stern Show is such a big part of her life and she was glad that another big event in her life happened on the show. Tabitha said that she wants to talk to Nick about the possibility of actually getting married on the show. I’m really trying to figure out which one of them is going to have the wilder bachelor party filled with the hottest chicks? Right now, I’m leaning towards Tabitha’s.

Tabitha also told me about the romantic way she and Nick started dating. She said that Nick had been persuing her for years, and when she agreed to go out on a date with him he didn’t want to wait another day so he took her out that night. When he brought her back to her car she told him she wasn’t going to sleep with him and left. On their next date a few weeks later she decided to sleep with him, but told him that she didn’t want to have sex with him in either her house or his. So they went to a nice hotel and ended up staying there for four days straight.

I didn’t really understand they whole “no sex in mine or your beds” thing but Tabitha was really thought out on her reasons why. She said that being porn stars, the two of them had been with a ton of different people in their lives. She said she didn’t want to be at his place for the their first time wondering how many women he had sex with in his bed, nor did she want him wondering the same thing about her at her house. So she thought the idea of the two of them breaking in a bed together that had never been used by either of them was “romantic”. I get it.

I also checked in on her ass to see how it was holding up after taking a pounding in the Robospanker. Tabitha said that she had three welts and that her ass felt “weird”, but otherwise she was fine. She said that the Robospanker didn’t hurt that much, it just stung a lot. She said it actually felt more like a whip than a paddle which she wasn’t expecting. She also wasn’t grossed out by the egg at all, saying that it actually felt like she had just finished an anal scene and the guy had just finished all over her. Her description, not mine. Tabitha is such a positive person she said that the egg yolk was actually soothing on her sore behind, so maybe the “ass-egg” thing make more appearances on the show.

At least girls getting into the Robospanker in the future might want to consider it. After all, Tabitha is a pro.


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