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Story of the Day: Lupe Fuentes Back on The Stern Show; She and Evan Seinfeld Are Getting Married

from – Howard said today was supposed to be the big day with Dave Lampert, inventor of the Sybian, to come in and give Little Lupe a ride. He broke his hip so he won’t be there. Lupe came in on her own instead. Howard called her ”Smiles” as she came in. Howard said she’s looking tighter than ever. Lupe said she runs a lot. She said she wants to run with Robin. Howard asked if she has a crush on her. Lupe said Robin is hot. Robin said Lupe is hot too.

Howard said Lupe looks hot today. He said she looks very young but she’s older than they think. He asked her what’s going on with this Dave Lampert. Lupe didn’t know and she thinks that it’s not true. Howard said that Dave was busting her balls about coming in and riding this thing. Lupe said maybe he doesn’t have balls. She whispered that to Howard for some reason.

Howard asked Lupe what she runs in and if she wears panties. She said she hates panties but she was wearing them today. She said she hates them but she had to wear them there today. Lupe said she has guys who chase after her when she runs. She said she runs with a friend who is blonde and she wears crazy clothes to run. Lupe said she’d like to wear that too.

Howard asked Lupe if she’d like to turn off her sex appeal. She said she doesn’t want to do that. She wants guys to notice her. Howard asked if she ever lets men run after her, catch her, and fuck her. She said she has done that.

Lupe said she was out running with a guy and she was running really fast and he was behind her. Some Mexican guys thought he was chasing her so they yelled at him to stop chasing her. Then they just fucked. Howard asked if they did that in front of the Mexicans. She said she didn’t but she did fuck outdoors. She said she likes that but then you start itching. Howard said you get bumps on your ass. She said that’s what happens. She said they fucked in someone’s yard.

Howard took a call from a woman claiming to be Little Lupe who was saying that this was a fake Lupe. Howard asked her a few questions and the Lupe on the phone said she likes to do gang bangs. Lupe in the studio said she doesn’t do that. Lupe said that this woman on the phone didn’t sound like her. She said this was gross. They had dueling Lupe’s on the phone for a couple of minutes. Lupe on the phone was Rachel, the woman who entered the staff impression contest.

Howard was asking questions of the Lupe on the phone and the one in the studio. Phone Lupe said she looks even younger than Studio Lupe. Howard had Phone Lupe saying some of Lupe’s catch phrases and talking about her pussy being like a ”Ma-chine” and things like that.

Howard told Lupe who this woman on the phone was. Howard said she’s pretty amazing. Lupe sounded impressed and said she was incredible. Howard had her doing some of Lupe’s lines for her. Howard said Rachel will be coming in soon for the contest. Howard played Rachel’s entry into the contest for Lupe. Lupe said it sounds like her. Lupe said she loves it but hates it too.

Howard said it’s amazing that no one has made a reality show out of her life yet. Howard said Howard TV should get on that. He said he’d love a Lupe reality show.

Howard asked what Lupe likes more, cock or pussy. Lupe said she loves pussy more than cock. Howard asked what she does all day long. She said she has many things going on right now. She said that she’s getting more popular and she’s got some new stuff coming out so she’s shooting all the tine. Lupe said she spends a lot of time banging girls.

Howard asked Lupe who she’s working with. Lupe said she’s doing a lot of sucking and fucking and more suck. Howard asked if she gets stuck with girls who aren’t good looking. She said she does and some of the girls smell bad. She made a gagging sound when she was talking about that. Lupe said some of the girls stink and she can’t work with them so she says she’s sick.

Howard said Lupe probably cleans up for her shoot. She said she does and it’s like an obsession for her. Howard asked what happens when she gets down there. Lupe said she won’t say anything most of the time. Howard asked what she says. Lupe said she just says she can’t do it. She said she’ll tell the other woman to suck her pussy instead.

Howard said Lupe is being sued over the name Little Lupe. Lupe said she’s being sued for a million dollars. She said that it’s the guy who had her old web site. He’s suing her for the trademark because he filed it a month ago. Lupe said her web site is doing really well right now and the guy is an asshole. Lupe said everyone wants her pussy.

Lupe said that she worked with this guy like 3 years ago and he doesn’t have any content anymore. She said that all of his members are coming to her new web site now and now he’s suing her so she can’t make money. Lupe said she had a contract with him but that was finished a long time ago. She said she came up with the name and that’s her stage name. She said she owns that name. Lupe said she was called Little Lupe since she was a kid because her real name is so hard to say. Lupe didn’t want to say what it was.

Lupe said this guy is an asshole and a bad person. Howard said maybe the guy has his own point of view and maybe he helped her build up her web site. Lupe said all he does is exploit the girls and make them look like children. She said that he tells you that you have to wear the clothes he gets from children’s stores.

Howard said maybe they’ll work things out. He said it’s probably going to cost her a lot of money. Lupe said she has so many lawyers and so many bills. She said she’s not a millionaire either.

Howard asked Lupe if she came up with the name Lupe. She said her mother came up with that because her real name is so hard to say. Howard asked what that name was. Lupe said she didn’t want to say. She told Howard it was Pussy.

Howard said he thought Lupe liked dressing up as a little girl. Lupe said she likes to be herself. She said this is how she looks and she can’t change that. She said she doesn’t want to look like a 12 year old.

Howard said he read that she worked with a really fat girl recently. Lupe said she didn’t do that. She said that she is a friend of her boyfriend and her’s. Lupe said sometimes they fuck hot girls, very hot girls, and this girl is really nice but she’s fat. Lupe said she’s fat and she has small tits. Lupe said she never goes for the personality either. Lupe said she doesn’t want to marry her or anything but she wants hot girls. She said that they did this girl though and they had sex. She said she likes to lick vagina. She said this girl was so fat though. Lupe said she’s not really that fat, she’s just a little fat.

Lupe said she likes licking pussy. She said she’s not even sure why. Lupe said she was with this girl more than one time too. Howard said that means she’s a real lesbian. Lupe said she’s not. She’s not falling in love with this girl or anything.

Howard said he thinks that she’s a lesbian. Lupe said that lesbians are usually ugly. She said that they’re not all ugly but most are. Lupe said she has sex with bi-sexuals. She said she’s still seeing this fat girl. She said she’s not falling in love though. She said she doesn’t fall in love with girls. She just fucks them.

Howard asked Lupe about having sex in an elevator recently. She said that they did that with a bunch of girls. She said they were in Los Angeles in an agency building. Howard asked why they would do that in a building where they do business.

Lupe said they were all going to the same place and they all met there. She said it was for business and there are many girls there all the time. Howard asked if there are other businesses there. She said there are. Howard asked if they stopped the elevator. Lupe said she forgot to stop it. She said that Evan’s penis was in her and some people saw them in there. Howard asked what they do then. She said they just ran.

Howard said he should have a reality show with her. Robin asked what she dos when she gets up in the morning. She said she feeds her dogs. Howard said he would love to see that on a show. Lupe said she drinks some tea and then works out. Then she has sex. Howard said he doesn’t think she has as much sex as she says. She said she does.

Howard asked Lupe who her dream girl is. Lupe said Adriana Lima is her dream girl. Howard thought it was Jessica Alba but Lupe said she’s not.

Howard took a call from John the Stutterer who said he would like to take his fingers and put them in her beautiful vagina and butthole. It turns out it was Chad from the Staff Impression contest doing his John impression. Lupe had no idea what he was doing. Chad also did a George Takei impression. Howard thanked him for calling so Chad did some more of his John impression before Howard moved on.

Howard said Lupe was supposed to be riding the Sybian today but Dave Lampert broke his hip riding a horse. Lupe said she thought he was riding whores. She didn’t know it was a horse. She said people who are 80 years old go to hookers so that’s why she thought that.

Howard asked Lupe what she does if she isn’t attracted to a guy on the set of a porn. She said she’ll say she’s sick.

Howard gave Lupe some plugs for her Fleshlight pussy, ass and mouth. Lupe said they took a mould of her pussy and guys can put their dicks in it. Howard checked out the one she brought with her and put his finger in it. She said it was new. Howard put his finger in there and there was something inside of it. Lupe said that when you buy the Fleshlight it has something hard in it that you have to take out. She said they all come with that when they’re new.

Lupe said that someone told her that they came in 8 seconds using that thing. Howard wanted to see if it really looked like her pussy. He told her to hold it up next to her real pussy. Lupe asked if he really wanted her to do that. Howard said on second though he doesn’t want to see that.

Howard took a call from a guy who asked Lupe if she’s been with a black man. Lupe said she hasn’t been but she isn’t racist. Another caller asked if she’s ticklish. She said she is so the guy said she should get in the tickle chair and have Howard tickle her. She said she would pee herself. Howard said that’s what they want.

Lupe didn’t want to do that. She saw the tickle chair and saw Richie Wilson bringing it out. She asked if that was Tera Patrick. Howard said that was actually Richie Wilson.

Howard had the guys put her in the tickle chair. They locked her into the chair but she’s so small that the straps they use to hold her arms and legs down may not hold her in there. She got right out because her hands are so small. Howard told Gary to do the tickling. Gary tickled her and Lupe was asking what he was doing. She said he tickles so bad. Then she started laughing hysterically. Gary was asking if he tickles bad now. Lupe said no. She was barely able to get that out.

Howard said Little Lupe is the greatest. Howard asked if she felt like she was going to pee. She said she wasn’t going to.

Howard took a call from a guy who asked if they’re going to do the reality show. Richie said they are talking about it. He said hopefully in the future they can do that.

Howard asked Lupe if she’s ever sad. Lupe said there are things that can make her sad. She said that the lawsuit is one of them. Howard asked Lupe if she ever reads the newspaper. She said she used to when she was younger but not anymore. She said there is too much bad energy in the paper. She said she doesn’t want to read that stuff. Lupe just wants to party and feel good.

Lupe said she doesn’t read books. She said she likes picture books but not books with words. Lupe said she likes some comics but not books. Lupe said she doesn’t understand people that read. She said books are for ugly people.

Lupe said she has a new Fleshlight out that’s the shape of her mouth. Howard asked if she thinks that guys feel bad when they’re fucking these things. Lupe said she sees guys online using them while they watch her. Howard asked what she does online. Lupe said she dances around and she does stuff for her fans.

Howard wanted to see Lupe dance. Fred played some music for Lupe. She said that people think that she dances good. Howard gave her some plugs and said you can find out more about her at and She’s also in a new movie that’s going to be mainstream but it was called ”Super Poosey.” Howard said that’s not main stream if it’s got a name like that.

Lupe said she was asked to do a movie with Robert Rodriguez but she had to turn him down. She said he wanted her to sign with his company but she didn’t want that. Lupe said they went to see ”Machete” with Robert. She brought Evan with her though.

Howard took a call from Pedro who spoke to her in Spanish. They spent a minute talking and Pedro was saying he would like to put his penis in her ass. Howard asked if he learned his pick up lines from Ronnie. Pedro said that’s where he got it from. Howard let Pedro go and said that Lupe has a lot of fans out there.

Howard had the guys bring in Lupe’s fiancee Evan Seinfeld. Evan came in and Howard said he looks like he lost a lot of weight. Evan said that’s from chasing Lupe around. Evan had a tattoo on his face so Howard asked about that. Evan said he had to cover up his ex-wife’s name. He was married to Tera Patrick. Evan said that their relationship was more business than love for a long time. She actually told him that he had to quit porn or she’d leave him. Evan said that she dumped him basically.

Howard said that Evan and Lupe are engaged. They’re going to be getting married in a couple of months. Evan told Howard how they met. He said he got a message from Lupe on Myspace and she told him who she was and how she did this web site. She said she wanted to come to America and become the next sex symbol and wanted him to be her manager.

Evan said he gets mail like this all the time and a lot of the time it’s just nonsense. He said he looked her up and found out that she was more popular than most other porn stars. He said he looked her up and found that she was really high up on the Alexa rankings. He said that means she’s really popular. Evan said he knew she’d be a gold mine but he didn’t think that she’d show up. He said she showed up unannounced one day and she was barely able to speak English. He said Tera was on the phone screaming about something and how he should be with her and not at work. He said he muted Tera and just let her yell on the phone. Evan said Lupe was there and he realized it was time to move on.

Evan said Lupe had this perpetual smile on her face. Lupe said that young pussy is like the fountain of youth. Howard asked if that still turns him on. Evan said that they have so much sex. He said she has an ass that looks like fake tits. Howard checked out her bare ass and said it was incredible. Howard said he’s never seen anything like that. Evan said this is the girl and she brings other girls home. He said that this other girl isn’t really fat but she’s plump. Evan said they fuck a lot of girls.

Evan said they’re going to have kids too. Howard asked Lupe if she wants kids. Lupe said she loves kids and she’s so good with them. Robin said they won’t be able to bring home girls then. Lupe said she’ll have to have two houses.

Howard asked if Lupe is a millionaire. Evan said she’s not but she’s doing very well. He said they have hundreds of people signing up for her site,, every day.

Howard asked Evan if he gets jealous of other guys banging her. Evan said of course he does. He said that if you’re really confident then it all goes away. Howard asked Evan how they split the business. Evan said they’re partners in their companies. He said that they make a lot of money from the Fleshlight things. He said they’ve sold millions of them. He said they have a factory in a couple of states. He said if Robin did one she’d do really well. Lupe said ”Fuck radio, do Fleshlights.” Evan said she’s making as much from the Fleshlight as she is from the web site at this point.

Howard asked how Evan got away from Tera. Evan said the timing was perfect. He said he was unhappy for a couple of years and Tera was a handful. He said that she didn’t want to do any of the games they wanted to do or anything like that. Lupe said she’s as boring as a pineapple.

Evan said that Lupe has a live web cam and they have thousands of guys who get on as soon as she’s on. Evan said he’s been with her for a year and a half and he hasn’t gotten bored of her. He said every other relationship he’d get bored in a month. Evan said that Lupe has a lot of feminine hormones and she’s got more estrogen or whatever than any other woman he’s been with. Evan said they probably fuck twice a day on average. Howard asked what their favorite position is. Lupe said it’s really strange. Evan said it’s kind of perverted and it might not look good. They demonstrated on the couch. Evan had her legs closed and it was like she was a young girl who didn’t know what to do. Lupe said his cock is so big that she has to do it like that. She does it to keep some of his penis out.

Evan said Lupe’s pussy is really small. She’s only 4’9” tall and she’s 78 pounds. He said they do this thing out in the street where she gets on him and they call it Piggy Front. Evan holds her like a baby and caresses her butt cheeks. Evan said people think that she’s his daughter all the time. They freak people out all the time doing stuff like the piggy front.

Howard asked how often another girl comes into the relationship. Lupe said it’s all the time when they’re not working. She said it happens when they’re working too. Evan said she has girlfriends and he lets her be with Lupe more than with him. Lupe said he fucks the shit out of them. Lupe said they dance on the kitchen table and things like that. They have a party. Evan said that they dance around and he’s the DJ. Howard said it sounds like he’s got it made.

Howard asked Evan if he would let a guy fuck Lupe for $100,000. Evan said no to that but everything has a price. Howard asked how much she’d want. Lupe said that would be like being a hooker. She never did give a number.

Howard asked if they’ve ever had any famous chicks. Evan said they’ve had a lot of famous porn stars. Robin asked if she would do Jennifer Aniston. Lupe said she’s just average and she’s annoying to her.

Evan said that they were talking about that mainstream movie earlier and it’s kitchy and funny and an action comedy. He said that Lupe is the action star of the movie. Evan said you can see it on YouTube if you search for Super Poosey.

Howard had Lupe stand up and show him what she was wearing. She was wearing a shirt as a dress. She’s so small she can dress in a shirt like that. Howard asked if they’ve ever gotten a child’s ticket on an airplane. Evan said he got her into a movie as a kid for 6 bucks.

Evan said he’s still doing music with Biohazard and he’s got his own web site He said they’re coming out with a new album soon. He said that he’s having a great life because Lupe goes out and pulls groupies out of the audience for him. Howard said it sounds like a big party.

Howard wrapped up with Lupe and Evan and gave them some plugs for their sites and stuff. Evan threw in another plug for He said he got a case of Fleshlights for the guys in the band. He said he started handing them out to everyone and they all started disappearing quietly to use them. Howard said it sounds like the Fleshlight is better than the real thing. Evan said it’s incredible actually. Howard said he should have given his staff a mould of his wife’s pussy too.

Howard tried to wrap up again and thanked Lupe for coming in. Howard said he thinks that Dave Lampert really broke his hip and he wasn’t able to come in. Evan said he heard about that and Lupe got really sad. Howard said one of these days they’ll make it happen. He went to break a short time later.


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