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Lupe Fuentes Visits Howard Stern; “Looks Like a Kid”; Now Living with Evan Seinfeld

from – Howard had to go to break but said they have Lupe Fuentes coming in next. He said she looks so young that the porn site she had was a barely legal thing and the cops arrested a guy because they thought she was a child. Gary said she’s only 77 pounds and she really does look like a kid. He said the web site was really disturbing to look at because she does look so young. Gary said he was so disturbed by the web site that he had to just turn it off. Gary said he wasn’t able to escape the web site.

Howard had the guys bring Lupe in since he was already talking about her. Lupe came in and Howard said she did look very young. She sounded very young too. She said she was very nervous. She was barely able to speak English. She told Howard he was ”so dirty” but had to repeat it a couple of times so he understood.

Lupe said ”Hi baby” and he understood that no problem. Howard said that he was nervous having her in there because he might go to jail. Howard said she’s known as Little Lupe. Howard said she does look 12. He asked what year she was born. She said she’s 20 years old. Howard asked what year she was born. She didn’t have an answer. Howard said this was making him nervous. She said she was born in 1990. Howard did the math and figured out that she really was 20. Howard said he didn’t want to go to jail.

Lupe said she was 20 and promised him she was. Howard said she has some little body. She had big boobs though. Howard said she was little bit had big boobs and they couldn’t be real. She said they are real.

Howard asked Lupe where she grew up. She said she grew up in Madrid, Spain. Howard asked if she got into this to make a lot of money. She said that her pussy is like a machine to make money. Fred threw in Gary’s ”Mac-hine” clip while they were trying to figure out what she was saying. /she sounded like she was saying ”mateen”

Howard asked Lupe about this guy who got in trouble for looking at her web site. Lupe said some guy contacted her on Myspace and it was that guy’s lawyer. She said that he was going to get 25 years in jail if she didn’t help. She had to go to Puerto Rico for the court case. She said she told them that she was 20 to help the guy out. She said they showed her videos in the court room. It was like a porno party in there. She said it was crazy.

Howard said the man spent 2 months in prison awaiting trial. Howard asked if he thanked her for showing up. She said he did. Lupe said that they let him free that day. Howard said she did something good that day. Howard said he would give money to that cause so black kids could make movies.

Howard said Little Lupe came up with a web site to make money. Lupe said that she can’t do it for free. Howard said they charge on the web site. Lupe said her web site is She said that she’s on there with other girls too. Howard asked if she has a pretty vagina. She said she does. Howard said Ashley Dupre has a pretty vagina too. Howard asked what a beautiful vagina is. She said that it’s small, soft and so tight like a virgin.

Howard asked if her parents are mad at her for what she does. She said they know about it and they love her. She said they don’t like what she does but they’re happy if she’s happy.

Howard asked where she lives and found out she’s living with Evan Seinfeld who used to be with Tera Patrick. Howard asked if she was this hot in school and if she stated having sex when she was young. She said she stated when she was 13. She said the first thing she did was suck a cock. Lupe said that her friends told her that she was crazy. The boy was 15.

Howard asked Lupe why he’s never heard of her before. She said that she’s really big so she’s not sure why. Lupe said she did her first web site at 18. She said she had a lot of traffic and it was huge on the web. She said that she isn’t a millionaire but she thinks she will be. Howard said maybe she’ll be like Jenna Jameson some day.

Howard said Lupe once had sex on an airplane in the open. She said she loves doing crazy stuff like that. Lupe said she got caught doing that. She said they called the police on her. Lupe said she got really hot and horny and she started touching her pussy and his cock and thought people didn’t see what she was doing. She said they started fucking really slow and figured they didn’t know what they were doing. Lupe said when the plane landed in Austin the police were called. She said she ran away and they didn’t get arrested.

Howard had Lupe dance for them real quick. She showed them how she dances and then Howard said that she’d be perfect for Eric the Midget. Howard said he might have to hook her up with him.

Howard said that Lupe lost her virginity on the floor of a dirty bathroom at a gas station. Lupe likes having sex like that. Howard asked who she’s banging in Hollywood. She said she hasn’t banged any famous people. Howard asked if Leonardo DiCaprio was one of them. She said that she has met him and he’s crazy and always drunk.

Howard picked up the phone and said he had George Takei on the line. The guys in the back were playing Takei audio clips of him speaking Spanish and moaning. Howard said that guy has some voice. He asked Lupe if she was getting turned on. She asked who that guy was. Howard told her it was the guy from Star Trek. Lupe just said ”Oh, okay.”

Howard asked Lupe if she has met any celebrities other than Leonardo. She said she met Kid Rock. She said she didn’t sleep with him. She said that he’s a dirty guy and he likes to fuck but she didn’t do him. Howard asked if she ever blew George Clooney. She said she met him but she didn’t blow him. Howard asked if she ever met Ryan Phillippe. She said she didn’t meet him either.

Howard asked Lupe why she hates Gypsies and Arabs. She said she doesn’t like the Gypsies because they steal and don’t work. She didn’t have much of a reason to hate the Arabs though. She said she just doesn’t like them.

Howard asked Lupe how she met Evan. She said she met him on Myspace. Howard asked what they should do with the Gypsies. She said they should kill them but then said she was just kidding.

Howard said that Lupe has a Fleshlight out. Howard asked what that is. She said it’s her pussy in a thing that looks like a flashlight. She said that it has both the front and the back. She had one with her so she demonstrated how it works. She said Howard can cum inside of it. Lupe told Howard they had to put wax in her butt to make a mould of it for this thing. Howard said that her butt hole was too big for his tiny penis.

The guys called in with some Tracey Morgan audio clips next. They had him talking dirty to Lupe for a couple of minutes.

Howard asked Lupe if she has anal sex and has doody come out on the penis. She said she does anal but she doesn’t eat for like two days before.

Howard took a call from a guy who said he was an Arab Gypsy. He said he was with Lupe and he had mud on his turtle. Another caller said they hit the mother load with this chick. He said that they have to stay on the air and keep her in there. He said they have a decade worth of prank calls with her audio clips.

Howard asked Lupe how many men she’s been with in her life. Lupe said she hasn’t been with that many. She said that she’s almost a virgin.

Howard had Hate Man audio clips on the phone next. They had Hate Man cursing her out and telling her what he wanted to do to her. Lupe didn’t know they were just audio clips.

Howard said Lupe is only 4’9” tall. She weighs 77 pounds and looks like she’s 12. Howard said she’s really 20 so it’s okay to look at her pictures.

Gary said he thought that Lupe wanted to ride the Sybian. She said she didn’t even know what it was. Howard told her what it was and told her that she can get the poison out. Gary said she has actually used one in one of her videos but she didn’t recognize it. Gary told her that if she does it she might get more visitors to her site. Lupe asked Howard what he wanted. Howard said she can do what she wants.

Howard had Leon Spinks on the phone next. They played clips of Leon mumbling and saying stuff that was really hard to understand.

Gary said he spoke to Evan and he said it was okay to sit on the Sybian. Howard asked if she wanted to do it or not. She said she would. Howard told her to go sit on it and see if she had a good time. Lupe got up and went over to it. Howard said she really does look like a kid. He said he has to do this for the Howard TV fans.

Will was asking if she should get naked. Howard said it was creepy because she looks so young. Howard said it kind of scares him. Lupe said she was going to get naked after they talked her into it.

Howard gave Lupe some more plugs and then had her get on the Sybian. She got on and Gary started her out slow. Lupe was laughing and said that she was feeling something. Howard had Gary jack it up to 50 percent. Howard told her to let the poison out. They also played some of the Dave Lampert clips where he was telling Raven Alexis what to do. They had him telling her to go ahead and cum and to let the poison out. She finished in no time. She said she has had up to 22 orgasms in a day before.

Howard gave Lupe some plus for her web sites, and He wrapped up and went to break after that.


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