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Summer Haze Tells Green Lantern: Bite Me, You Jackass

Summer Haze was on KSEX’s The Wanker Show with Wankus and Katie Morgan Friday night. Haze touted a new series which she’s producing herself called Behind Closed Doors with Summer Haze. Haze said Ray Pistol of Arrow is helping her distribute it. “Hopefully it’ll turn out to be a good series,” she said. “We do a couples’ search on there where we look for couples. Doesn’t matter what you look like or what you want do, as long as its 25 minutes of footage raw- uncut, no scripts, no nothing.” Haze suggested that couples send their footage to a post box number that’s included on the tape. “We pick one winning couple a month- they get $500 cash.” Haze said all the contest rules and applications are included on her website.

Haze is also on the road featuring with her American Badass Tour, 2003-2004. “I’m already booked up until July of next year.” Haze said she gets booked for “a pretty lot of money.” Asked if she gets flak from house girls, Haze said she tries to be nice to all the girls. “Because when I was a house dancer, I tried to be nice to the features because I figured I’d be in the shoes one day. What some of these girls don’t understand is that they might be a feature entertainer one day, and the girls that are bitchy to me? Fuck them. But the girls who are nice to me I can usually help them get some work or do something for them.” Haze says she gets $75 for a lap dance. “I’m a porn star. I’m worth $75.” Haze said she used to get pretty wild in lap dance situations but doesn’t any more.

Haze has also become involved with the Free Speech Coalition thanks to Bill Margold. “I’ve know Bill for a long time. He’s probably one of the greatest people I’ve ever met in my life,” she said. ” He looks out for everybody else’s interest except his own.” Haze just recently assumed the mantle of East Coast Free Speech Coalition spokesgirl. “Christi Lake is the west coast; I’m the east coast.” Haze noted that there’s a lot of girls working on the east coast, particularly Florida, that have no idea what they shouldn’t be doing. “They’re so uneducated at this business. There are these young girls 18 and 19 who come up to me asking how do I get into porn. I’m going, wait a minute. Run. Run away. Once you’re on screen and you’re on video, you’re eternal. No matter what happens to you, you’ll always see your movie. If you have children or family, you’re there.”

“I have a big mouth and I can speak my own,” added Haze who had a few choice words to say about Leeanna Heart’s supposed p.r. man The Green Lantern. Wankus brought up the feud that had been aired on recently. “I love that site,” said Haze. Doing a re-cap of the mirth, Wankus said The Lantern accused Haze of having a horrible feature show and accused someone working for Haze of being an asshole by not taking career advice from him.

“He can bite me, this jackass,” Haze said of The Lantern. “I travel with Craig Valentine who is my husband. We just got married in August. He’s my deejay and does all my stuff for me.” Haze said TGL was following Craig around and telling him that he was going to give Haze free p.r., that he does p.r. for Misty Rain and Leeanna Heart. Valentine told TGL that Haze didn’t need any p.r., that she has a bunch of people who do it for her. Haze said TGL wouldn’t take no for an answer and insisted on meeting Haze so he could talk to her because she needed him. Valentine told him to get the hell out. “You jerk, jackass, go away.”

Haze said Heart’s mother runs her p.r., not TGL. “”I don’t even think this girl knows she has a fan club Yahoo group that he runs.” Haze said that Heart wouldn’t even return his call when he went to wish her a happy birthday. “She could give a shit less.” Haze also said that any info posted by TGL about her on wasn’t true. “He came into some money. He hinds behind this Green Lantern alias. He wouldn’t even tell people who he is. I even invited him to call in here and fight with me. He won’t even do that because he’s a jackass.”

Co-ho Katie Morgan suggested telling TGL that comic books aren’t that cool anymore. “He came into all this money because someone in his family passed away. And he feels the need to try to get together with every porn star. If you reject him he flips out and starts posting crap and bullshit that’s not even true.” Haze said the “The Little Old Lady” show of hers which TGL took to task has won her awards. Haze said she comes out with a walker and moves around in a crowd like a little old lady looking for bingo. “If he’s bored he must be jacking off in a corner somewhere.”




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