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The Green Lantern Rebuts Summer Haze

The Green Lantern: OK, I’ve copied Summer’s comments so I can insert my rebuttal next to each point that she is enormously inaccurate on.

> “I have a big mouth and I can speak my own,” added Haze who had a few choice words to say about Leeanna Heart’s supposed p.r. man The Green Lantern.

Gene, who put you & Mike Albo in touch with Leeanna to write the interviews and articles you both wrote on your respective websites in September? I did, remember. You even asked Leeanna who I was in an interview with her. So how am I “supposed p.r. man”?

> Wankus brought up the feud that had been aired on recently. “I love that site,” said Haze. Doing a re-cap of the mirth, Wankus said The Lantern accused Haze of having a horrible feature show and accused someone working for Haze of being an asshole by not taking career advice from him.

I accused her roadie of being stupid & not letting me give him email addresses for you, Mike Albo & Scott Faymer so that Summer could promote her upcoming all-female gang bang in another effort (after Wayne’s article on Angela D’Angelo) to show that free PR is good if you want to stay visible & promote your career & projects in the industry. Go see my original submission to AdultFYI. By the way, did she EVEN take the time to promote it on KSEX Friday? When Annabel Chong, Jasmine St. Claire & Houston all got ready to their gang bang videos, the promotion machines @ Cream Entertainment and Metro was cranking for months before the event took place and weeks before the video was released to the buying public. Look at how huge the number of units moved were and how those videos still are tops among the renting and buying public. Now look at the 31 girl Gang Bang that Hustler filmed on the set of The World’s Luckiest Man or the 74 girl Gang Bang that was filmed on the set of The World’s Luckiest Black Man. Nowhere near the number of units moved that the “World’s Largest Gang Bang” series have sold. See the point yet?
> “He can bite me, this jackass,” Haze said of The Lantern.
No thanks. I’d be charged with assault.

> “I travel with Craig Valentine who is my husband. We just got married in August. He’s my deejay and does all my stuff for me.” Haze said TGL was following Craig around and telling him that he was going to give Haze free p.r., that he does p.r. for Misty Rain and Leeanna Heart.

Go read my last rebuttal. I tried to talk to Craig once for 2 minutes, tops, @ the Cadillac Lounge. I didn’t follow EITHER of you two around the club that night but if it makes you feel special, go ahead and fantasize. Also, once again, I have NEVER met Misty Rain, either in person or via email. I simply do NOT know her. Why do you keep bringing her name up? As for Leeanna, read my comment above. Besides Gene/Wayne & Mike, I’ve sent Leeanna Heart related news to, TER & several Yahoo groups that I either moderate or am a member of. I also told Leeanna about posting her dance schedule on & setting up a profile with to get an entry in their 2004 Entertainer’s Guide.
> Valentine told TGL that Haze didn’t need any p.r., that she has a bunch of people who do it for her. Haze said TGL wouldn’t take no for an answer and insisted on meeting Haze so he could talk to her because she needed him. Valentine told him to get the hell out. “You jerk, jackass, go away.”

I NEVER insisted on meeting with you, I simply walked away when your husband said that you have a PR department @ Arrow Productions. End of story!!

> Haze said Heart’s mother runs her p.r., not TGL. “”I don’t even think this girl knows she has a fan club Yahoo group that he runs.”

Leeanna knows about the Yahoo group. Let me share with you a snippet from an email I received from Leeanna’s mom on Friday night around the same time as Summer’s interview. I’ll even share the time/date stamp:

From: “Deb”
To: “Green Lantern”

Subject: deb (leeanna’s mom)
Date: Fri, 7 Nov 2003 23:13:09 -0500

“everything sounds good that you have been doing, you are doing an awesome job and we really appreciate it, thanks so much….later, deb”

I’ll gladly forward a copy to Gene or Wayne to prove the validity of this message in its entirety if they would like.

> Haze said that Heart wouldn’t even return his call when he went to wish her a happy birthday. “She could give a shit less.” Haze also said that any info posted by TGL about her on wasn’t true.

I sent Leeanna a gift & birthday card which she received the day before her birthday. The phone thing is water under the bridge. If Leeanna couldn’t care less, then why did her mom email me a note of gratitude? Also, if any info I posted is untrue then why would Gene & Wayne use it e.g., the Jill Kelly TV deal or Leeanna’s appearance on the Stern show on
Halloween 2000 being rerun? They make sure to check the facts on a story before they post it for the website so a lawsuit for libel/slander doesn’t come back to bite them in the collective ass. They’ve been in the industry long enough to know this & to have developed very careful BS sniffers when it comes to news. If anything I sent them was untrue, they wouldn’t post it. PERIOD.

> “He came into some money. He hides behind this Green Lantern alias. He wouldn’t even tell people who he is. I even invited him to call in here and fight with me. He won’t even do that because he’s a jackass.”

How do you claim to know that I came into money but don’t know what my name is? I think a background check that would reveal my financial status would also reveal my name, don’t you think? I’m NOT who you think I am. I don’t have the money you think I do. If I did, why would I be @ the #2 club in Providence when I could be @ the # 1 club in the first place? Green Lantern is my nom de plume (AKA or alias if you will) just as Summer Haze is yours. If I have to tell people my real name, shouldn’t you? Shouldn’t all ladies in porn? No, because you have safety and privacy issues to deal with in your profession. Well, I choose to use an alias for the same reasons. Also, I NEVER received an invite from you or Craig (either via email or written) to call in to the show on Friday. I only knew that you would be on the show because I saw a posting on GirlsofED’s message board that you put there AND because I then talked to Wankus via email about a gut feeling that he would bring me up as a topic of conversation. He invited me to call in but I had other things to do than argue with someone who I could give a rat’s ass about on a Friday night.

> Co-ho Katie Morgan suggested telling TGL that comic books aren’t that cool anymore. “He came into all this money because someone in his family passed away. And he feels the need to try to get together with every porn star. If you reject him he flips out and starts posting crap and bullshit that’s not even true.” Haze said the “The Little Old Lady” show of hers which TGL took to task has won her awards. Haze said she comes out with a walker and moves around in a crowd like a little old lady looking for bingo. “If he’s bored he must be jacking off in a corner somewhere.”

(Quick rebuttal to Katie: Katie, dear, I’ll highly recommend that you read some of the fine comic literature from Grant Morrison, Neal Gaiman, Alan Moore, Brian Michael Bendis, Judd Winick, J. Michael Straczynski (of Babylon 5 fame) or Kevin Smith (director of Clerks, Mallrats & the upcoming Jersey Girl) that is available in graphic novel format at any Borders’, WaldenBooks or Barnes & Noble store. You’ll find that the comic book format is experiencing a maturing in the level of readers it caters to. Also, if comics aren’t cool, then why are movies being made based on them (i.e. League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, Spider-Man, X-Men)? Simple reason: MONEY)

Back to Summer. You OBVIOUSLY are mistaking me for someone else. BOTH my parents are STILL ALIVE, I’ve NEVER come into any money and I’ve NEVER tried to hook up with any porn star that I’ve met in Providence or New Bedford. I’ll gladly list them for you & Gene and/or Wayne can ask them: Leeanna Heart, Jewel De’Nyle, Lisa Ann, Jenteal, Chantilly Lace, Nikki Tyler, Cheyenne Silver, Lisa Lipps. I’ve NEVER asked them for any favors & I’ve NEVER posted anything negative about ANY of these ladies on any of the adult news websites. I’ve already addressed your “jacking off” point previously so I won’t beat a dead horse again.

Any other BS that you’d like to throw my way?



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