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Q: What made you get into the industry?

I actually got into the industry purely to have sex with women! I was going through a bi-curious stage in my life but I was too shy to go up to girls on a night out, so I thought “what better way to find out if I’m bisexual or not than to get paid to have sex with beautiful women!” And I wasn’t very confident back then either so I thought that if they were getting paid to have sex with me then they couldn’t say no and turn me down! Yes I was THAT shy and THAT unconfident! But now look at me… *giggles*

Q: How does it feel to be both a star in the UK and US?

Well thank you! But I really don’t think I’m a star in the US yet! Not as much as I’d like to be and how far I want to take my career! It feels amazing to have done work in both the UK and the US and have fans all over the world but I’m nowhere near the height of stardom I want to be just yet. I’m going to keep pushing myself until I get the though!

Q: What are some of the biggest differences in production between the two countries?

Since I’ve worked in the US I actually much prefer it to the UK at the minute! There are a lot more companies to work for and a lot more girls working in the industry. Now that I am a Playboy TV UK Director I can speak for both performers and directors and one thing I’ve noticed about the UK industry that doesn’t really happen in the US is “no-shows”. No-shows are where performers just don’t turn up to shoots! Which is extremely annoying!

So I guess you could say there’s sometimes a lack of professionalism from the performers here… But I must say not all performers are like that, just some but it can really take the fun out of it when you’ve hired a location, makeup artist, cameraman, other talent, etc. Also, just recently quite a number of production companies have either shut down, stopped shooting or cut back on how frequent they are shooting so it could be really difficult for new models to come into the industry and survive.

Q: Is there as much of a fuss going on in the UK about condom laws as there is in the US?

Actually there isn’t… There’s a big fuss going on over here about new law’s that have come in for UK websites and also for better rules on testing after some recent outbreaks that have happened within the adult industry all over the world. I think there should be talk about condoms but since its not a necessity over here, people just hide away from that subject and avoid it. There is an industry meeting coming up with regards to testing so hopefully condoms will be brought up then.

Q: Who has been your favorite person to work with?

I don’t just have one favourite, I have a couple… Angel Long, Cate Harrington and Molly Bennett have been my favourites!

Q: Can you tell us what the K stands for?

The K actually only stands for “Kay” but I dropped the “ay” after a lot of new models started in the industry at the same time as me with the same surname… I wanted to be different *giggles*

Q: What is your favorite position?

Up against the wall! With my bum slapping up on the wall and my legs around their waist so they can give it to me hard… Wow I’m getting so turned on thinking about it! So hot!

Q: What is the most outrageous sex experience you have had. Both on and off camera?

Wow… The most outrageous things I’ve done… There’s quite a few! I’m not sure if I could choose my most outrageous! I don’t really know the meaning of the word outrageous anyway because I tell my friends about things and they think I’m so wild and crazy but to me these things just seem normal *giggles*! I think the most outrageous thing I’ve done on camera was a scene for my AVN nominated scene for Tanya Hyde’s/ Harmony Films’ “Foxy Tarts”!

I was fastened in to some stirrups, dressed up in a kinky nurses outfit. I had my panties cut off me, my pussy electrocuted, them DP’d with a giant double ended dildo by one of the most outrageous British Porn Star’s Lolly Badcock. I loved every moment of it but I was very sore for weeks afterwards! *laughs*. My most outrageous sex experience off camera isn’t quite as outrageous as that… In fact my sex life off camera can seem extremely normal in comparison to some of the crazy things I get to do on camera! I save the outrageous things for scenes because I love capturing that moment where you’re really in to it and going crazy. But personal is personal and I can have some great times on and off camera.

Q: Do you get better orgasms when performing or in your personal life?

I don’t know really… Both! I love what I do on camera and I love what I’m doing off camera so like I said before I can have some great experiences in both worlds.

Q: Do you prefer civilians or industry talent?

Actually, do you know what… I prefer civilians! I love industry talent and have a lot of great friends within the industry but I do prefer civilians when it comes to sex. I like to be the dominant one and the “sex professional” and civilians can be very thankful when you give them the most amazing blowjobs of their lives or the most amazing orgasms!

Q: Describe your first sexual encounter.

It was actually when I was 17 with my boyfriend at the time. It took us quite a few attempts because I was so tight and it actually hurt a lot! But one day we both got just absolutely crazy drunk and went for it and I could just remember feeling great! Just from the fact that we actually did it after trying for so long! Then the secondary thought was “that was great, lets do it again”.

Q: Name one celebrity you would like to have a sex video with and how nasty would it be?

Rihanna and I would just absolutely ruin her because she’s just so sexy and deserves a good ruining of her holes! *laughs*. I’d give it to her with a strapon and then make her suck it like it was a real cock, I’d make her squirt everywhere, I’d tie her up, use a paddle and flogger and her and then whilst she’s still tied up, I’d force her to come on a magic wand by putting it on her clit and then use the magic wand on me whilst I’m stood over her face so I can squirt into her mouth. Yes that’s pretty much been a fantasy of mine for quite a long time!

Q: Is there a US talent you have been wanting to work with but have not had the opportunity to yet?

Yes but they have retired now! Bree Olson and Sunny Lane! I’d love to have had a threesome with those sexy girls!

Q: How much longer do you plan on being in the industry and what are your goals within it?

I plan on being in the industry for a long, long time! I have quite a few new projects ideas and things I’ve been working on… You’ll just have to wait and see but I’m going to be working even harder soon to make all these ideas reality!

Q: Describe your ideal first date.

I like adventurous and spontaneous so my ideal first date would be having the guy or girl blindfold me, throw me in their car and have the whole night planned without telling me anything, just taking me to all the places they had thought of for our date. I could guarantee that my date would end up back at my place in my bed!!!!


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