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Wankus Recaps Katie & Katie Night, Sort Of

Porn Valley- Wankus offered his own little recap of the KSEX party Friday night. “It was wild because it was a Katie [Morgan] & Katie [Gold] birthday weekend,” he said.

“Friday was off the fuckin’ hook. We had all kinds of hotties in here and all kinds of fuckin’ and suckin’. The best was that Lou Ferrigno-looking chick. She looked like the Incredibe Hulk. I can’t remember her name. She was sucking Flexx’s cock like a motherfucker. Out of nowhere he’s like, oaky baby, I’m going to fuck you now. She’s like, no. I have a boyfriend. Part of the Clinton rules. And everyone knows Jerry from Stardust, He’s been coming in here a lot.”

Tyler Faith noted that Jill Kelly’s dog, Rocco, almost bit Jerry one time.

“He was out of control,” said Wankus. “He brought like 90 dudes with him and he only had six on his list. He got really stupid, though. I’ve got to be honest with you. It was not good outside adult person behavior. He was grabbing Katie Morgan’s titties. He just kept going up, hey, baby. Hey, baby. he was all drunk and shit. She kept saying stop it. Stop it. Until I finally heard Greg her man say, yo, motherfucker. Get your hands off her!! ‘Cause he was like, drunk, eeeeeegh, and all that stupid shit. Then, I guess after that he kind of had that stone sober-thing, like, oh, shit. I just got yelled at so I’m kind of slightly sober.”

Faith’s opinion was that Morgan should have broken one of his finger’s off. Wankus said Morgan is one of those girls who tries to avoid controversy. “But she was pissed, though.” Wankus said he saw Jerry later outside. “I saw him leaving. He had his backpack on. He was all pissed off. I’m like, Jer, where are you going? He’s like, whatever. Fuck it. I’m outta here. Obviously his feelings were hurt from feeling everyone else. But then I heard, allegedly, he spent the weekend in the pokie. He walked through the streets of Burbank and rumor has it he got locked up for drunken disorderly.”

Wankus said he really didn’t know what happened, but you don’t want to spend a weekend in the Burbank jail. “Especially because he’s not white- you’ve got to be white in Burbank to even survive.” Faith remembered another time when Jerry was in telling a story about how he walked home. “Poor Jer,” said Wankus. “He was being a dick. Nothing against Stardust Industries. It’s a great company but he’s been taking advantage of us. He’s been coming in here a little too frequently appearing on every fuckin’ show. As fun as he is we’ve been telling him, Jer, with all this promo you’re getting you need to advertise with us. Our rates are inexpensive. He’s like we’re re-negotiating this and we’re going to do this. We’re talking a couple of hundred bucks, here, motherfucker. Just drop the cash.”

Gene sez: I spoke to Jerry today who told me, yes, he spent the weekend in stir. But for different reasons. “I had to pay off on a ticket,” he explains. “I had been paying on it but I had forgotten about it. So it went from a normal $300 ticket to $1200. I said today is the first day of my new birth year. I said screw it. I did two days at county for it. I got it taken care of basking and lounging. Nothing big. I went in. The judge looked at it and said time served, dismissed. Get rid of that other ticket, too, by the way. cause there was another ticket on there for another $400 for a moving violation. I said they’re misdemeanors, let’s get them out of the way. That’s what that was about.”


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