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Swami Chats with Paris Kennedy

Porn Valley- Of course coming out of Swami’s mouth it sounded like “Paris Candy,” but it was Paris Kennedy,, who was a guest on his show this past Friday. Kennedy is repped by Joey Serio’s company, Adult Staffing Servces, Inc.

Kennedy said she had heard a lot about the business coming into- about the drugs, mental issues and family abandonment. But Kennedy said she comes from a relative normal background and was a secretary. “I was a nice girl,” says kennedy who answered an ad in the paper.

Kennedy entertained fantasies about being a porn star. “But I was really shy.” Kennedy explained that she went with Serio on recommendations from friends. According to Kennedy, Serio’s regarded as a personable agent. “I was looking for somebody who would give me personal attention- someone I could talk to and not just pimp me out.” Kennedy said she had been with another agency and was getting nowhere with that, hence her move with Serio. “I wanted to put myself out there and was told this was the best agency to do that.”

Swami then asked Kennedy about her website [which is not up as yet]. “Do you run it by yourself or do you have a big hairy fat guy in the back who’s doing all the work?” Kennedy said her agency does the site and will be up soon. She’s gathering content for it. According to Kennedy, it will have boy-girl, hardcore, girl-girl; solo, merchandise, diaries. “Everything,” she said. “My fans have been wanting a website for awhile and have been asking when I’m going to get one up.”

Swami asked her what an average day was like. Kennedy said she works out on a regular basis.

“I always have to have my hair done,” she explains. “I always have to have my nails and toes done. Some girls don’t have to think about that stuff but I have to be on it like every week. I have to have a top to bottom tan. It’s a lot of work. People make fun of the industry and think oh you just fuck for money. But it’s a lot of work. You have to be athletically fit. There’s a lot of positions that you have to hold for a long time. It’s pretty rough. That’s why it’s nice that we don’t have to do it every day.”

She was asked how she chose her name. She said she used Paris as a name for a long time but decided she needed a last name to compliment it. “Kennedy- my boyfriend chose that for me because I have a Jackie O obsession,” she states. “I read about her and love her. And I like money so it represents money and wealth. That’s appealing to me.”

Kennedy said she pefers to do magazine shoots over video. “It’s more of an art form for me.” Kennedy also said she was taking a break from doing boy-girl scenes, working now just with girls, solo and fetish. Asked what was harder to do, Kennedy said girls tend to be more shy. “And girls can have more attitude sometimes than the guys have in this industry,” she added. “I feel a lot more comfortable with men. Though I do love women in my personal life I prefer to do scenes with men.”

Swami attempted to link Kennedy up, romantically, with some pitcher from the Tampa Bay Devils Rays. But Kennedy said she’s known her present boyfriend for four years. “I was married- he was a friend of my husbands. My husband and I got divorced. We hooked up and they’re not friends any more.” Kennedy said her boyfriend designs sex toys. “He’s pretty open to the industry. He knew what I was doing before I got together. I was like this is what I do- if you want to be with me you’ve got to deal with it.”

Kennedy and her boyfriend separate her work from her personal life. “But we do occasionally like to swing.” Kennedy said her and her boyfriend are very open minded people. “We have a good relationship- we talk and we don’t lie to each other. It works.”

Kennedy said her mother was a stripper when she was younger. “But she still wanted me to go to college and get a degree and do that whole thing.” Kennedy said her mother was weird in the beginning about her wanting to be a porn star. “But she said she’d rather have me doing that than a lot of other things. She’s open to it now and she’ll show pictures here and there of me. But not too XXX. She’s more open minded to it now, as long as I’m safe and happy. She likes the money- she likes me taking her out to dinner all the time.”

Kennedy, 22, said she hopes to be in the business a couple more years as a performer before getting on the production side. Hence, Kennedy said she’s given some serios thought to starting her own production company. “That’ll be something I look forward to when I’m not in my early twenties anymore,” she said.

If given a choice between being a mainstream star or doing adult, Kennedy said she’d prefer the mainstream.


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