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Swami Re-Opens Sensitive Lynn-Jeremy Issue

Porn Valley- Batten down the hatches. And it ain’t the tropical storms in Florida. KSEX, peejay Ginger Lynn was on the Sports Swami show today, and Swami, who’s now sponsored by L.A. Direct Models, brought up- you guessed it- the Ron Jeremy allegations. Ginger was very candid and forthcoming and made some applause-worthy comments during the course of the 45 minute interview which covered many topics. Granted, though, the Jeremy accusations- which have never been proven- have taken on the grotesque luster of the Kate Faber-Kobe Bryant drama which has unwittingly achieved maximum parody.

Swami brought the Jeremy issue up at least twice during the show. On one occasion he asked Ginger why she worked with Jeremy the next day after the alleged rape incident. Ginger explained that she was shooting back-to-back movies in Hawaii.

“It was a big role,” she said. “I was cast and scheduled to work with Jerry Butler as my male talent in that. We went over our shooting schedule. Jerry had to fly back to New York. Ronnie was playing my husband in one of the films that we did. The producer said you owe us this many scenes. You owe us another sex cene. I had not told anybody about the rape. I was scared. I was young. I didn’t know what to do. I felt victimized. I felt angered. I felt embarrased. Yet I wanted to do a good job.” Lynn said she isn’t making any excuses. “I was young- I didn’t know what to do. I did work with him after this happened. I don’t know if it was the next day or two days later. But I think that a lot of times when things happen that are unfortunate or are plain out disgusting and revolting, for me, I have my defense mechanism and my shut-down face and mode where I pretend it didn’t happen.”

Lynn says she was at that point in her life where she was recovering from other things that had happened. “I dropped into a defense mechanism, a safety mode and got hard for awhile.” Swami wanted to know why is it that Lynn or other women haven’t gone to the police to press charges. “You were the first person who’s come out.” Swami claims he’s talked to other women who have also told him similar stories. “Everyone else- unfortunately- let’s face it, they’re scared. Because when Platinum X, Jill Kelly, Larry Flynt- they’re all friends with Ron Jeremy. If Ron wants, he can break people. I understand that. But why didn’t anyone say to the cops he raped me?”

Lynn said if it didn’t happen, why doesn’t Jeremy press charges. “He’s got dozens of women pointing the finger at him,” she said. “I’m the first one that came out. And what happened? I was criticized. I was judged. And I was violated again. This happened 20 years ago. I don’t give a fuck about Ron Jeremy. What happened to me 20 years ago is done, over. I don’t want it to happen to anyone else. That’s why I came out with it. That’s why I talked about it. That’s why I was so finally disgusted I couldn’t take it any more.

“I’ve got one of the biggst names in the industry,” Lynn continued. “I came out and there was suck a backlash and it was so ugly. I don’t want to go through it again. Most of the women don’t come forward because you’re going to have to live through it again and it’s going to get worse. The finger is going to be pointed at you. You’re going to have to defend yourself for something that someone else did to you. It’s the most disgusting, revolting thing that anybody can do to you. It’s such a violation. Next to murder, it’s right up there.”

Lynn said she had to deal with isues for six months because she had come out with the story. “And nobody wants to go through that again,” she states. “You just want to move on and pretend it didn’t happen and get on with your life.” Lynn pointed out an incident in Michigan where the police department didn’t press charges. “They dropped the charges. There wasn’t enough evidence to prove it wasn’t consensual.” According to Lynn another woman involved in an alleged assault has sent her letters and notes. “She’s got a handwritten letter from Ronnie saying what he did to her. I’ve seen it and him apologizing. This woman’s still in therapy. It sucks you up and to go through it again, is hard.”

[Gene interjects: In fairness to Jeremy, I spoke to the husband of the woman Lynn’s referring to, and he’s denied the story on record.]

According to Lynn it’s a big world of karma. “It’ll come back around.”

But Jeremy wasn’t the only issue discussed during the course of the interview. In introducing her, Swami aid that Lynn was still causing chaos and she said that was her goal in life. Lynn said she likes to have a good time in life and her stint now with KSEX, is the perfect place for her. Lynn said the way it happened is that she had met Jason Sechrest, another KSEX peejay, over the years at different events and functions. “In all honesty, I didn’t really like Jason. I felt that he was a poseur and trying to be something he wasn’t. It wasn’t a good relationship.” Lynn said Sechrest begged her for a year to go on KSEX. Lynn finally agreed and saw Sechrest in a different element.

“He was a whole different person,” she said. “He was in an element that really worked for him. He was being real and being himself and not trying to be anything or anybody else. And it was beautiful. We had so much fun.” Lynn recalled making a comment during the show that she was having so much fun she should have her own show. Wankus had e-mailed her to that effect but by the time she had responded a particular spot had been taken. “But if you want a show we will add an hour of programming per day just so we can get you.” With an expanded broadcast schedule, Lynn said she started at KSEX and began causing trouble, i.e., the Jeremy story from Day One. Lynn has since expanded her show to two hours. “I’m having a blast,” she said.

Lynn asked Swami if he listened to her show, and Swami, offering an honest answer, said he does. “Sometimes it goes all over the place but that’s your style. You like to attack everything and anything.” swami brought up Lynn’s current co-ho, Lisa the Lesbian. Lynn said she met Lisa on the Vice Academy set a few years ago when Lisa was 17. “She was a production assistant.” Lynn went on to say that the director- Ric Sloan- was one who did everything low budget but made promises. Lynn said she was told she was getting a trailer only to be put in someone’s office where there were 4,000 cats and no litter box. Lynn said that’s what happened. “He [the guy who had the office] had so many cats it was amazing. There were little piles of poo-poo everywhere.” Lynn said she couldn’t work under those conditions. It was then that Lisa volunteered her uncle’s motor home and got it to the set. “She became my buddy.” Lynn said she thought Lisa was 18. “She told me she was- she gave me a ride home. She offered me a post shoot massage. One thing led to another. We’ve been friends ever since.” Lynn said whenever she’s not with a man, she’s spending time with Lisa.

“She knows I’m not a lesbian but we’ve developed this incredible friendship-relationship where we can go shopping, be like sisters and on occasions have sex.” Lynn said it woked out real well having her as a co-ho. “It’s having a sister that I beat up and mess with all the time. There’s a banter that is non-stop. We have a blast together.” Swami wondered what happened with Amber Lynn who shared Lynn’s program for awhile. Lynn said she’s had several co-hos. The first was a friend of a friend. “She didn’t know what she was getting herself into. It worked well in the beginning because she was so non-porn.” Then came a friend of hers named Stacy.

“Civilians are a lot of fun for the audience but, often times, can’t hang.” When Amber Lynn came in, originally, Ginger said they had a blast. “We had so many stories to share and things to tell.” Lynn believes the difficulty came with her wanting to have fun on the show and not drama, implying that Amber was a drama-queen. “I don’t want to talk about anything that’s going to get me riled up unless it’s Ron Jeremy.” According to Lynn, her and Amber had different ways of doing things that were affecting their friendship. “We made a decision to keep our friendship and not do the show together.” Lynn said the main difference between Amber and Lisa is that Amber will allow Ginger to put her body parts in her mouth and vice-vera. “Lisa won’t do that on the air.” Lynn also suggested another difference being the fact that Lisa returns phone calls.

In the first instance where he brought up Jeremy, Swami referred to it as “Hedgehog Gate” and talked about the obvious fallout KSEX must have gotten over her bringing up the story. Lynn said she’s gotten to know Wankus. “What an incredible man.” But Lynn said the first time she heard his show her immediate impression was that he was obnoxious. “He was not what I thought he was. He is one of the most incredible men I’ve met. He has integrity and loyalty and he cares. He has this gruff radio personality but flip him over and he’s just the biggest sweetheart. He’s the most wonderful man, ever.” Lynn said because Wankus stood by her side she developed a fondnes and love for him that’s never ending.

As far as the Jeremy allegations go, Lynn said violation and rape are not something that she cares to have on her show although she didn’t seem to have a problem raising them. “There were just too many incidents in a row and too many women coming forward and too many things that he had done to me 20 years ago,” Lynn said. “It just slipped. Something came out about him at a party. He’s got this porn legend status and I can only speak about my experience with him. I know what he did to me and what he has allegedly done to all these other women. I blurted something out. I talked about the rape. And it just got really ugly. There were websites where people were taking votes on who they believed and what happened and all these accusations.”

Lynn said she put it on the table right away and volunteered to take a lie detector test and offered the same opportunity to Jeremy. “Ronnie has said to anyone and everyone that will listen, I’ll take it. For some reason his schedule’s booked up for the next 4,000 years and he just can’t make it in.”

Lynn said Jeremy disgusts her. “He’s fat. He’s smelly. He’s gross. He’s obnoxious and guys think he’s this super stud because he’s fat and ugly and can get hot women. He’s hiding behind his porn status and doing things that are sick and disgusting and he needs help. The fact that KSEX stood by me means the world to me. As far as Ronnie goes I wouldn’t care if he got hit by a bus as we’re speaking.”

Swami also brought up Lynn’s son. “The mom hat fits me very well,” stated Lynn who once claimed that she would never get married before the age of 30. “My friends and my family are the most important thing to me in my life.” Lynn said she was told several years ago that she would not be able to have children.

“When I became pegnant it was a miracle. It was something that I always wanted but didn’t think I could have. I’ve embraced motherhood with everything I have and it’s not been difficult at all.” Lynn said when she first got in the industry, she was a major wild child and party girl. But the years have diminished that somewhat although she still has the uninhibited girl in her. “But the family part and being a mother is the bulk of that, now.” With the many hats that she does wear in the business, Lynn states that her son remains her number one priority. “He’s amazing- I’m truly blessed. He’s a great kid.”

Swami claims there are websites out there that have posted his real name. “There are rumors about him.” Lynn said that her son knows she’s an actress. “He’s been to premiers and walked down red carpets. He’s come to the set when I was working at Warner Bros. and Fox. In his pure little mind, mommy’s an actress. People approach me for autographs and he rolls his eyes and thinks it’s silly.” Lynn says on one has brought up the issue so far in school as to what kind of other films she does.

“When that topic does come up, I will deal with that in a very honest but healthy format.” Lynn was also quick to point out that it won’t be easy. “He’s a boy. I’m his mother-he’s very protective of me. And I pray that he won’t be able to find out before he’s able to understand a little bit more.” Lynn also points out that her son is with a bodyguard on a regular basis.

Swami said he’s also heard a rumor that the father of Lynn’s son is Steve Hirsch and wanted to know if it were true or not.

“A father is somebody that loves their child,” she replied. “I would say that my son’s father is the person God chose to put with me to create my son. That’s what he is- he’s a sperm donor, someone that I cared very much about for a very long time who wasn’t ready or mature enough to have a child and found that power, greed and fortune were more important than family. We’ve very different viewpoints on what’s important in life. As to who he is, I am bound and gagged as to who my son’s biological father is. Rumors are rumors. Again, some of them have truth in them , some of them don’t. And I’m going to have to leave that one where it is.”

Swami said he’s heard that Lynn’s getting a substantial amount of money in child support. Lynn pointed out that she stopped making adult films in 1986 and didn’t come back for 13 or 14 years. “I came back to support my son and take care of him and do what is best for him. If I were receiving large sums of money, I wouldn’t have come back into porno. I wouldn’t have made that decision in my life that I did. Late Thirties isn’t exactly prime time to get into porn. I had no intentions of ever being in front of the camera again. As far as the rumors that I’m getting substantial amounts of money, that would be nice and it would be fabulous if my son’s biological father did his part. Unfortunately that has not been the case. Those rumors are just bullshit and have probably been created by my son’s father to make him look good. He is not a good person, not a good man. He doesn’t do his part.”

To that end, Lynn said she’s worked very hard to make the money she’s made. “I’ve earned every penny of it. I am not a woman that’s taken care of. My son is not a child who’s living in the lap of luxury due to anybody but me.”


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