Take Off The Sheet and Join The Rest Of Us

AdultFYI Editorial – I’m a big believer in freedoms of speech. A lot of people claim to be as well, until something bad is said about them in the press. Regardless, it’s an American right to be able to publicly express your opinion on the government, a specific corporation, a person in the spotlight, whatever.

There is also a time I feel people can take advantage of their freedoms and do or say things that are either purposely hurtful or just plain ignorant.

Nearly the entire KSEXradio.com Show Host staff received an e-mail the other day from a listener who changed the heading of each e-mail to personally address each DJ by name, while the body of the e-mail remained the same.

A man who calls himself “Zorba” wrote:

Hi Ann Marie this is zorba from the chat room, love the show.. here’s my situation

My wife of five years has recently started staying out all night, drinking &
using crack with various fuckers from the neighborhood (she was a “former” drug addict when I met her).

I checked her car this morning (after she’d been out all night) and found a
pack of unused condoms, and some fried chicken under the front seat. She rarely talks to me anymore, and when she does she’s usually verbally abusive ghetto slang.

Im scared that my wife may be sucking black dick for rock. The last time I kissed her, I tasted something funny in her mouth. I figured it was just left over crack residue.

I dont mind if she sucks black cock, however, I DO mind if she is having anal sex with more than one fucker at a time.

Ann Marie, do you know if it is hard to keep an erection while on crack? If so, that could explain the unused condoms.

We originaly met at Popeyes Chicken. I was working the fryer and she worked at the counter. I knew she had a dirty past, but could see that she had changed.

Up untill recently, she has been the perfect mate. Caring, understanding, and very loving.

It all went downhill when we went to this party last June. There was this fucker fellow there. He was nice and all, he didnt even talk like the typical cunt. I never once heard him say “yo” or “dawg” he was actually a very nice guy.

However, this guy made his living by dealing crack cocaine. It must be karma.

You see…. I used to be very racist. My dad was even in the Klan. I never
wanted to be like my father, so I tried to be “down wit it” when my girl hung out with blacks. I truley believe that life has come back around a kicked me in the ass.

I’m thinking of checking her asshole one nite while she is sleeping. If it is
still gaping there may be multiple blacks guys involved. What do you think
Ann Marie, would this be a good idea?

Now I can almost state surely that this is a story this listener is making up. He picks on every racist stereotype he can think of about blacks. Yet whether or not it’s true or it’s just his twisted fantasy, am I the only one who thinks this man needs a 48 hour weekend pass to Compton, alone, while wearing a white sheet?

I continually find it so difficult to believe that people like this exist. I’ve played in a lot of soul and R&B musical groups over the years and many band members would tell me, “there’s still way too much hatred and racism in this country.” Being from New York and most recently Los Angeles, I used to say things like, “oh man, shut the fuck up, it’s not cured, but 100 times better then it used to be.”

Guess what? It’s NOT! At least not in middle-America. Playing on the road or working in other cities, especially when I worked in Louisiana, racism is rampant.

I did a promotion for a New Orleans radio station I use to work at. We were broadcasting live from some store in a mall somewhere. A listener came running up to me, all excited. “Wow…it’s so cool to meet you in person,” she said. I felt good about it, it’s always nice to hear love from the fans–until she said, “I only came here for you. I usually don’t come to this mall, too many fuckers.”

This was in 19-fuckin 99 ! I couldn’t believe it. She was serious as can be.

I played along and said, “yeah, I bet that can be tough. Ya know ya gotta be careful, if you get too close, you too may become black.”

This bitch didn’t even get the sarcasm in what I was saying. She actually agreed with the call for concern. I was trying to tell her in a witty banter back that she was a bigoted cunt and she actually concurred.

After that experience and based on many comments I’ve had from black friends [contrary to popular national believe, most blacks don’t like being called African-American since many people that represent the black race are from nowhere near Africa], I’ve kept my eyes open and noticed that this country has a long way to go.

The letter this idiot sent to all the KSEX DJs confirms it some more.

It’s one thing to have fun with people’s stereotypes. I do it all the time and mock out every single race, creed, gender, transgender, etc. But when you mean it to heart, when there’s honesty in your uneducated comments, your citizenship in the USA should be revoked.

Contrary to popular belief, the heart of this country is in all of its ethnicities. Music, sports, creative writing, research and history in regards to America, marvels those around the world. They envy us. They’re jealous of us. They strive to beat us. That kind of international emotional stir wasn’t built by a bunch of slave owners. The strength and power of this country that makes us great was build by blacks, whites, Latins, Asians, Italians, Muslims, Christians, Pagans and every other culture that adds to an incredible diversity that makes this country what it is.

In closing I say this to all you shallow folks who can’t let go of pointless hate, even in 2003:

I know your parents were assholes. I know your mom and dad taught you about life the way their asshole parents taught them. I’m not mad atcha for that. But it’s time to realize that every person on this planet, is equal. There is no better race, there is no better creed. Get on board, open your eyes and see that the bigot race is a dying one. Jealousy will never go away, but someday racism will.

And if for some reason you cannot let go of the pointless hate and shallow mindset…do us all a favor. Give up your free speech rights and please, shut the fuck up.




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