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The Aussie Impaler Tells His Tale

Porn Valley- You know how the drill goes. Tony Sexton, the Aussie Impaler, attends an adult industry gathering. Something is said. Sexton gets punched out. There’s three or more variations of the story circulating and then Tony offers rebuttal. Which is pretty much what Sexton did when I talked to him over the weekend.

Sexton said what happened at XRCO last week was “pretty pathetic” in his book. Sexton said he was trying to avoid the whole situation [involving Dick Tracy and Cailley Taylor] from the start.

To begin with, Sexton said he was told that Brian and Cytherea were going to be at the show and the hope was expressed that Sexton had worked things out with them. Sexton said he hadn’t worked things out but neither was he at XRCO to cause any controversy, either. Sexton said, as far as he was concerned, the show was like a big high school reunion and he was treating it as such. “I was saying hello to girls that I know that like me. It was good. Then this scum of the earth- Dick Tracy- I told you about him the last time where he ripped me off for fifty bucks. They must have been observing me all night and saw that I was looking better and looking fitter. And that must have been eating them alive to see that I was connecting with people and smiling.”

The way Sexton describes it, he was outside having a cigarette when Tracy approached him. “He points and says you better leave now before I embarrass you. He starts swearing at me. Being the bigger man, I walked away.”

It was then that Sexton saw Barrett Blade. “And his beautiful fiancee.” Sexton said he greeted them and they were having a nice conversation when Cailley Taylor stepped in. “Obviously that was their [Tracy & Taylor] plan to fuck up the whole night.”

According to Sexton, Taylor was telling Blade’s fiancee that Sexton was the devil. “God only knows what she said about me. Because she was jealous that I was connecting with people.” Then, according to Sexton, he was told by Tracy that he better leave now. “I didn’t.” Sexton said his blood started boiling at that stage and Tracy charged at him and threw a punch.

Sexton said he felt sorry for Steve Doss who got involved with the scrape. [Doss was described by Tracy as the big guy with the shaved head and the Harley shirt.]

“He [Doss] went through it the last time at Sardos and was so pissed off,” said Sexton. ” ‘I can’t blame you, he said. You did nothing wrong at all and they just came and attacked you like that- like the scum of the earth that they are.’ ” Sexton said The Dossman then charged at Tracy to get him off of Sexton. “Then security took him off and I walked away.” Sexton said he talked to a couple more friends of his and told them it wasn’t worth it, that they should just walk away from the fight.

“And I did. After I got Dick Tracy off me, I walked off,” says Sexton. “I went to security and said get this guy out. This guy’s gotta go.” Sexton was then told that, unfortunately, under the circumstances, he had to leave as well.

Sexton thinks that because security elected to let both him and Tracy leave at the same time, the flareup started in again. According to Sexton, this time Tracy had reinforcements. Sexton said he knew the guy but that Tracy had turned him against him. “He charged me and gave me a bit of a slap,” said Sexton who feels the main casualty of the scuffle was Steve Doss who got pretty much fed up with the L.A. scene and said he was going back to Chicago.

“I liked the guy,” said Sexton. “He helped me out the first time when the quarantine thing came up and I was broke. He gave me forty bucks and I paid the guy back.” Sexton said as far as he’s concerned he and Dossman are “mates” for life. According to Sexton, Dossman couldn’t believe that people are such scum. And Sexton said, adding fuel to the fire, as he was leaving, Becka Bratt yelled out to him: “Yeah, Tony Sexton. You start fights everywhere you go.”

“I’m looking at her. Are you serious? I’ve never started a fight. Never in my life. I’m the most, friendliest down-to-earth person. What you see is what you get from me.”


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