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The Double Life of Domina Hera

[From AEBN] Described as an iron fist in a velvet glove, Hera the “Goddess of Dusseldorf” has grabbed the public of Germany by the balls and is not going to let go anytime soon.

She has achieved a remarkable level of fame since the publication of her book Hera: Lawyer by Day, Domina at Night (Schwarzkopf & Schwarzkopf 2006) which describes her double life as a lawyer and a dominatrix. A cover girl for Fallen Angels Productions, Hera’s reputation precedes her.

Whether dressed for business in a courtroom or clad in leather and snapping a whip, Hera commands the full attention of her audience. She has quite the reputation in her native Germany and we at AEBN wanted to steal a glimpse into the life of the famous domina. We were not disappointed.

AEBN: Were you a lawyer or a domina first?

Hera: Both evolved parallel to each other. I enjoyed visiting the studio in my spare time while I was in college, and since I needed money to get through school, it just happened naturally.

AEBN: How would you explain the SM attraction to a mainstream person?

Hera: Ohh…one does not have to understand everything. But tolerance would be something I would try to create.

AEBN: Why do you think that people want to experience pain and humiliation?

Hera: Well, I think people are trying to balance their childhood. It is about controlled repitition of humiliation, hurt etc. Through this one can find control and find a way out- in combination with pleasure hopefully.

AEBN: What attracted you to this practice?

Hera: I have always admired strong women. I love the spirit of rebellion that this practice invokes.

AEBN: Who taught you the ways of the whip?

Hera: A very good and loving woman who is also a domina in her spare time. I adore her very much. We meet in the studio and she approached me in a motherly-friendly way. We are very close friends to this day.

AEBN: Would you describe yourself as power-hungry?

Hera: No. power-hunger is a weakness.

AEBN: Describe yourself in one word.

Hera: Compassionate.

AEBN: Do you have female clients?

Hera: I do. It is rather seldom and usually in the company of their male partners.

AEBN: You have mentioned in previous interviews that the majority of your clients are married men. Why do you think this is?

Hera: I have no idea. Possibly it is that they want to isolate that part out of their marriage. Usually there is an element of fear of completely opening up to the partner and scaring her away. Not everybody is able to be so impartial with their sexuality. The fact that they come to me for release is an honor.

AEBN: Are the majority of your clients wealthy and powerful?

Hera: This does seem to be rather a cliché of a power-person. But that is ONLY my experience. Every domina attracts a certain clientele. Just like a restaurant that attracts certain guests.

AEBN: Have you ever had a colleague from your day job come to you for discipline at night?

Hera: Of course. I see myself as a servant and respect the wishes of my clients. There are no stereotypical sequences. I find that to be very important.

AEBN: How does your role as domina play out in your personal relationships?

Hera: All of my relationships are different. I don’t have any workday dominance. In a loving relationship, I would be submissive anytime.

AEBN: Tell us your worst experience as a Domina.

Hera: I had a disturbing experience with a client who wanted psychological counseling. I declined all further sessions. SM provides a profound physical and psychological release that should not be treated like psychotherapy. That would not work, not with my understanding of the game. If you want psychotherapy- go to a shrink. If you want satisfaction, go to a domina.

AEBN: What is your favorite piece of clothing?

Hera: As a domina: everything out of leather. Leather, leather, leather.
In private: Louboutin shoes.

AEBN: What is your favorite tool/toy?

Hera: A good whip and my brain.

AEBN: What is your advice for new dominas?

Hera: Find your way and try it. Never lose respect for the person across from you.

AEBN: Where do you see yourself in five years?

Hera: I will work as a domina for as long I can please my clients. I really never planned anything in my life before. My girlfriend and I have a saying when we say good bye to each other:” I am so excited…” („ich bin ja so gespannt…“) translated that means that we are alive and open for all adventures.

AEBN: What do you want to take away with you from your experience as a domina?

Hera: Freedom.

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