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The Good, The Bad and The Putrid Part One : Adam Hasner Inducted Into AVN Hall of Fame

The 2014 AVN Hall of Fame inductees were announced yesterday.

Let me read the press release. This just shows that this is the end of an era. It says let’s give out a bunch of shit to a bunch of people so we can get as many people to this last awards show as possible.

Here we go, guys.

“Each year before the AVN Awards Show, taking place this year on January 18, AVN Media Network elects a handful of memorable individuals to be honored by induction into the AVN Hall of Fame. Many are performers and directors—the folks in the original video-based Hall of Fame. But since its inception other branches have been added to the AVN Hall of Fame: a Founders Branch, for those who created companies back in the day; an Internet Founders Branch, for those who built the online sector; and a Pleasure Products Branch, for manufacturers, distributors and retailers of sex toys.”

Wow. Let’s just water that shit down.

“This year, AVN has added another limb to the tree: the Executive Branch, for key members of the industry who work behind the scenes in the C-suite or excel in other capacities—for example, in sales, marketing or education. As in the other branches, a minimum of 10 years in the industry is required for consideration.”

“Induction into the AVN Hall of Fame is not, however, an automatic rite of passage that happens after a decade.”


“Many of the performers who are inducted have been in the industry far longer. Every year, Hall of Fame committee members confront a list of deserving candidates, looking to come up with a mix of talent, all of whom have attained not only longevity but also something more important: memorable achievements in front of the camera, behind the camera and back in the office. Each of the 2014 inductees, we can assert, more than meets those criteria, and we present them without further ado.”

Ladies and gentlemen, this is an amazing list of bullshit. Some of these people I’m not gonna talk about because I could give two shits about them. It’s a big stroke-fest so that they will attend the show for its last hurrah.

Let me explain two names that are prominent in the bullshit category.

The executive branch is their new division. There are four names on the executive branch list. A made up category for this year. Two of the four inductees are grouped together. They couldn’t even give these two old timers their own write-ups.

To me that’s disgusting. But it’s AVN, it’s Manwin, so what do you expect?

You have a man by the name of Ed Kail and a man by the name of Marty Turkel. I knew both of these men fairly well. I knew Marty better than Ed, but they were two of the best old school gentlemen salesmen that this business ever produced. They were the cornerstone of the sales force at VCA.

VCA was owned by a man by the name of Russ Hampshire. It was the company I worked for when I came out to LA. I made one movie and got fired. I met Marty probably around 1996. These were guys that sold beta tapes back in the day for $100 a piece.

VCA produced movies that were historic. John Leslie, Gregory Dark and Michael Ninn all got their start there. Ed Kail and Marty Turkel made VCA the undisputed number one company in the adult business for decades.

You can talk about Vivid and Caballero, but VCA was consistently the best company in the history of the business. Ed Kail and Marty Turkel were the faces of that company.

That unto itself is a serious accomplishment that these two men achieved. They have unfortunately passed on. Marty died in 2009 and Ed died this year. Ed’s daughter Bonnie Kail continues the tradition as the salesperson for Wicked Pictures. Bonnie is regarded now as the best salesperson in the adult business.

Marty and Ed were the cream of the crop. They were men’s men. Not only great salesmen, but great people. They cared about the industry, they cared about their product and actually gave a fuck about what we did and how we grew.

It’s something we never had in this industry before and never will have in this industry again. To induct Ed Kail and Marty Turkel in the same category as Jerry Estrada and Adam Hasner is deplorable, it’s fucking disgusting and AVN should be fucking ashamed. And anyone who knew Marty and Ed should be outraged.

Ed Kail and Marty Turkel should have their own special night that is not polluted by garbage like Jerry Estrada and Adam Hasner.

If I were Bonnie, I would be disgusted.

Let me explain to you the other two people that are getting the award that Marty and Ed are getting.

Adam Hasner works for Frank Koretsky who owns Pleasure Productions/IVD. Of course you’re gonna get a bump in recognition because Frank Koretsky pays a lot of money to AVN for advertising, so it’s not a complete surprise that they would bestow something to somebody like Adam Hasner.

Jerry Estrada is somebody who has been in the business since about the mid-nineties starting as nothing more than a loser salesman for Notorious Pictures. He would drive around the Valley begging people for deals and he would pay them in cash. He was so cheap that I wouldn’t do business with him and I would call him a disgusting slob.

These two pieces of shit managed to weasel into the adult business and somehow make a living.

I’m gonna start with Adam Hasner, because Adam Hasner is the easiest, because he has no history with anything. He’s a nobody. If you’re gonna give an award to somebody from the IVD regime, I can name at least three people who are more deserving than that little piece of shit.

Cee Cee Peters is a saleswoman who has been with IVD for more than double the time that Adam Hasner has. Cee Cee Peters has done more for that company in sales and goodwill than Hasner ever will. Cee Cee is much more deserving of an award on behalf of IVD.

I’ll give you another one. A man by the name of Johnny Barber. He was a legendary salesman at IVD. Johnny like to drink a little, smoke a little and have a great fucking time. He was probably the most liked salesman in the history of the IVD empire. When you walk into the Hightstown, New Jersey headquarters of IVD, they have a shrine, a memorial to Johnny Barber. It shows what the IVD people think about a salesman who was part of them, who brought a level of sales and accounts that Adam Hasner can only dream about.

Johnny Barber died. He was someone who was so loved and so respected that they have a fucking memorial to the man. And guess what? He didn’t get elected to the Hall of Fame. Why? Johnny Barber was an IVD legend. Why wasn’t he elected into the Hall of Fame?

I’ll give you another one. There was a man by the name of Mike Savage. Now Frank Koretsky fired him, like he likes to do to loyal employees who have been with him for decades. Mike Savage and Johnny Barber are people who helped build IVD into what it is today. Now Mike Savage isn’t with them anymore. Is AVN so biased that they wouldn’t bestow an award to someone who isn’t politically active, only someone who gives them money?

Now Jerry Estrada and Adam Hasner are little butt buddies. They go on trips together and sell product out of a U-Haul. They would share ad space in AVN. It’s amusing that AVN would bestow a Hall of Fame award to the two little butt buddies at the same time.

Ladies and gentlemen, let me explain to you who Adam Hasner is. He’s a nobody who happened to be somehow related to Keith Gordon at Bizarre Video. He had a job at the Bizarre Video warehouse. He was working in Brooklyn, New York at a time when Bizarre Video was a limping non-factor entity. He was sitting in a warehouse selling enema tapes. Not during the 80’s heyday, but in the twilight of Bizarre Video. He worked at Bizarre in 1998 as a summer job.

How does that feel Hall of Fame inductees? Ed Kail and Marty Turkel have to share an honor in their death with a jerkoff like Adam Hasner.

Bizarre Video got caught up in a Ponzi scheme. They sold the company to Jill Kelly Productions. Back then an adult performer named Jill Kelly had a sugar daddy who bankrolled the company and put her as the front. Keith Gordon sold the company and they took Adam Hasner and the Bizarre crew to California and they ran Jill Kelly Productions. Jill Kelly Productions eventually went into bankruptcy. Go figure.

So Adam was in LA with Keith Gordon and another man who was the real sales force behind Jill Kelly Productions, a man by the name of Dennis D. Dennis is now in a relationship with one of the girls in the reality show The Shahs of Sunset. Dennis was a great kid, the best snake oil salesman in the world. A phenomenal salesman.

So Adam and Dennis both worked side by side at Jill Kelly Productions. Adam Hasner was the flunky that nobody liked to deal with. Everybody dealt with Dennis. When Jill Kelly went into bankruptcy, Keith Gordon managed to get Bizarre Video back.

I was making one final push at Extreme before I went to prison. I was friends with a man by the name of Kevin Beech and he had a guy name Alan Gold who happened to be a really great salesman. I went by their offices one day and said to Alan, “You gotta help me. I need a salesman.” And he goes, “Ha! I know a salesman who would be really awesome for you. He’s from New York, he’s just like you, I’m telling ya, you guys will fall in love.” I said, “Really? What’s his name?” He goes, “His name is Dennis D.”

We met and immediately hit it off. Lemme tell you, when Dennis was on his game, nobody was a better salesman. What I mean by on his game is when he gives a shit. I mean, he’s always on his game, but if he doesn’t give a shit, forget about it. He loses focus a lot because ultimately Dennis wants to be a Hollywood actor. He’s dating a girl now and is now on a reality show on Bravo. So Dennis’ heart was never into necessarily doing sales. He just did porn to basically get the money to try to be an actor.

So he was at the same company as Adam Hasner. Dennis decided he was gonna work for me, so he told Keith and Adam, I’m gonna go work for Rob. Dennis left the Jill Kelly/Bizarre juggernaut and came over and worked for the big bad Rob Black.

At the time, Extreme was housed in the building owned by Larry Fields at Fat Dog. It was a duplex, Larry had one side, Extreme was on the other. When Larry retired, Keith Gordon at Bizarre was looking for a place because of the implosion at Jill Kelly Productions. So Keith and Adam moved in next door.

Adam would come to our office and cry like a girl, because we were selling thousands of pieces of Extreme product and he couldn’t sell a piece of Bizarre bondage to save his life. As this went on, Keith was getting more disillusioned with the porn industry, because there were companies like Kink and ZFX who were taking what Morty Gordon had created and doing a more updated version. Keith basically was looking to take the company back to New York.

Adam didn’t want to go back to New York to live with his parents. So we created a company called DNA. Dennis and Adam. The N was Rob Black. We would shoot one new scene and the rest were culled from Evolution, Extreme and other content that I owned. So that was the concept to keep Adam here.

Adam was still working next door with Keith selling Bizarre. Dennis was the one selling DNA. As we were selling 1000 pieces of a movie that we had 2K into, Dennis was saying, “Why the fuck should we be giving Adam anything?” I was like “Dude, that’s your buddy. You’re the one who wanted to keep him out here.” Dennis was like, “Fuck him, he doesn’t do anything, he’s a lazy fuck.”

So now we’re thinking, “Ugh, what are we gonna do?” Remember everybody, regardless of going to prison soon or not, Extreme was still kicking ass and at the conventions Dennis and I would hang out with Frank Koretsky, we’d take him out and get him loaded, hookers, whatever. Dennis was awesome to hang out with. Frank loved him.

So Dennis and I came up with a plan to pawn off Adam to Frank and get him out of DNA. He was useless. Dennis and I built up Adam to Frank like he was the greatest thing in the world to get rid of him. We kept drilling and drilling Frank and he still wouldn’t budge.

So what happened is we sold Evolution Erotica. By that time I was getting ready to go to prison, so I sold Evolution to Frank and had Tom Byron go with it. Before I went to prison I wanted to make sure that all of my people were set up. The deal was to have Tom Byron shoot movies for Evolution Erotica. Frank creamed in his pants because remember, Michael Koretsky had tried to get Byron a decade before that. When he got there, Byron made a new deal and started Tom Byron Pictures.

And that’s when we knew we could do the maneuver. So Adam was brought in after Tom Byron was already there to do sales for this new company so we could get rid of Adam. That’s the best part. Adam Hasner’s getting a Hall of Fame award for getting thrown out of California! But you won’t read about that in AVN because it’s embarrassing. The guy getting an award and sharing the spotlight with two legendary salesmen is a castoff. He’s a fucking joke.

He’s there to sell for Tom Byron. Adam’s brought in because now Frank has a reason to bring Adam Hasner in. So Adam moves back east. We got him out of our hair. Now the useless turd could sit there and bother Frank Koretsky.

So then Adam proceeded to destroy Evolution Erotica and Tom Byron Pictures. Those two entities do not produce product anymore. All of these companies that they list here are basically garbage. Vantage is a comp company. So is Evolution and so is Tom Byron Pictures now. Pure Play Media is their distribution company that puts out Porno Dan. They had a salesgirl named Sonia who was horrible. They fired her. Frank used to complain to me about her. They were even talking to the Blatts about bringing Scott on board, but Frank didn’t want to pay any real money.

Basically, all the product that they put out now is all old Tom Byron Pictures scenes that Adam Hasner chops up and they try to sell as a new release.

DreamZone is their parody line. Their first release Roseanne was a complete failure. They put out another release The Orifice that was a complete failure. DreamZone was a failure company. Tom Byron had to bring in people to make real parodies. So Tom Byron brought in Lee Roy Myers.

Tom Byron and Lee Roy Myers made The Human Sexipede, which was a great parody made on the cheap that Tom Byron Pictures put out. It was awesome and garnered a bunch of nominations.

From that point Adam Hasner, and this is the type of piece of shit he is, Adam then cut Tom Byron out of dealing with Lee Roy Myers and putting out movies through Tom Byron Pictures and dealt directly with Lee Roy and they put out movies through DreamZone. He made one more movie through Tom Byron Pictures called Wet Dream on Elm Street, but cut Tom Byron out of participating and making any money. He got Lee Roy Myers’ contact info and dealt with him directly. This was the first step of cutting Tom Byron out of the picture.

Then Adam Hasner started cutting Tom Byron’s budgets and started to play games. Adam was now part of this system and he was put there by me and Dennis D. Adam Hasner is not only cutting budgets, but starts demanding kickbacks.

I came on board after prison and started producing movies for TBP. We did It’s A Girl Thing, Club Sybian and a couple others. We shot four movies for like 20K and Adam got a $2000 kickback. That’s who Adam Hasner is.

So now we start to get Xed out. I wrote Adam a letter saying that from now on he was gonna have to deal with me and he wasn’t gonna bully Tom Byron anymore and play fucking games. Adam ran like a little bitch to Frank Koretsky and showed him the letter and said, “Frank! Look what Rob Black’s trying to do!” Adam was afraid that his little schemes were gonna get fucked up.

Frank confronted me at the Vegas show and said, “Why are you making trouble and getting Adam all upset?” I told him that they were fucking Tom Byron over. You’re fucking the person over who made you all of these award winning movies. And Adam Hasner, Frank and Jerry all said that Tom should’ve saved his money, that he should’ve known that he wasn’t gonna be making big money forever. So fuck him. If he’s making 5K a movie and now he’s gotta do it for 2K, fuck him. And I went, “Well, does Adam get his money cut? No? So we all lose money but Adam Hasner doesn’t? How does that work, Koretsky?”

So I’m like, “You know what, Frank? Fuck you!” And I really should’ve slapped the cocksucker there. But I let him off the hook. Fucking bitch.

So once they get Tom Byron out and he gets evicted out of his house and has to come live with me, guess who they get to produce movies? Jordan Septo, also known as Rob King, who, with his wife Regina works for Jerry Estrada. They do cheap $8000 parody movies for DreamZone. So Adam Hasner and Jerry Estrada both get inducted into the Hall of Fame at the same time. Hmm…

Is this a real award or is it politics, ladies and gentlemen? You tell me. These two assholes are gonna be strutting around with their trophies going, “Look at me! I’m a Hall of Famer!”

So these are the credentials of this piece of dogshit.

Love this:

“Adam’s role with Adventure Industries has made his face one of the most recognizable in the industry.”

You know what Adventures Industries is? It’s a branch owned by Frank Koretsky that produces drugs, basically. They sell whippets and they sell head cleaner. Head cleaner is another name for isobutyl nitrate, which comes in a little bottle and is what gay guys sniff to get high and loosen their assholes for anal sex. They’re also known as “poppers.” Adam Hasner made ads with his face pasted on funny bodies holding bottles of Rush. Drugs. They also sell dick pills which were pulled off the market because they had Viagra ingredients in them. And whippets are nitrous oxide containers that you crack open and inhale and get high. So Hall of Famer Adam Hasner is the face of a company that sells drugs.

Now here’s the best part. Adam Hasner was involved in an assault on an employee at Hustler Lingerie that he somehow got away with. Not real sure how, figure Koretsky had to pay someone off.

There was a party at a club. Frank Koretsky’s there, Jerry and Adam are there and one of IVD’s salesmen Jason Park. Jason is Korean. The Hustler lingerie guy is busting Jason’s balls a little bit. Now the Hustler kid is about 5 feet tall, little jewish kid, about 130 pounds. Adam sucker punches this guy like a little bitch and slams his face into a glass table. Frank’s like “What the fuck?” This kid gets his head split open for making a joke.

Now everyday Adam’s calling up Tommy, “I think they’re gonna fire me!” Adam assaulted this kid, he could’ve brought assault charges. But Frank had to step in, pay somebody off and made it all go away.

That wasn’t the first Adam Hasner incident. An IVD employee named Debbie Hargrave had to file a human resources complaint against him because he threatened her. A nice little older lady at IVD that Adam terrorized and threatened her life. There is a human resources complaint right now against Adam Hasner by Debbie Hargrave.

So Frank Koretsky has a little terrorist named Adam Hasner working for him. A terrorist who assaulted a Hustler lingerie executive and threatened an IVD employee.

This is the garbage that AVN is bestowing a Hall of Fame honor to. Alongside legends like Ed Kail and Marty Turkel.

How’s that, ladies and gentlemen?

AVN, you should be proud to induct Adam Hasner into the AVN Hall of Fame with Ed Kail and Marty Turkel. I’m sure Bonnie Kail is honored as are all the old time industry greats. I’m sure they are all thrilled and honored to have Adam Hasner part of that beautiful circle of men.

So there’s my Adam Hasner story. We’re not gonna delve into Jerry Estrada right now. We’re gonna save that for part two. I want you all to absorb the complete garbage that Adam Hasner is.

Have a good weekend everybody.

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