The Great Heidi Hollywood Debate Continues

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Last week on one of his shows, Rob Black read from an Ideal Image Management newsletter promoting Heidi Hollywood . Black read aloud all of the things Hollywood is said to do onscreen and made a point that with health issues being a big debate, why would a girl be doing what Hollywood does.

Hollywood went on twitter and said I was a bully for writing lies about her even though Black had her dead to rights. He addressed the issue on his Friday night show.

“We were doing a bit about health and safety,” Black explained.

“As I was talking, I got a random email for a performer [Hollywood], and I said oh my God read what this performer does. At the time of our business can you believe what this girl does and I proceeded to read what Heidi Hollywood does. She’s with Ideal Image Management and how Tee Reel was going to make her the next Tori Black.

“Heidi Hollywood who’s with Ideal Image Management, licensed and bonded, she does every fucking thinking known to man at a time when you go, who the fuck does that? She is available for ATM which is ass-to-mouth where you take a penis out of your asshole that’s fucking you and stick it in your mouth. Blow bangs. She does bukkake where 20 guys walk over and jack off in your face and you swallow it. Cream pies. That’s where a man has sex with you and ejaculates inside your holiest of holes.

“In this day and age let’s ejaculate inside girls. I’m not making this up. I don’t know why this girl said we lied. ‘Hosting’- we figured out what hosting. They don’t want to say escorts. She does mainstream. Did we figure a girl that does bukkake would accept a role to do a remake of Titanic? I guess the debate becomes, if we’re liars, why does your model profile page state all of those things? If we’re not lairs and it states all those things and you’re unaware, your agent is a scumbag and a pimp/douche bag and that speaks volumes about what we’ve been saying months and months that girls don’t do something and the agent puts it out that they do.

“Is your agent lying and you don’t do those things? If you showed up and I book you for a ten guy bukkake and you say I don’t do that, I’m going to be upset and ask you to leave for wasting our time. But there are people who aren’t so nice like that. There’s other people that aren’t. My question would be, since we’re not lying, you need to call Tee Reel and ask why your model page says you do everything but a homeless guy, and you say you don’t.

“Once we can pinpoint that scumbag agents are such that a girl doesn’t know she’s being booked for anal cream pies when she doesn’t. Since Heidi Hollywood says she doesn’t do half that stuff she better tell Tee Reel at the greatest talent agency in the world, she better tell him which half she doesn’t do. Is it the cream pie bukkake? I’m not sure which one. But when you figure out which half you don’t do, and when you get done with that can you forward Gene Ross the list you don’t do? And we will post that so everyone can book her.”


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