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The Italian Stallion Out on DVD

Porn Valley- If you had tuned into the Howard Stern re-runs this week you might have gotten a kick out of a three year-old story involving Sylvester Stallone and a woman named Margie Carr who claims she slept with Stallone over a ten-year period.

Carr subsequently gave her story to the Globe and Stern, interviewing Carr in February 2001, asked why she would kiss and tell. Carr claimed she wasn’t the original source of a story, that it was a friend of hers. Carr, a lingerie model, was subsequently interviewed by The Globe but claims she got paid very little.

Carr says she met Stallone at the gym she worked out at. According to Carr, Stallone apparently complimented her ass, and she ended up giving him a blowjob in his private office there. On another occasion, Carr claims that she had to perform a quickie b.j. on Stallone who was scheduled to have a meeting with Bill Clinton. The irony of that situation is priceless in of itself.

If she is to be believed, Carr said even attended Stallone’s 46th birthday party which was thrown by his girlfriend at the time, Jennifer Flavin. It was also Carr’s contention that Stallone cheated with a lot of women at that gym besides her.Carr also alleges that Stallone attempted to rape her toward the end of their affair, bruising her arms as he supposedly held her down.

Carr finally admitted that she told the story because she was upset with Stallone that he promised her things and nothing ever came of them. She says Stallone even promised her a 3 carat diamond ring which she never received. It was also pointed out that Stallone denied all of the rape allegations, that he never touched her. And Carr was subsequently kicked out of the gym which is not surprising.

With that as a back story, the Stern re-run this week featured Stallone’s brother Frank calling in and confronting Carr.Frank Stallone claimed that Sly was nothing but nice to Carr over the years and voiced suspicion that Carr was nuts, primarily since she had written out a marriage proposal to Sly.

Frank Stallone also claims that Carr never slept with his brother as she alleges because he knows just about every woman who has. Carr, nonetheless, held to her guns claiming she did. At one point Frank Stallone slipped and called Carr a “rat” for going to the papers, implying that her story must have had some credence attached to it.

It also came out in the conversation that Frank Stallone had, himself, dated Carr but claims he never slept with her because he thought she was a wacko.

So you might ask yourself what all of this has to do with the price of tea bags in Tarzana. Nothing, except that if all goes according to schedule you’ll be able to see for yourself next week what Carr was so infatuated with.

Because coming out on DVD from Arrow Productions, will be The Italian Stallion aka Party at Kitty and Stud’s- reputedly Stallone’s first movie acting role.

The movie came out in 1970, when Stallone then 24, was trying to make a break into the movies. Living in Hell’s Kitchen, New York City, at the time, Stallone worked a variety of jobs including cinema usher. It was also the time when New York City was the hub of U.S. porn film making, and Stallone who was the leading man in this film, later stated in a Playboy interview that he was paid $200 for his role.

The owners of Party at Kitty and Stud’s were subsequently able to capitalize on Stallone’s new-found fame by re-releasing it under the title The Italian Stallion which was Stallone’s nickname in Rocky. writes: Party at Kitty and Stud’s/The Italian Stallion/ started life as a genuine pornographic X film, though it has been brutally edited down — probably at the time it was retitled and re-released. There is a new prologue where it is implied that they took out the really fun dirty bits for the re-release. It now completely lacks any semblance of a plot and all hard-core exhibitions, so it is somewhat hard to follow. For example, a large mastiff dog appears at one point, but disappears equally as rapidly, leaving the viewer confused about what was to happen next. /Party at Kitty and Stud’s/ seems hilariously dated in some ways, too, as it is rife with 60’s slang.

At one point Kitty confides to one of her friends that Stud is “so far out” and “animalistic”. At another point Sly enjoins Kitty to “be careful! You bit me last time.” Kitty replies, “I’ll be velvet-mouthed on your shank of love!” before dissolving into an unscripted fit of giggles only partially concealed by burying her head on Stallone’s shank of love. Stallone’s best scenes are the ones where he is naked (which is nearly all of them). The highpoint of the film is probably Stallone’s helping three women, one after the other, although all the overt details are edited out, leaving just the moaning and groaning.

Sly-connoisseurs will note that he has a four-inch scar on his left thigh under his butt. Far from being a stallion, Sly is actually a man of quite ordinary, even modest, endowment. His muscular frame, lacking its customary coat of oil, is unimpressive. Some people claim to see undertones of /Rocky/ in /Party at Kitty and Stud’s/, but I couldn’t detect any myself, unless they mean the scene where Sly lightly beats Kitty with his pants belt. Sly lacks his trademark sneer and talks normally in Party at Kitty and Stud’s.


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