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The Italian Stallion

Porn Valley- I spoke to Edward Parry who owns the Sylvester Stallone film The Italian Stallion which is now out on DVD. Parry, who’s in the business of acquiring movies of all genres and turning those deals into money making ventures, bought the film about three years ago from someone in New York. “There’s a strange history about this film,” said Parry who was inclinded to leave the history pretty much up to certain speculation. “And let’s just say Deep Throat had a very colorful history, too.”

Similarly, Parry had been approached about the Paris Hilton video awhile back but turned that one down, fearing legal repercussions from the Hilton family. On the other hand, The Italion Stallion was shot at a time Stallone was cleaning manure out of zoo cages – something which the Hilton family can readily identify with, to be sure.

Meanwhile, Arrow Productions, makers of Deep Throat is the official distributor of The Italian Stallion for the adult industry.

Parry tells me a few issues had to be resolved with Sylvester Stallone and company to clear the path for the movie’s subsequent DVD release. “And there were people pirating the movie,” Parry tells me. “They also had to be stopped. But everything now has been taken care of and the movie has been released.”

According to Parry, Stallone, 24, at the time was living in the Port Authority Bus Terminal when he made the movie. “He was broke at the time,” Parry notes. “He answered an ad- it almost sounds like one of these Jim South-type of stories. He answered an ad for a sexploitation film. It was never a porno movie- that’s the first thing. It wasn’t in the genre of Behind The Green Door.”

The Italian Stallion became available when the VCR explosion first hit- when porn movies and sexploitation fare were about the only tapes you could get. Three different video companies had offered it in its early history. “But Deep Throat was the big one,” said Parry. “Of the people who owned VHS recorders, one in three bought that tape.”

For his part, Stallone was a struggling actor who was doing off Broadway plays, one of which was a nude play. “He had a variety of jobs in the meantime,” Parry notes. “Including the one cleaning out the lions’ cages. Basically he auditioned for the role.” Apparently the rights at the time were owned by a group of New York lawyers. “They came out with a movie that was shot over three days,” Parry says. “It was called The Party At Kitty and Studs.”

Parry will be the first to tell you that the film was terrible. “I’m being straight up. It was terrible and it was never released. They put it out as a sexploitation art house film. There were problems and it was re-edited and released again with a prologue from Gail Palmer at one stage. That was cut after Wonderful World of Video went to the wall. Then it was transferred on ownership. The company which had it then had problems and it was then seized by a gentleman in New York who then sold it to me.

“It was never the best film in the world,” Parry continuese. “Then they tried to give it a flavor as an X-rated movie. And probably by those standards back in 1969-1970 it was.”

The film, according to Parry has been ranked as the 8th best Hollywood secret according to the E! channel. “That was a great selling point at the beginning,” he says. “But we’re really waiting for The Contender [Stallone’s boxing reality show] to start.”


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