The Million Dollar Question: Why Don’t Agents Pay for the Talents’ Testing? Since when is LATATA a Charitable Organization?

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“Peter Acworth has been quiet,” Rob Black noted Tuesday night.

“A lot of people have been quiet. What happened to the vocal crew that has become the silent crew? Where is Derek Hay, Mark Spiegler, Mark Sphincter? Where is your Peter Warren and his masterful op-ed pieces? Where is Steve Javors and his masterful editorial work?

“Where are all these people from a month ago?

“I remember people saying Derek Hay did a good job of handling the Alex Gonz and Clover hepatitis and syphilis-thing. Clover has one of those Mr. Marcus letters, but that’s become moot. Where the hell are all of these agents and LATATA members?

“I keep harping on the issue and nobody wants to address it. I would ask some of the keyboard warriors, and I would ask some of the more intelligent women posting if they would address the bowling extravaganza where Diane Duke and LATATA raised in the excess of $6,000 which Diane Duke said went to LATATA and Free Speech.

“None of the talent were paid to attend the event. Studio after studio donated their product, time and energy. So how does this not fall in any realm of fundraising and taking money from talent? The talent agents, the pimps that prey on the talent are involved with the Free Speech lobbying group, and it’s perplexing.

“These people are talked about being leaders, and, yet, they are no where to be heard from. I can stomach Free Speech which is technically non-profit and a 501. I can stomach in the bowels of my soul, them trying to raise money, but what charity organization is LATATA?

“How does LATATA warrant getting any money from a charitable organization as Free Speech? We must go under the assumption that LATATA is a charitable organization if they are sharing in proceeds that Free Speech raised.

“Where does the charitable foundation come in with LATATA? And if Free Speech which is a charitable organization is collecting in excess of $6000 and they’re handing half the money off to Derek Hay and Mark Spiegler and LATATA which is nothing more than a, that is downright criminal.

“Can someone explain to me how, if Christian Mann and Diane Duke run Free Speech, a legitimate non-profit organization with a lobbying group, if they have a fund raiser and that fund raiser raises money in the excess of $6,000 and the proceeds go to LATATA, I would like someone to explain to me when did LATATA become a non-profit organization and have a tax exempt status?

“I did not know you can do illegal things in the name of charity. I thought that was outlawed.

“My question is when these agents were collecting thousands and thousands of dollars and worked with Free Speech and set up activities under the banner of tax exemption and Diane Duke puts on a money-making event which is supposed to go to fund Free Speech, where does Free Speech, which is a non-profit, have the authority to raise money for a bogus organization called LATATA?

“Diane Duke stated that in the press, and no one questions that. I’m still waiting for an answer. I know I’m not going to get one, but maybe some of these people who run around on the message boards, maybe these people you can ask them and say hey where are all the agents right now?

“LATATA collects money with the Free Speech Coalition. I’m pretty sure that LATATA is not a charitable organization that has tax exemption. They are a website domain name.

“Can someone ask that simple question about the bowling event- how does Free Speech hand off $3,000 to $4,000 to Derek Hay and Mark Spiegler when LATATA is nothing more than an entity that registers a domain address with GoDaddy.

“I guess this is a fact that nobody wants to talk about,” Black continued.

“Where are all the agents that look after all the talent? Are they the rats that they are and living under rocks like slugs? I don’t hear from them. Why? They’re such reputable people. You fucked the Alex Gonz thing up. You fucked up the syphilis boy Clover-thing. Then Sandra over at OC Modeling posts Xander’s fucking gashed up dick like it’s a terminator fist punching a window out.

“Why is your dick slit in half? ‘It’s a fad I’m creating. Vivid said it’s all cool.’

“I don’t hear any agents talking anywhere. We haven’t heard from these slugs in weeks. I haven’t heard Mark Sphincter’s slug name since he was trying to play games and be a fuck-wad to Cameron Bay. I haven’t heard shit from ATMLA, but I get flooded with email garbage. Any girl who is putting her name on ATMLA’s flyer and website and that she’ll do gang bangs and cream pies, you are a nasty, dirty lowlife skanky bitch.

“But I guess we all got to do what we got to do. I would think the thirsty bitches would get a glass of water and chill the fuck out. But I guess the thirsty ones will do everything known to man and blast their pictures out there.

“I notice those class of winners from LAX Models- they’ll do everything right now, a full battery of disease. Breed them with ATMLA and you’ll have a full Petri dish of filth.

“Would you take an agency like ATMLA with its line of HIV performers and a history of putting their performers in unsafe working conditions, with their track record, would they combine with LAX who is advertising women that will do everything.

“If you meld all that talent together under one roof and create a super strain of talent, with their power and strength of their disease, when they contract a disease it becomes a super disease.

“Put them together as ATM of LAX, the ass-to-mouth of LAX and that group would produce a porn creature that would spew out a super lethal disease and it would be a super strain of HIV and gonorrhea and hepatitis. That disease could be something so strong and potent that we’ve never seen before. Who would sell out their women and say this girl does everything where everything could mean putting a gun in your mouth pulling a trigger and blowing your brains out.

“Why is it that all these awesome agents and guys that fight for the girls, where are they right now? I would think these manager-agent-pimps with their iron clad contracts if anyone cared about their girls they’d institute a condom-only policy.

“If you want a girl you can fist, piss on, shit on, fuck her in the mouth, a Spiegler girl is equivalent to Jodie Foster in Taxi Driver. That’s the gimmick with the Spiegler girls. You know they do the rough stuff. That’s the best thing – you can put ‘em with somebody who has syphilis; you know they’ll be infected and try to cover it up and have a whole bunch of talent bolt from you and that’s it. That’s the great pimp, but they’re not talking now.

“If they have so much power- if you want a girl you can piss and shit on, you call a Spiegler girl. You know you have to go to Princess Donna and get the shit beat out of you. You go to Spiegler for everything imaginable and that’s how you get work. If you want a fuck-pig you call a Spiegler girl.

“So why doesn’t Spiegler institute a condom-only policy- so if you want Asa Akira or Chanel Preston, the host of the AVN awards, they all require you wear condoms. Why doesn’t daddy Spiegs institute that? If the agents are so vital to what goes on, why are they not saying, as of today, all my talent is condom-only.

“I don’t hear any of the agents saying that, but they look out for the talent. And you never hear of an agent paying for his talents’ testing. Why wouldn’t you pay for their tests?

“If you give a shit about talent, why don’t you pay for their test and give them healthcare benefits? Why don’t agents make all their talent go condom for their safety and their own good? All this can apply to Derek and Hay and Mark Sphincter- why don’t you pay for their tests?

“Get Mark Spiegler in a room without calling him a fat fucking slob and ask him these questions.”

Black said he gets criticized for using venomous words, yet agents like Spiegler “do venomous acts that warrant a baseball bat taken to their heads.”

“But we don’t do that shit any more,” Black noted.


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