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The New LATATA Testing System; How’s That Working Out?

How is it that we’ve posed question after question about agents, about LATATA, about Derek Hay, about Mark Spiegler, about 101 Modeling and Bud Lee, about Sandy at OC Modeling.
We’ve asked questions, they’re not salacious or evil. Just simple basic questions. And nobody will talk or speak.

Derek Hay talked a couple of weeks ago about raising the rates on all the producers by 20% to cover the costs associated with more frequent testing and he wrote a letter to the industry informing them of this new policy.

My understanding is that this was to have taken effect already.

Can anybody tell me if this has taken effect? Or has it not taken effect because everybody told LATATA and Derek Hay to go fuck themselves? Does anyone have an answer for that?

Or is it easier the rehash old issues that will never be resolved and it’s easier to talk about stuff that can never be fixed, than to talk about stuff that can actually be fixed. Because if we talk about stuff that can actually be fixed, then we actually have to do something. And if we do something, the people that say they want to fix it, actually don’t because they can make more money with the system being broke.

On October 15th, Derek Hay and LATATA put this into effect. My question is, are people paying 20% more across the board for talent now because Derek Hay has said that? I’m not hearing anything from anybody. Why?

All I hear is bitch, bitch, bitch, whine, whine, whine and all of you guys making fun of each other and calling each other names.

Can anybody just answer simple fucking questions?

October 15th Derek Hay was putting into effect a $20 per person, per production day fee to be paid by all the producers. Derek Hay and LATATA, which includes Mark Spiegler, arbitrarily decided to jack up the fees on all producers.

Is that in effect? It’s the 23rd.

So has everybody’s rates gone up? Nobody wants to talk about that. Why?

So if nobody’s rates have gone up and Derek Hay’s awesome plan hasn’t worked because everybody told him to go fuck himself, what’s his next move? What’s his next plan? Since he’s the man with the plan.

What’s his next plan? Is he going to pay for the talent testing? Is he and Mark Spiegler going to pay for the talent to get their tests?

Or are we not going to talk about that because it would put the spotlight back on them and talent would say yes, why is Derek Hay not paying for my test when it’s my pussy and mouth that he’s making money from? Why would he not flip for 160 bucks to make sure that this pussy and this mouth are in perfectly good health so I can keep making money for the man?

Why is nobody bringing up that Derek Hay, not Rob Black, not the joke Rob Black who’s been on the air for seven months, who has this idea about how we can pay for the testing, not crazy kooky Rob Black that nobody likes and is an evil man. But Derek Hay, the man who runs all of the top talent.

Derek Hay, who’s office is located in the Vivid building and drives a $100,000 car. This is a man who sent out a memo, a press release. So when this man speaks, the world is supposed to be listening.

Not flunked out of porn Rob Black that nobody listens to.

So Derek Hay, this great and powerful man, invoked new policies. Remember, Derek Hay said he represents 75% of the adult performer population and he services 90% of the production companies.

“LATATA’s members feel their voice and participation in such matters are vitally important to the continuity of the adult industry.”

“LATATA proposes the increase and burden of financial responsibility is shared between the performers and the production companies, which employ them, and is cognizant the law requires this.”

“It is hereby recommended that a testing fee of $20.00 be applied to each and every production day.  This will enable the majority of performers to recoup a portion of the increase.  Sharing in the increase of cost means productions companies will not have to absorb the entire cost if performer rates were to increase in order for the performers to cover this substantial increase in the testing expense.”

“LATATA would also like to state it will continue to service and support production companies/studios choosing to remain with a 30 day testing policy; the testing fee for those studios is asked of them, as all others, but is not considered mandatory.”

So everybody, Derek Hay has said that the 20% extra is mandatory. He doesn’t say it in the beginning, but uses the word mandatory when he refers to the people that don’t have to pay because it’s not mandatory for them.

So if it’s not mandatory for them, that means it’s mandatory for the rest of you.

And Derek Hay informed everybody that they could go directly opposite what Diane Duke, PASS and the Free Speech Coalition say the new testing requirements are.

So, it wasn’t ludicrous flunked out of porn Rob Black. It was Derek Hay, very influential and respected. Mark Spiegler , very influential and respected. Bud Lee, very influential and respected. Sandy at OC Modeling, very influential and respected. Chris at Foxxx Modeling, very influential and respected.

The power of LATATA spoke and said here are the rules assholes.

So, how’s that working out? Like, what’s going on? Is this something that everyone wants to just sweep under the rug?

Explain this to me. If anybody who didn’t have an kind of substantial influence made a press release and statements like this they would be lynched. But for everybody to ignore it is interesting to me.

So what I would like to understand is why Derek Hay and Mark Spiegler and Sandy and Bud all unanimously say, “Hey everybody! You’re all getting a mandatory 20% increase and you can have talent that works with other talent that falls within the 15 day window or the 30 day window, even though it goes against industry guidelines of PASS and Free Speech, we Derek Hay, Mark Spiegler, Sandy and Bud and LATATA feel we’re above everybody.

That is what was said and I can’t believe none of you have asked, “What’s become of that?”

They put out a press release and they even named studios that were part of this new regime. The great Dan Leal of Immoral Productions, the even greater Kim Nielsen of ATKingdom, Johnni Darkko, Laura, Mike Adriano, followed up by Glenn King of Meanbitches, Holly Randall and Rasheen. Not really sure who the fuck Rasheen is but I’m frightened by the name itself.

All of these people have formed this united coalition with LATATA. They are all on board to pay 20% more to LATATA and when a girl shows up on set with a 15 day test and the guy with a 30 day test, the guy can say I’m following the LATATA guidelines that say I only have to test every 30 days even though you test every 15 days.

So just that premise throws off the whole testing system set up by PASS and Free Speech and Diane Duke and all of the people who say we can regulate ourselves and the association that says it controls 75% of the talent and 90% of the production companies has just universally decided that if you have a 30 day old test you work or if you have a 15 day old test you can work. It doesn’t fucking matter.

What does that say about the 15 day testing system.? It means nothing.

That means, Diane Duke, PASS, they whole system means nothing except a testing place that you go to, get tested, it goes into a database that some flunky types in, and if you come up dirty the partner get notified, and if a few fall throughout the cracks, they cross their fingers and hope they just disappear because they’re ashamed of having AIDS.

That’s our system.

Diane Duke, PASS and Free Speech coalition say the industry can police itself, when it can’t even police the agents that control 75% of the talent to 90% of the studios?

And this nobody is talking about.

The site closest to ours is and Mike South has spent the day talking about Christian XXX and doing bareback trannies and fucking girls. Everybody know this guy who has been in the business since ’05, ’06 swings both ways. He fucks dudes, trannies, fucks bareback, whatever. And now today Mike South decides he wants to talk about it.

It’s like when people talk about Cameron Bay and Rod Daily were reckless and deserve HIV, and you shouldn’t fuck trannies or guys, but Christian or Wolf Hudson or Danny Wylde can because he hangs out with Lily LaBeau.

This is why you need one universal testing facility, mandatory condoms and centralized casting because then it wouldn’t matter who fucks who or what.

That’s what we have with Mike South.

I’m sitting here talking about LATATA. I’m talking about the fact that the organization who puts together a press release, who controls 75% of the talent and 90% of the studios and is raising fees across the board and is saying that the testing protocols don’t apply to them and Mike South is talking about something that everyone’s known for years which is Christian XXX likes fucking dudes with makeup and doesn’t address the LATATA issue at all.

How can you get behind an organization like Free Speech Coalition that say we can regulate ourselves when the organization that controls the talent goes directly contrary to what they have set up as a safe testing system and they call themselves the leaders of the business?

The answer is you can’t and you shouldn’t.


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