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Porn Valley- The Paris Hilton tape, 1 Night in Paris is scheduled to be in video stores June 9th. I’ve been gettinge-mails and calls from people regarding the legal issues. There’s suspicions that either the Hilton family will file an injunction or sue someone’s ass for.

Kevin Blatt who’s been with the Paris tape since Day 1,, has been retained to do the P.R. for Redlight Video for the next two months. Redlight bought the rights from Rick Salomon, Hilton’s boyfriend. However Blatt didn’t want to go far off field in speculation.

“As far as the legal stuff? I’m not an attorney,” says Blatt. “I can’t answer those questions. All that I know is Rick said he had the rights and Redlight saw the paperwork. He convinced them that he had the rights. But we would have heard from an attorney by now if there was any problems releasing it.

Nevertheless, Blatt is very excited about hunkering down for this particular publicity barrage. There was another competitor for the job, Scott Stein, but Blatt kind of had the foot in the door when he was with which had been running the Hilton tape on its website.

“There were all these contacts that I basically gained when doing the original run through,” Blatt says. “The way I pitched it to David [Joseph] over at Redlight was I don’t think this story is over. It’s just begin. This is the fastest selling video ever. Already in pre-orders he’s done unbelievable numbers. So far they’ve replicated a half million DVDs before release. Those I would have to assume are mainstream-type figures. And I’ve been on the phone all day with media buyers. We’re looking into buying billboards in a bunch of different cities, too. Which I would think is another unprecedented thing for adult video. We’re looking at five different locations in the L.A. area alone.”

Blatt also said that buyers were paying a premium for the tape but could only offer educated guesses as to what the tape would sell for, retail.

“People are going to put it out there roughly for a couple of bucks over what they’re paying. That could put it out there anywhere from the $29.95 area to $40. In a real world I wouldn’t like to see this tape out there for less than $49.95. But David can’t control that. I know the wholesale end is very pricey.”

Blatt said he’s been getting interest from the Mancow show as well as the Cleveland, Miami and New York markets so far. “We’re getting there,” he said. “I didn’t want to do any huge press thing until after May 26th. With the release date being June 9th, from June 1st to the 9th we’re going to be hitting this thing really hard. I’m very excited.”

Blatt is very glowing in his comments about about Redlight. “Nice people. Fabulous guys. David is a real gent.” Blatt notes that Sexbrat had also retained his services to do some promo for an aborted attempt to market the Catherine Bosley tape. Bosley was the anchorwoman who got naked during a Spring Break wet T-shirt contest and later sued unsuccessfully to block the release of that video footage. The market basically wasn’t receptive to a Bosley nude frolic.

“But I’m a hired gun,” Blatt explains. “And Redlight picked me up for the next two months. I hope after two months I do such a bang up job for David that I’ll be there a lot longer because they’re really good people.”

Asked if there was any inside skinny on the [Baywatch] Gena Lee Nolin tape, Blatt said he knows a lot of people who have received copies of it and that a bidding war has been attempted.

“But my feeling- and this is speculation- I think she was a part of the tape, and I think she was looking for a big pay day,” he says.

“In my opinion I think she saw there wasn’t much interest in it as they thought there would be. I think that’s why the tape won’t come out, but you never know. Put it this way, nobody I know got involved with it, with the political climate being what it is- with the Hilton tape- and everybody seeing all the lawsuits that came down with that.”

For that reason, I said to Blatt, there might be some interesting fireworks on the legal front.

“To the best of my knowledge there’s no problems there,” Blatt insisted. “They’re got the rights to the tape. I’m sure she’s not happy about it but there’s very little that I believe she’s going to do.” To put a fine point on it, I asked specifically who owns the tape.

“Redlight in conjunction with Rick Salomon,” says Blatt. “Salomon is the producer.”

I suspected that Salomon’s gets a nice piece of the action. “I wouldn’t cry for him,” Blatt laughs. “What’s really interesting and this comes from a guy who got a subpoena from him, I finally had the opportunity to meet Rick. Originally I thought this guy might have been a scumbag but he’s a very likable guy. You look at the guy and say to yourself, what is it about this guy that makes him so desirable among these celebrity women. This guy runs with an A-list crowd of celebrities. He’s a consummate gambler, plays cards, loves to bet baseball. The guy lives a lifestyle that 99% of the males would be envious of.”


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