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The Pink Pony Fat Ass Episode

Porn Valley- The Pink Pony in Atlanta may be a little redder after a story told by Gauge on her KSEX show, on Friday night. Gauge who was scheduled to dance there said she called the club before she flew out there and talked to management. “I need to know the basics, the rules, this and that- I’m going to be in tomorrow, Let’s go over some things.”

From what she gathered, Gauge said everything was set in stone. But when she got there the next day, she took a tour of the club. “I’m doing my first shows,” she said. “Everything seemed to be okay the first night. Then the second night came around.” According to Gauge she was stuck with “this really bad deejay”. She said he was totally rude among other things. Besides that, said Gauge, the club had a pamphlet full of “crazy rules” that she had to sign. “This is strictly the feature’s rules,” she explained. “They have rules for the feature that don’t apply to the house girls.”

Some of the bizarre rules, said Gauge is that she could only be tipped on her fourth song. “I couldn’t go up there and people would tip me on my set.” Gauge noted that the club is totally nude but insisted on that rule. “They made my fourth song my tip song but I couldn’t take any because I would obviously be nude because that would be the last song of my set. I had to walk away.”

When asked for clarification by co-host Flexxx who thought the whole situation was fucked up, Gauge said the other girls were allowed to accept tips but that she couldn’t. “And customers could throw money up on the stage,” she said. “But they’re, like, come here with your boobs or whatever. I couldn’t do that.”

According to Gauge, the club also took five dollars from every movie that she sold and five dollars for every Polaroid. Gauge said she didn’t mind do much the Polaroids because the club supplied the camera and film. “But my movies I have to buy,” she continued. “We all know that the girls don’t get the movies for free when they go feature on the road. So I just bumped the price up five bucks. Fuck it.” Not surprisingly, Gauge said she was fired by the club.

“Plus they were saying to everyone who called that my show times were 6:30, 9:30 and 12:30, but my show times were really 7:30 and 11. And they close at 4.” According to Gauge, most customers wouldn’t start coming in until about 12:30. “They would make me do my shows early so that way when the actual crowd got there- because my name brought them in there- the house girls reaped the benefits.” Gauge pointed out that no one’s in the house at 7:30.

“Nobody goes to the strip club that early.” Because she wasn’t making any money, Gauge said she decided to do a dance off for the early bird customers. “Where I pick two volunteers from the audience- they come up and for 15 seconds they dance around the pole and try to dance like the girls dance. The first prize winner wins like a DVD.” According to Gauge, the deejay was behaving like a dick and making fun of the first male contestant and the way he dressed asking him if were George W. Bush. The second contestant was heavier than the first guy but not heavy-heavy said Gauge. But when the guy tried to scale the pole the deejay asked what the problem was, fat ass.

“You fuckin’ fat ass.” Gauge said she looked over at the deejay like what the fuck are you saying to the customers. “I’m going to fucking kill somebody when I get off of here.” Gauge said she felt sorry for the fat ass although he came in second place and won a calendar. “But I knew he got intimidated and insulted. It was totally out of line.”

Gauge said she then told the deejay not to call her fans, i.e., the club customers fat asses during her set. “I’m not down with that.” Gauge told him a condition like that could be due to a thyroid problem, and if someone looked like they got hit by a Mack Truck, be decent enough not to point it out. “They already know.”

Playing devil’s advocate, Flexxx suggested that if a guy was willing to jump on the stage and do pole tricks, he should be prepared to take abuse. “If he [the deejay] said it once,” said Gauge. “Not repeatedly.” According to Gauge, what really got to her was the deejay’s smirking attitude about it. “He looks at me like no problem. I’ll never do it AGAIN. Like with a big smile and shit.”

Gauge said the fat ass who’s name was Roy later came up to her. Gauge said it reminded her of the Starbucks commercial. “Roy…Roy…Roy,” she began singing. “He told me his last name and I’m thinking, goddamn, that name sounds familiar.”

Gauge said she later went to the manager to talk about the deejay’s rude behavior. “He [the deejay] was rude to me and wanted to switch up my songs. He wants to have all control of my sets. I’m like, no, I have my routine.” Gauge wanted the manager to do something because she wasn’t down with making fun of people. Another thing that griped Gauge was the fact that the deejay had a friend up in the booth with him during her set. “He’s not even paying attention to me up on stage. His friend was going I’ve seen her take a big cock. How old is she? They’re all bullshit and shit.”

Gauge said all of the off-mike behavior was later confirmed by her boyfriend Jason who stays in the booth to clue the deejay as to what items Gauge gives out for free. “I throw out a bunch of free shit and the deejay doesn’t always know what I’m throwing out.”

Gauge said the juicy part of the story comes when she had a face-to-face with the manager about the fat ass episode. “The manager had been really cool with me, and then he was, like, you know what I have a low tolerance for? Is you sitting here badgering the fucking club. I’m badgering the club? He’s, like, I’ve had several complaints.”

Gauge said she imagined the complaints came from the fact that the club announced her incorrect show times. “And you said I could do private dancers, now I get here and I can’t.” Admitting that she charges much more for those than house girls, Gauge said only her diehard fans would want them. “Not everybody in the fucking place.” Gauge said the manager then told her she’d been a bitch since she got there.

“I’ve been called worse by better so fuck you,” she told him. That’s when the manager told her she was outta there. Gauge said she then attempted to sweet talk her way back because she wanted to get paid for what she had done. “I go look I’ll get my shit, you can pay me and I’ll leave; or I can get my shit, you don’t pay me and we’ll deal with that situation. Or you guys can let me finish out my last four shows so we don’t look like idiots- both of – to my fans. Okay, you’re rehired.”


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