The Swami’s Flake List

The Swami posts: Gene, I know I said I would never do anything of the sort but the past couple of weeks have gotten on my nerve. I know that Body Shots and Money Shots is not KSEX (we are the lil engine that can.) But these damn flakes are pissing me off and I will not tolerate it anymore.

When one or two people have flaked… I chalk it up to bad luck. When four people flake, it is something in the air… when TEN PEOPLE FLAKE… INCLUDING 3 IN ONE WEEK… well as Popeye once said… I HAS ALL ME CAN STANDS AND ME CANT STANDS NO MORE!!

So without further adieu, here is the Sports Swami FLAKE LIST!
1) Mary Carey- Although the Swami feels bad what Jerkoff Hannity did… she no showed TWICE IN ONE WEEK! And her agent tried to get the Swami to pay the $1000 dollars and a limo from Maine to Boston
2) Mimi Miyagi- Another damn flake that screwed the Swami royally!
3) Chris Byrd (IBF Heavyweight champion)- Ain’t just the adult film stars
4) Stormy Daniel- Made double sure to get her a nice spot… El Flako!
5) Richie LaMontagne (Crusierweight contender) FOR CRYING OUT LOUD… HE LIVED 10 MILES FROM THE DAMN BUILINDG!
6) Cynara Fox- Promised to come to MA and do the show… and she no shows me (Boy was I warned)
7) Michele Raven- That has already been documented
8) Daisy from KSEX- I will chalk that up to perhaps she couldn’t get out of work… but still burns my britches
9) Shannon Stewart-Internet Model… NO SHOW FOR YOU SWAMI!
10) Ginger Lynn- Called the show two hours later… has promised to make it up

Now I have had others no show but unless it is a death in the family or they have called and apologized. Now I am not expecting guests to forgo shows to come here… but dammit… IF I BOOK YOU ON THE SHOW.. AND GIVE YOU MY WORD AND RESPECT… I DEMAND THE SAME FROM YOU.



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