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The Timberlake Sex Tapes

Porn Valley- With KSEX, www.ksexradio, peejay Kendra Jade’s name in the news again, little birdie calls me. Little Birdie tells me that Kendra used to see Justin Timberlake on the side when he was dating Britney Spears. But it doesn’t stop there. With celebrity sex tapes being all the rage and Timberlake’s current squeeze Cameron Diaz raging over the release of one she did years ago, Justin, I’m informed, might have few skeletons in his own closet. Timberlake who got tons of national publicity by making Janet Jackson’s bra cups disappear during the Super Bowl allegedly taped a number of trysts with Kendra- eight or nine I’m told.

Little Birdie tells me that Timberlake supposedly has a thing for POV, so one might suspect that the story may have some validity. Little Birdie claim that Kendra might have possession of at least one of those tapes with the intention to market it to the tabloids but, apparently, changed her mind at some point.

Kendra’s certainly no stranger when it comes to the tabloids. In fact let’s go down memory lane with something I wrote in March, 1999 which will perhaps amplify the Jerry Springer story which John Bowen wouldn’t tred on in his appearance Monday night on KSEX.

Gene writes: Did TV show host Jerry Springer pay a sizeable amount of cash to make a sex tape featuring him and porn star Kendra Jade in a Chicago hotel room disappear?

Ex-business partners of John T. Bone seem to think that Springer paid Bone between $150,000 to $400,000 hush money to make an imminent scandal go away. Charley Frey, a Florida dance agent, and former partner in Cream Productions, has lashed out against Bone, claiming that Bone owes him money from Springer’s taped affair with Jade, a “fucking fruitloop,” in Frey’s words. Frey is basing his knowledge of the Springer money according to comments Jade is supposed to have made when she was on the outs with Bone last November.

Jade said, at the time, there was $400,000 paid to Bone. Jade has since recanted those statements about there being Springer hush money.

Frey: “It’s all bullshit. She told the truth the first time. We all know what the truth is. We all know that everything she said is true. She told me that’s where the money came from. It’s all irrelevant. What’s relevant is that the guy [Bone] has robbed from everybody. He’s lied to everybody.”

Frey makes no bones about wanting his share of the Springer booty, even though he says he was adamantly opposed to the so-called set-up that allegedly drew Springer to a hotel room. “I took the risk. I’m entitled to a piece of the profits,” says Frey. “That’s pragmatic. That’s business.”

Frey also charges Bone with mismanaging Cream funds throughout their business relationship. Under terms of their partnership agreement, the other ex- Cream partner, Jerry Garfinkel, was supposed to have been managing Cream money, not Bone. According to Bone, Frey was supposed to have asked Garfinkel a number of times for accountability including money. Getting none, Frey, according to Bone, threatened Garfinkel with reprisals on a number of occasions.Frey: “That’s a bunch of shit. Think about the people Jerry dealt with for 20 years. You think Jerry’s worried about MY threats. Let’s be logical, here. It’s utter nonsense. It’s Bone’s drug-induced fantasies. I’ve run businesses for years. Cream had enough revenue that if the money was properly managed, there was no question in my mind that everyone could have been paid.”

It was the summer of 1998 when the Springer scandal first came to national attention. Frey, at the time, said he was pursuing legal action against Bone. He was asked why he had not followed up on those threats.

According to Frey, problems began when Kendra Jade came on board and Bone “fell in love” with her and started taking pain pills for his back.

Frey: “Know anything about the disease of addiction? If you check into it, you’ll find there’a transference of that addiction. Drug addicts, alcoholics, of which John admits he’s one [Bone’s been on the wagon 15 years]…ask a doctor if, all of a sudden, someone who’s been clean and sober started a daily regimen of narcotic painkillers. What do you think? The disease of addiction can be transferred then insanity takes place which is what this is all about. You become illogical and insane. That’s what made him [Bone] do the Jerry Springer-thing in the first place. He destroyed Kendra’s career over that.”

Frey claims his own personal initiative, not to mention his closeness to Springer got the Jerry Springer show publicity up and running in the first place.

Frey: “It was happening. We had the Jerry Springer Show promoting one of our movies [the World’s Biggest Gangbang]. How valuable is that? Pretty darn valuable. You can’t get that kind of national press. They [Springer] would have done it over and over. How many pieces do you think we could have sold of that movie, having Jerry Springer promote it for an entire hour on just one show? Probably more than a couple of thousand?

“Bone goes and sets up that whole thing with Kendra. He uses company lawyers. Our money. Then he collects the money and doesn’t disseminate it. Something wrong with that picture? Where did he come up with a Mercedes? A Corvette? A BMW? Why’s he driving a Mercedes when the landlord hasn’t been paid? With credit as bad as John’s, where did all that money come from? If he had all that money, why didn’t he pay bills? We know exactly where the money went. It paid the back debt on his mortgage. I’ll bet if you research with the bank on his house, all of a sudden, around that time, big payments came in. He was ready to lose his house. If John’s on the up and up, no problem.

“There’s no question in my mind that John received the money. Personally, I wouldn’t have done it to the guy [Springer] in the first place. The inherent value to the company would have been dramatically more than $350,000. What’s $350,000 if I sold 10,000 pieces of the World’s Biggest Gangbang video. Bone killed it by taking a million-dollar potential value and sacrificing it all for the short-term goal of $350,000 minus what the lawyers were paid.”

[Do the math, 10,000 pieces x $11 = $110,000, not one million.]

Bone shows a record of his last two years of mortgage payments. They show no sudden surge of payments or influx of big money. Bone also says knowing of Frey’s close relationship with Springer, why didn’t Frey ask Springer point-black about the money. “Charley would have been told by the source, himself, that I didn’t get a dime, and that would be an end to this nonsense.”

Frey says Bone started fucking Jade ‘from Day One’ when she first walked into his office. [Bone does not deny this. Frey: “He [Bone] does this to every single girl he can get away with. Kendra told me in December that she was absolutely, positively aware of everything that was going on. Kendra’s very smart in that regard. Most girls fuck John, not because he’s a handsome fellow. They fucked him because they thought they had to. Kendra was smart enough to make him think she really liked him.”

Bone: “These are the ravings of an insane second-hand car salesman. The guy [Frey] contradicts himself at every turn. I’m impressed at the part where he says he’s a genius and has deals in place. From my information, I know he’s running his business out of a back bedroom. But what do I know.”



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