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The Unspeakable Evil That Is John Stagliano aka Buttman Must Be Stopped

Yesterday we talked about the second most dangerous man in porn Mike Strother aka Mike South. As promised, today we are gonna discuss the man who holds the number one spot. A black mark on the adult industry. A man who gives Italians everywhere a bad name. Like 9/11, he has been a catastrophe to the business and should never be forgotten. I am of course talking about John Stagliano.

We can never forget the havoc this man has created in the industry. He wields his HIV infected penis like the planes that flew into those buildings on that fateful day. Evil Angel is exactly what the name implies: Pure Evil. They are the Al Qaeda of the adult business. They are the jihadists who want to destroy pornography and our way of life. Stagliano is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. He is the Mohammed Atta at the controls of this Evil Empire and we must never forget.

Evil Angel and what they produce should be met with harsh sanctions. When you purchase Evil Angel products, you are funding domestic pornographic terrorism. When you put money in the pocket of Osama bin Stagliano, when you distributors pick up the phone for Justin Rich the Evil salesman, you are enabling domestic terrorists. Reject Evil Angel and the HMIC (Head Mullah in Charge) John Stagliano.

How has John Stagliano been able to continue his reign of terror despite being afflicted with HIV/AIDS? By sucking the life force of those around him. Look at the bodies left in his wake: First Bruce Seven, then David Aaron Clark. John Leslie, a man who was not that old, cut down in his prime. By what? A heart attack? I say it was the Evil that permeates from the black soul of the jihadist Stagliano. Look at Christian Mann. A man who has done no wrong to anyone and is loved by all, now on his deathbed riddled with cancer. Yet John Stagliano remains vibrant and alive and forges ahead with his dastardly deeds of destruction. What is the common thread that links Seven, Clark, Leslie and Mann? The unspeakable Evil that is Buttman.

Like a sleeper cell, he invades and integrates his darkness into the fabric of society. Sheena Shaw? We don’t know what’s going on with Sheena Shaw. Some reports say she has been impregnated by and is carrying Stagliano’s Evil HIV fetus, the Buttbaby. Some say she is infected by his HIV/AIDS. Some say she has two left feet. Some say her asshole has fallen completely out of her body and she is now saddled with a colostomy bag. Rumors and speculation have resulted in Sheena Shaw deleting her Twitter and vanishing completely off of the porn map.

We can never forget 9/11. We can never forget what they did to this country. And we can never forget what John Stagliano and the Evil Empire have done to the adult business. Evil Angel is a domestic terrorist operation wreaking havoc on Porn Valley. Every time John Stagliano had bareback sex with Sheena Shaw and she had bareback sex with members of the adult talent pool, Stagliano was possibly creating an epidemic of massive proportions. Like a sneaky terrorist tainting the water supply. Like a jihadist mailing letters laced with anthrax. That is what this man has done. To this day, we still don’t know what will be the fallout from his dangerous activity. We don’t know how many lives will be affected. We don’t know. Fear runs rampant among talent in the adult industry from the actions of this reprehensible individual. That’s what terrorists do. They invoke fear.

Every day I try to deliver the message of truth and try to get to the bottom of what’s going on. The more people who die or disappear from Evil Angel, the less likely we are to get to the truth. Sheena Shaw is gone. Vanished. When poor Christian Mann succumbs to his horrible disease, that is one less person who will be able to tell the world of the Evil of John Stagliano. When he is gone, there will be no one left to deliver the truth about the Evil Empire.

The one person who is left who can still stop the jihad that is engulfing the entire adult business is John Stagliano’s wife. She goes by the name of Karen Stagliano aka Tricia Devereaux. This is the only individual who can bring the truth of this situation. She is the only one who can pick up that phone and say, “I live with a terrorist. He must be stopped. He is planning another event bigger than 9/11.” She is the one who can bring Stagliano’s atrocities to an end.

I say to you Karen Stagliano, the fate of this adult industry rests on your chubby shoulders. You are the only one who knows the truth. You are the only one who can stop the monster that is your husband. You are the only one who can bring the jihad to an end. You are the only passenger of the Evil flight 93 who can save us.

Karen Stagliano, equate the adult industry to that poor 22 month old baby who was left in the car seat in the sweltering heat of Georgia while his father sat in an air conditioned office sexting. John Stagliano is that sexter. Save the baby. Break the windows and let the adult industry live.

Only you, Karen Stagliano, can stop the unspeakable Evil of Osama bin Buttman. Only you can save the baby.

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