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Buttman Mag Goes Down While John Stagliano And Joey Silvera Troll For Trannies in Rio

Ladies and gentlemen, a moment of silence. Buttman Magazine is no more.

From AVN:

“John Stagliano’s Buttman Magazine Comes to an End”

“For the past 16 years, Evil Angel founder John Stagliano has made time in his busy schedule…”

What busy schedule? Going to Brazil and spreading the bug?

“…to produce not only his own movies but also Buttman Magazine. As Stagliano remarked when he first made digital editions of the print magazine available online in 2009, “I have always taken the time to create Buttman Magazine. It is the best expression of my love of ass.””

“Now he’s moving on to other modes of expression, with the result that the current issue of Buttman Magazine will be the last.”

“DVD Operations Manager Lissa Baren talked about the transition: “John [Stagliano] chooses all of the layouts for the magazine. … It’s just very labor intensive for him because he’s got to get all the production stills from all the directors and he goes through everything and figures out what he wants to use. … But it was a labor of love—he really, really loved doing it and that’s why even in the last six, seven years, when a lot of the brick-and-mortar bookstores started closing down and we weren’t doing the circulation that we had been doing, he still continued wanting to do it. And it was a good promotional vehicle for Evil Angel in general.””

“Now, however, Stagliano’s focus is shifting to Evil Angel’s soon-to-launch apparel line as well as some other projects he’s got on top of his Voracious series. “He just couldn’t make enough time to fit everything in,” Baren said, “so he decided that this first issue of this year was going to be the last issue. And he’s very sad about it.”

Stagliano may do a one-off issue down the road (like Chasing the Bug: Rio Style) when he has more free time,(from the AZT treatments) but it might be called something else—perhaps Buttman’s Favorites or Buttman’s Special.

““It was a fight to get him to put ‘last issue’ on the cover,” Baren said, “but the consumer needs to know. It’s been a staple on the market for the last 16 years.””

“Immediately, Evil Angel will begin focusing on remainder sales—in large part to free up warehouse space.”

Oh, so they’re gonna focus on selling all of the magazines that they have left over, because they need money. Stagliano has got about 30% of his fortune left that he hasn’t pissed away on Las Vegas revues. When they’re only moving about 700 out the door and their directors are starting to grumble because they’re not making any fucking money anymore and they’re just putting out comps, freeing up warehouse space is the least of what they have to do.

“We’ve always been huge in the remainder market, so we’d actually print an overage of magazines so that in six months’ time we had remainder product for people who do packs,” Baren said.

So Lissa Baren and John Stagliano came up with the strategy to make more of the magazines at the higher price so six months later they could sell the magazines at a loss? That makes a lot of sense doesn’t it, guys? Is this not a company trying to come up with every excuse not to say, “Our magazine doesn’t make any money. We can’t justify doing something just for the sake of doing it when we lose money year after year. We’re stretching people on our bills because we have no money left.” This is a very intricate way to explain all of this, but it makes them look incredibly stupid.

“We’re doing a big inventory right now. We’re trying to make warehouse space for the Evil Angel apparel line that’s going to be coming into house probably in the next six to eight months.”

So we need to get rid of one non money making entity so we can make room for another non money making entity. The Evil Angel clothing line. That’s exactly what the fashion world is clamoring for. Clothing made in Hong Kong by a bunch of child laborers with a logo that represents a man who became HIV positive from letting a transsexual fuck him in his ass.

Mick Jagger’s girlfriend hung herself because her fashion line was about 8 million dollars in debt and she couldn’t seem to make it work. But John Stagliano’s Evil Angel apparel is gonna light up the fashion universe.

Man, Katie Summers needs to get to her deposition quick and get her lawsuit resolved before Stagliano runs out of money to pay the judgement. She needs to call her lawyer and tell him to hot foot the case because this motherfucker’s pissing through his money.

What are they gonna have? Evil Angel blue jeans? Bikini tops made by Cambodian kids with the Evil Angel logo stamped on it? “Ooohooo! We’re gonna sell the fuck outta these!” Who are they gonna sell it to? Bookstores that are closing down and who aren’t buying your fucking magazine anymore? Or are you gonna sell it to all the lingerie stores ahead of Frank Koretsky’s Baci Lingerie?

“In April, Baren said, Volume 16, Issue 5 will be offered up as remainder product, and the process of clearing out the magazine warehouse will begin. “We’ll still have a presence online,” she asserts, noting that has the issues online. “It currently doesn’t have all of the magazines from Day One, but eventually we hope to get them all up there. … We still want to have the opportunity to give consumers a Buttman magazine in some form.””

“In the meantime, work continues on the apparel line. “The stuff is really good,” Baren said. “The girls wore all of his line at the show in Vegas—AEE—and they got such good feedback on how gorgeous it is.””

So Evil Angel apparel is gonna be better than Baci Lingerie or Hustler? Why? Because it’s Evil Angel, a dying fucking brand? Who can’t even sell their piece of shit magazine anymore? Really? OK.

“Justin Rich will handle apparel sales, Baren said. “But until we clear warehouse space, we’re not going to be able to start production.””

So a little warehouse space is preventing you from starting production on this hot new clothing line? If this isn’t the telltale signs of bullshit, I don’t know what is. How much would it cost to get new warehouse space for this hot new clothing line that everybody was talking about at AEE? A couple grand? They obviously need more money for John Stagliano’s bug spreading trips to Brazil with Joey Silvera.

Isn’t it interesting that John Stagliano is in Brazil? Here is a guy who performs with women and doesn’t disclose his HIV status and puts their lives at risk. He has a girlfriend named Sheena Shaw, who is HIV negative as far as we know. He’s already in one lawsuit and there are a couple more in the pipeline. He’s off to the tranny capital of the world where he contracted HIV/AIDS from having unprotected sex with a transsexual.

What do you guys think he’s doing in Brazil? He’s out there where no one can watch him or monitor his reckless behavior. He’s out there seeing how low he can make his T-cell count. He’s like fuck it. The trannies have AIDS, I’ve got AIDS , let me just swim in the AIDS pool. Let me do the backstroke in an AIDS infested cesspool of disease. What can I do? How can I get my T-cell count even lower?

If he’s in America, deceiving women and playing the risk game, what do you think he’s doing in Brazil? What do you think he’s doing with some poor unsuspecting Brazilian girl? They have no idea that this guy is riddled with HIV/AIDS and he deceives women in America by not disclosing his HIV status. And American girls speak English. It’s so easy for the whole by the way, I’m HIV positive conversation to get lost in translation when Brazilian girls only speak Portuguese.

John Stagliano’s letting that bug fly around Brazil. I feel sorry for those poor girls in Brazil right now. He can do whatever he wants. There’s no one there to tell him not to do something. He can have unprotected sex, because in his mind he is HIV negative, because he’s on medication that makes his viral load undetectable. That’s how he rationalizes it while he fucks all those Brazilian girls with no rubbers. Then he flies home to America and leaves all those poor Brazilian girls to deal with the consequences of his reckless fun.

Remember, this is a guy who put his bare penis in the butt of Monica Santhiago in the first volume of Stretch Class. It’s there on video for everybody to see. Do you really think he’s in Brazil
right not fucking girls without rubbers because in his mind he’s not infectious because of all the meds he’s on? There’s no camera around, the girls don’t speak English. He thinks the risk is low enough that he can justify it because he’s not as infectious as he would be if he wasn’t on meds.

Disgusting. The guy’s a disgusting piece of shit.

Anyway, back to the article. We’re almost done with this line of bullshit.

“Baren also explained that the Buttman’s Choice DVD line is still up and running. “The titles are not as long or as sex-heavy—for example, the Facesitting Tales line,” she said. “We’re still releasing two to four Buttman Choice titles a month amongst our other releases, and we’re up to anywhere from 18 to 24 releases a month because we have so many directors now.””

You see how they throw that in at the end how their other lines are still going strong so nobody thinks they’re in trouble because of the discontinuation of the magazine? Did anybody else catch that?

Good job trying to convince everybody that you’re not hurting like everybody else. In this day and age and in this climate, the distributors are buying shit. Their directors aren’t making shit. Look at how many comps they come out with. Take into account that directors like Francesca Le and Mark Wood were releasing movies through Jerry Estrada at Exquisite. Do you really think that Evil Angel is able to tell people they now want 18 dollars for that garbage? Nope. They’re selling shit.

Evil Angel is on a very fast downward spiral. That is a fact. The demise of Buttman Magazine is just the latest evidence of this fact. As soon as they clear the warehouse by dumping the magazines you will see the clothing line go bust as well. Evil Angel apparel will go the way of the Fashionistas Vegas revue, Buttman Magazine and all the other John Stagliano vanity projects that continue to bankrupt his company and put his directors in the poorhouse.

Have fun in Brazil.

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