Thoughts Over The Evening’s Frangelico: The Condom Debate is the Film 12 Angry Men

If you’ve never seen the film 12 Angry Men try to get it on Netflix or whatever means you have. And right away you’ll see the startling comparison between this great American classic and the condom debate. A young kid is on trial for murder, and juror Henry Fonda is the only one on the panel convinced of the kid’s innocence. Not so much innocence, but he’s got strong doubts and see flaws in the DA’s case.

Everyone else is bullheaded and adamant that the kid’s guilty. Mostly with very weak reasons. Some just want to get out of there. One guy’s got tickets to a Yankees game. One guy’s prejudiced [the kid’s Hispanic] and so it goes down the line.

Even though he breaks the case into rational morsels, Fonda’s shouted down, but he won’t be intimidated and stands his ground until one by one the other jurors change their vote. And that’s what’s happening with this condom issue. Rob Black had the guts to tell everyone they were wrong and he’s been shouted down much in the same way.

Today the industry saw a major shift when Tristan Taormino, a director of some repute, took the condom pledge. Others are bound to see the light just like in the movie.

On another note, Dr. J. Craig Strafford, a past vice president of the American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, offers a solution to the Nina Hartley argument about abrasion.

He says one solution might be to use a condom that’s not made of latex, but non-latex condoms are often not available in the larger sizes male performers need he says.

There’s the marketing scheme that Rob Black on his show Thursday was talking about. Have a condom manufacturer make them for the industry and work endorsement deals for the money Free Speech has been robbing the performers for testing.

Problem solved.


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