Thoughts Over The Morning’s Coffee: Peter Acworth Caught In Another Lie

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If you’ve been following this Cameron Bay-Rod Daily story to any extent you’ll know that Cameron Bay has said that in the ten scenes she performed before she got HIV, she’d have used condoms but was afraid to ask. Why? Same old story. She’d risk losing the job and being blacklisted.

Bay may or may not have acquired HIV on the Public Disgrace shoot, but we do know a couple of things about it.

Her scene partner Xander Corvus wedged his dick in her mouth, caught it on her back tooth and Corvus bled profusely. So we’re told. Bay came out and said that at the AHF press conference Wednesday.

The shoot should have been stopped right there and Corvus either required to withdraw from the scene, or withdraw from the scene, or withdraw from the scene. That’s common sense. But what happened? The scene continued and for all we know that was the moment when Bay got infected. Possibly. Think about it. Some guy’s blood in your mouth. Delightful.

Peter Acworth yesterday conceded that there may be some protocols that have to be changed on Public Disgrace. [I can think of shutting down entirely as one of them]

Acworth said this: “Ms. Bay’s shoot caused us concern long before the subject of HIV came up. While HIV was not transmitted on set, there were incidents on that shoot, including some of the same ones that Ms. Bay identified, that have caused us to reevaluate what we permit on shoots involving members of the public, even when it’s consensual.”

Acworth now adds this. He’s quoted in The Huffington Post:

“All of our models are informed that they request a condom at any time, that they can stop a shoot at any time, and that they control the scene… We take consent and safety seriously,” states Acworth.

What happened in the case of Cameron Bay? If she knew that was the option, don’t you think she would have exercised it and asked for a condom? Acworth’s rules must be written on the head of a pin because there’s no doubt other female performers would have requested the same had they known condoms were available.

Just another lie told by a board member of the Free Speech Coalition


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