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Thoughts Over The Morning’s Coffee: Peter Acworth and “Full Disclosure”

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In the wake of “uninformed blogger” stories that point accusing fingers at, CEO Peter Acworth took to the blogosphere in an attempt to clarify the protocols adopted by

That didn’t work because Acworth only clouded the issue. Like an old Lili St. Cyr burlesque routine, Acworth’s story was all soap bubbles and no skin.

Particularly when he failed to address the TS issue which is actually the key issue in this whole Cameron Bay-Rod Daily exegesis. TS performers from what we’re told don’t use condoms.

And you’ll notice if you read Acworth’s comments scrupulously he stays clear of that issue entirely.

So when Slim Pickens uses the words “full disclosure” on his site, you have to chuckle. There is no full disclosure but lung choking smoke screens.

Even crazy Rob Black saw through that. Black on his Thursday night show, said Acworth’s comments were “cleverly crafted” to create the illusion of full disclosure.

“The Acworth letter is bullshit,” said Black.

“He can’t make a statement that’s accurate and true because, then, he would have to admit guilt. He lies and says shit that’s going to get crammed up his ass.”

Acworth says all shoots on the gay side are condom-mandatory but he conveniently leaves out whether they’re tested. Because in the very next sentence he makes a big yabba dabba do about how on the straight side, “we only work with performers shown cleared for work in the PASS (formerly APHSS) database. This means they have tested negative for a slate of STIs in the last 30 days, including HIV via the highly sensitive RNA test.”

Okay, but what about the gay side? There seems to be a serious question about that. Are gays tested?

“Nowhere does he talk about TS- are they part of the straight side, or, are they part of the gay side?” Black asked.

“They have conveniently pointed out the gay side, but where does the TS side fall? I’m totally baffled by this guy’s statement. And what does Peter Acworth consider ‘performers’ because I know that Cameron Bay’s husband [Rick Daily] was also in the Public Disgrace shoot.

“I’m pretty perplexed. My question is if at the gay site condoms are mandatory- are they tested? Are guys exchanging bodily fluids? Because if they are, you sure can contract HIV. “

I think Black’s question was answered if you watch that 41 second clip I provided earlier. There is an exchange of bodily fluids between a TS performer and a gay performer.

“If a guy’s mouth has a sore or a lesion or a cut and another man blows a giant HIV load in his mouth he’s going to contract HIV,” Dr. Black went on to say.

“So when Francesca Le takes a load from a TS and spits in a gay performer’s mouth where does all that testing fall in? I’m baffled, and if shoots gay content and in all of their gay content they wear condoms and no one gets tested, doesn’t anyone find that dangerous?

“Christian Wylde is a gay performer for Does he work with other condom gay performers? Are they tested and do they exchange fluids? Peter Acworth conveniently made sure he told everybody the protocol on the straight side, but what about the gay side?

“Cameron Bay’s husband is on the gay side; he’s on the TS site- can anybody explain the problem with Peter Acworth’s statements? On the gay side they [apparently] don’t have any testing. The guys just throw on condoms. I would love to know if they shoot loads in each other’s mouths? [That clip I found shows just that.]

“As far as Peter Acworth is concerned, on July 27th every performer that shot loads in this girl’s [Cameron Bay] mouth tested negative for HIV. It’s the most sensitive HIV test available, he says. At the AIDS research center where people are working around the clock, no one would have the audacity to say that.

“This guy’s incredible. Peter Acworth, I bet there’s a lot of specialists out there that would argue with you. The more stupid shit you write, the more you’ll go to prison because your dirty English prick has been dipped in dirty politics.

“You’re going to be doing 10 years. You’re a lying scumbag that puts performers’ health at risk. These are all lies- this is the fact about consent- there’s a girl who’s a lynch pin in this- there’s a girl that doesn’t work there any more- her idea of BDSM was old school. Isis was a staple there, and she left. This ushered in the new era of the Princess Donnas.”

Black has talked to a number of girls who’ve worked for And he went on to describe the famous consent tape as a smoke and mirrors stunt with clever editing and a pre-packaged script that forces positive answers [what, you’re going to say no? says Black] on a girl the same way a sleight of hand artist forces an Ace on you in a card trick.

“’We’re going to electrocute you, are you alright with that? Yes.’

“You go through that and look like a Vietnam camp war prisoner. If the girl starts crying they zoom out and yell cut because they can’t show tears. Then you would be hearing somebody forced against their will. When you get done with the scene and they clean you up, then what they do is put the camera on back in your face.”

“They tell you what to say [you’re not allowed to use the word pain]

“They coach you and tell you the specific words to say. Do they do it in every instance? No. This same organization led by Princess Donna, they have 70 year old men urinating on crying talent.

“It’s in a situation where you’re a captive and slave in a private mansion where you’re being orchestrated by Princess Donna and you’re being paid to be urinated on. Princess Donna, with a smirk on her face, and a 70 year old drunk, not tested, urinates in a girl’s face- that’s who runs”

Black personally knows of three girls who were submitted to that humiliation.

Black’s suspicion is that Acworth will roll over and make deals with the Feds like Steve Hirsch and Marc Carriere did.

“Acworth has already got that exit strategy,” said Black.

“We’ve established these are girls coming from Spiegler, Derek Hay, Foxx Modeling where Chris comes to your room and fucks you in the middle of the night- all you girls keep working for Kink and keep working during the moratorium.

“Keep listening to Spiegler, you too can become the next Jenna Jameson and have your kids taken away from you.”


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