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Thoughts to Ponder During the Max Case; Will Government “Live to Regret It”?

The indictment against Max Hardcore in Tampa Florida includes 10 counts- the sending of five video clips over the Internet on January 18, 2006 and the mailing of 5 videos [Euro Versions] between March 23 to March 28, 2007 to a PO Box address in Tampa.

Here’s an interview I did with Max from 9/8/2007:

Porn Valley- During his time on camera at KSEX Friday night, Max Hardcore,, revealed a piece of information about his Federal case that, till now, hasn’t been reported.

During a commercial break, I asked him to explain what that was all about.

“I make two versions of all my videos nowadays,” he explains. “A domestic version that is labeled as such and a European version that has a very distinct label on the cover. The European versions have water sports, fist fucking and things like that. That’s really the only significant difference between the two.”

“I don’t really sell videos directly to the public,” he continues.

“JM Productions handles my domestic distribution. And I have European distribution with various accounts. One company here gets European versions- they feel confident enough to sell them. This is They got balls. They got spine because, really, I think they [the European versions] should all be allowed in the US.”

According to Max, Jaded Video sold one of the five videos, “clearly labeled as European releases”, to an undercover agent posing as a customer.

“And this is most unusual for any kind of legal case,” states Max. “The government then charged ME for the five videos when I didn’t even sell them directly. It’s outrageous. It’s their first, biggest fucking mistake. And they’re going to live to regret it.”

Asked if he felt he was being spied on even now, Max was confident that the Feds had him under surveillance.

Nearly two years ago, while Max was away in Europe, the Feds came into his house, shot it up, putting a bullet hole in one of the floor boards. Max takes appropriate umbrage, thinking back on that assault of his privacy.

“What happened was, the Feds had an original case,” Max explains. “They got a hold of some European videos- not from me, from somebody else, and they were going to make their case then.”

“They look at this case like it was such a fucking big deal,” he goes on to say. “So they’re not just going to charge me with it, they’re going to come and raid my home, my place of business. My own fucking home. They’re going to come in and mess everything up and take all my fucking computers, take them all and copy the information some place; take all sorts of fucking paper work including records of ownership, utility bills, phone records and all this fucking shit. They’re going to come into my fucking home when they know full well that me and Layla and my crew, my team are over in Barcelona attending an international porn fair.

“So they came in and they would have beat down the doors except, fortunately, my long time house keeper was there, Adelina. She let them in. They come in with what they call ‘specialists’ whose only job is to come in first, armed with bullet proof jackets like there’s going to be a war going on. I’m such a dangerous guy- they’re going to come in and secure the place before the rest of the FBI team comes in.

“So they come in there and they’re fanning out and going through every fucking room. They must have gone, holy fucking Jesus, we’re fucking with the wrong guy here. Because it’s too much for them to take in. And one guy was so flabbergasted by the whole thing, he accidentally discharged a firearm and shot a hole in the floor of a vacant fucking room. And with a 4′ 9” house keeper and my little fluffy dog there, they shoot a hole in the floor.

“This is a big, huge, goddamned mistake for them,” Max decides. “That was the first thing.”

“The original indictment came down for five videos- and the lead investigator, Tracy Forten from the FBI field office in Washington D.C. flew out here with a couple other members of the obscenity task force for the specific purpose of raiding my place and taking all my shit out of my home when I was gone.

“Because if I was there I wouldn’t have allowed them to get away with it,” states Max. “I told them you can copy them, but you have to copy them here. You are not taking any fucking thing. I want you out of my house just as fast as you can. You have a paper that says you can be here. Alright.

“So a month and a half later, the lead investigator- the woman that signed off on the raid and signed off on the indictment against me- got busted for shop lifting in Washington D.C., six blocks from the Justice Dept. We talked to the security guys at the department store she got busted in and they said, oh yeah, we’ve been keeping our eyes on this lady for awhile. She got busted for stealing a sweater. It was $150. She pulled the trump card by pulling out her FBI ID and they still arrested her and booked her.

“After that happened, they said this case is so fucking fucked. They didn’t exactly drop it, but they refiled with this new case for five other videos.”

Asked what he was going to do, Max commented simply, “Kick their fucking ass!”

“Am I scared? No. Do I look scared?” he asks. “There’s no way I’m going to do 50 years. Let me say this- I’m not afraid of jail. If it comes down to it, and I had to go to jail for what I believe, I’d go with pride. And I would do it and wouldn’t complain about it. I wouldn’t say woe is me and nobody’s helping me and all that bullshit. I’m the man. I take responsibility for my actions. I think I’m doing something important.

“But not only are they not going to convict me, but if by some fucking miracle they were able to get a conviction for even one of these videos, then the likelihood that I would serve the full sentence on each count would probably not happen. I would probably serve just a portion of that. Let’s say conviction on all counts? I would probably serve less than ten. Maybe eight. That’s our best guess.

“And they’re letting priests walk this fucking planet that rape little boys? And they want to go after me who hires other adults who happen to look young and act innocent and goofy; but they’re fully consenting adults?

“Most normal, red-blooded men love a school girl videos,” Max laughs. “I was the first who did it and did it consistently. There were isolated instances before I hit the scene, but I was the guy who hit the nail on the head. My girls are almost cartoon characters. They’re over the top. We dress ’em up. They don’t look like school girls. They look like exaggerated characters with the big fucking eyes and it’s just a fantasy that’s so over the top, you can’t possibly think this is really happening. And people enjoy it.

“I’ve sold millions and millions and millions of videos. You know how many videos I ever got sent back to me because the person didn’t like it and said it was crap? I don’t think ever. If that’s the case how can the government say my videos are too much and should be banned?

“There’s this religious element and they’re all frauds and they’re all cheating on their wives, screwing hookers and having gay sex in fucking toilets. And, at the same time they’re thumping their bibles and saying this man Max Hardcore must be stopped.

“And the Catholic church doesn’t want you having anal sex,” he contends. “Because if you have anal sex, you’re not going to be popping out a baby every couple of years to fucking fill the pews and put the money in the coffers and fill the schools so the priests can ass-rape them in the rectory of a church. It’s goddamned disgusting, so outrageous and I’m so pissed off. I’m so angry that I don’t even have time to be scared.”


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