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Tiger Tape is a Scam; Tiger Impersonator Comes Forward; Devon James Rigged the Whole Thing

A man claims he was paid $1,000 to impersonate Tiger Woods in a sex tape co-starring the hooker who is now selling the tape and claiming it is genuine footage of the cheating golfer.

Teneal Goyco, a remote Tiger look-a-like, told in an exclusive interview that he was paid cash to “pretend to be Tiger Woods” during a taped two-hour tryst with a woman he says was Devon James.

Goyco told he filmed sex scenes with James and that she and her husband had him “dress” like Tiger, with a Nike hat and sweater vest, and that Devon called him “Tiger” throughout the filmed romp.

Devon, a Tampa prostitute who claims to have had an affair with Tiger and then falsely alleged he was the father of her love child, is charging $25.95 for a video that will ship to buyers on November 15. She has set up a website that is currently taking pre-orders and says the tape will be released November 15.

She claims to have sold the tape to a DVD production company for $350,000 in addition to a cut of half the profits.

But Goyco’s claims are bound to cast serious doubt over the legitimacy of the alleged XXX video, that promised to show “Tiger Woods’ former girl playing all the holes”. has also learned Goyco has spoken with a high-profile attorney to learn if he has a potential case against James.

“I was in it to make a couple bucks and have sex with a pretty lady,” Goyco told, in an exclusive interview.

“I just thought I was fulfilling this woman’s fantasy of having sex with Tiger Woods, as she had said she wanted.”

According to Goyco, he met Devon and her husband Nick on July 30 at a nightclub in Philadelphia, where the Florida couple was to appear in a Celebrity Boxing bout.

He said after drinking beer and vodka, the pair then propositioned him and the group went back to the Comfort Inn where the filming took place.

“I saw it as an opportunity to make a few bucks and have sex with a pretty girl,” he told

“It was cash up front — got to get that paper.”

However, when Goyco saw a photo of Devon online, promoting her Tiger tape, he suddenly realized he had been inadvertently cast in a “fake” video.

“I had no idea she was going to set up a tape of Tiger Woods,” he said.

“I wanted to make some money — not ruin someone’s life.”

Goyco told he allowed himself to be filmed as he was told it was Devon and Nick’s kinky fantasy.

“I thought the tape was just going to be for them personally, I didn’t know they were going to use it to make money,” Goyco said.

“She said it was her fantasy to sleep with Tiger Woods.”

The pair made him dress up in an apparent bid to impersonate Tiger, he added.

“I wore a sweater vest with no sleeves and at one point I had a Nike hat on, a pair of dark blue khaki pants and a white and blue pin stripe shirt,” Goyco told

“The couple put make up on my face and my body because I am a bit darker than Tiger.

“I was told to pretend I was Tiger Woods to fulfill her fantasy, so I did what I was asked.”

Goyco also tells that he plans to pursue legal action against Devon for attempting to sell the tape without his permission.

“She said ‘F*ck me Tiger’ and there was all the usual moaning and groaning and over the top talk that you would expect.”

Goyco said the threesome later watched the video on a monitor, before he left the room.

When asked about Goyco’s version of events, Devon insisted to “It’s not true — a complete lie.”

She added, “Nick doesn’t allow me to do boy-girl porn anymore; he would never allow that.”

As has previously reported, we have not seen the tape and Nick and Devon, whose real name is Melinda Janette, have not provided any proof to verify its existence. They also have not identified the company that has allegedly purchased the footage.

“He appears to be legitimate,” a source close to the situation tells of Goyco, noting that Devon has been known to lack credibility.

Devon’s former manager, Gina Rodriguez, also told that the couple had wanted to “find a Tiger look a like and make a tape” and Nick had boasted “no one would know” of their scheme, she said.

Some, including Devon’s own mom, Sandra Brinling, have doubted she ever even slept with Tiger.

However, Devon, a self-described “porn queen”, claims she was paid thousands of dollars for a steamy threesome with Tiger back in 2006, beginning a series of illicit trysts.


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