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Is There Even a Sex Tape of Devon James and Tiger Woods? 13 James Factoids Probably Say No

from – Here are 13 interesting things you should know about Devon James – the woman who claims to have a Tiger Woods sex tape, featuring herself having sex with Tiger Woods.

1. Devon James, a 29-year-old porn star,( aka Melinda Janette or Melinda Brinling-Caso) describes herself as a “Porn Queen.”

2. Devon was fired as a sex worker from a Las Vegas brothel named the Bunny Ranch. Owner Dennis Hof called Devon a “disgusting excuse for a working girl “ 411 Mania reports that Hof said he fired Devon James after she went public with her alleged Tiger Woods affair, because she broke the code of privacy and discretion with clients.

3. Devon James was one of 6 celebrity mistresses who appeared live at the Exxxtacy 2010 porn convention in Chicago this summer as part of the Hottest Scandals of 2010 Tour. Devon was scheduled to accompany the other celebrity mistresses on a multi-city “Hottest Scandal” tour across the United States.

4. In June 2010 Devon was featured in a British TV documentary entitled Tiger Woods: the Rise and Fall, because she conned a UK documentary film producer into believing that she was the mother of Tiger Woods’ secret love child and had DNA proof. (This, despite knowing that court documents existed proving that the child in question was another man’s son.)

5. Devon’s parental rights were taken away in July 2009. Her mother Sandra Brinling, has legal custody of all 3 of Devon’s children, including a 9-year-old boy Devon tried to pass off as Tiger Woods’ son.

6. Devon James blatantly filed a widely publicized false paternity suit against Tiger Woods, claiming he was the father of her 9-year-old son, with full knowledge that a DNA test and other legal documents dating back to 2002 proved with 99.99% certainty that a man named Pele Watkins was the father of the child.

7. According to her husband, Nick, Devon suffered an emotional breakdown shortly after her paternity case against Tiger Woods was thrown out of court. See Tiger Woods – 1, Devon James – 0 Case Dismissed. Radar Online reported that Devon was scheduled to spend several days in an undisclosed rehab facility in Florida for mental evaluation.

8. In June, while filming a Tiger Woods-themed adult video, Devon went through the purse of Joslyn James (another Tiger Woods mistress, no relation to Devon) and stole personal property valued at $750. According to CBS News, the police report filed with LAPD states that the stolen items included a cell phone, jewelry, and cash.

9. James was scheduled to participate in a female “celebrity” boxing match last July. However, TMZ reported that Devon had to be pulled from the widely promoted match because she failed the pre-fight physical.

10. By her own admission in a radio interview this year, Devon admits she has been arrested at least twice for prostitution in Florida, and that she was once addicted to cocaine, according to a CBS News report.

11. In August 2010 Devon was dropped by her manager, Gina Rodriguez of DD Management Group, (alleged celebrity mistress of David Boreanaz ),who manages several other porn stars. Rodriguez told Radar Online she dropped Devon from her stable of porn stars because she felt Devon had been dishonest.

12. Devon’s own mother says that her daughter is a pathological liar. In an interview the day the bogus Tiger Woods paternity suit was thrown out of court, Brinling said the whole thing was a scheme by Devon to extort money from Tiger Woods under false pretenses, and that Devon deserved jail time for abusing he justice system.

13. Devon’s mother says she’s heard at least 3 different stories from Devon about how she claims to have met Tiger Woods. Brinling told reporters her daughter probably never even met Tiger Woods.

In view of the above, do you really think Devon James has a sex tape of Tiger Woods?

Anyone who takes Devon James seriously would do well to consider the character of this woman, and proceed with the utmost caution.

The Tiger Woods sex tape Devon James claims to have probably doesn’t even exist.

From food for thought from – A Tiger Woods sex tape has been sold to an adult video production company by alleged Tiger Woods mistress Devon James, according to Radar Online.

Devon James, and her husband Nick, claim to have sold a Tiger Woods sex tape to a “mystery” adult DVD production company, which gave them a lump sum up front and promised them half of the proceeds from the projected $5 million in sales.

In case you’re wondering, this is the same Devon James who recently tried to run a Tiger Woods paternity scam. Now she’s back in the news, peddling a Tiger Woods sex tape (which probably doesn’t exist).

Devon, a self-proclaimed Tiger Woods mistress, says that she’s been holding on to a sex tape of Tiger Woods for months (really?) which is 62 minutes long, on which 32 minutes consist of her having sex with Tiger Woods.

But Devon has a track record of telling lies.

Already there is conflicting information circulating about the (probably non-existent) sex tape of Tiger Woods.

First, Devon and her husband claimed to have a deal to sell the Tiger Woods tape to Vivid Entertainment, a major adult entertainment company in the industry.

Then they claimed that Vivid backed off from the deal because they were afraid of Tiger Woods’ lawyer, so they made a deal with an unnamed DVD production company to release the tape.

There is conflicting information about how much Devon and her husband were paid for the Tiger Woods sex tape.

In a radio interview, Devon’s husband claimed the “mystery” production company paid them $1 million dollars for the tape. But according to various online reports, Devon says they were paid $350,000. Devon and her husband can’t seem to get their stories straight about how much money they got for this so-called tape.

There is also conflicting information as to when the tape will supposedly be released. Some reports say the tape will go on sale the 20th of this month. Other reports give the release date as November 20.

As you might expect from someone with a history of running scams, Devon says that as soon as they can get a website up, orders for the Tiger Woods sex tape DVD’s will be taken in advance.


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