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Tony Sexton Tells All-update

Porn Valley- Though I haven’t seen anything posted in recent days, Chico Wang for reasons known only to him, has, on, elected to paint a bullseye on Tony Sexton’s Australian ass. I talked to Sexton Wednesday night about that. In a series of vile and sinister diatribes, Chico has described Sexton as a master of disguise, black belt in yoga, a stalker and perhaps less than the Aussie Impaler that Sexton refers to himself as.

Sexton claims that Chico attempted to ensnare him in a web of deceit and intrigue by having one of his minions, or “posse” as Sexton calls it, offer him $500 this week if he’d shoot a scene. Sexton, who obviously knows a sucker punch when his nose meets one, says he didn’t fall for the con and wouldn’t have done the scene anyway. To make ends meet, Sexton says he got a job in construction. I also asked him what gives with Cailley Taylor, Skeeter Kerkove and Alana Evans. Sexton, lending his side of the story, provided answers that actually made sense.

Referring to Chico as a “jerk off,” Sexton said Chico had “sucked” him into doing a video. “He said he was going to give me these jobs that I requested.” Sexton was probably referring to the $100 pop shots that Chico was hiring guys to do. Apparently miffed by the triviality of it all, Sexton said he “humiliated” Chico in front of his minions and that Chico has been on the warpath ever since. “He was so upset that he said, ‘I’m going to ruin you and make sure you don’t work anywhere. I’m going to slander your name.’

“That’s why you look on lukeford you see my [a mocked-up, photo shop] picture,” says Sexton. “I’m going to speak to the lawyers about what I can do about that legally.”

Sexton also mentions that Wednesday was his first day on a construction site.

“They sent me down to Manhattan Beach. I finally got myself a construction job like I used to.” I casually mention to Sexton that his name has been removed from the quarantine list. At least from reports that we’ve been hearing. Sexton appeared shocked at the news saying he had been on AIM’s site and didn’t see his name cleared. I said that’s where the confusion comes in, because different lists are being issued depending on which website you go to. In any event, Sexton made it quite clear that he wasn’t having sex even in his private life.

“None whatsoever,” he says. “I refuse to have any contact with any women until I’m taken off the quarantine list.” Sexton was always confident that he’d be cleared to work. “Sharon said so as well, she said I had a strong immune system. You’re an absolute, minimal risk.” Even with that being said, Sexton said he wouldn’t have been tempted to stray. “It’s about me being a real man about it,” he says.

I asked Sexton what the basis of an ostensible feud between him and Cailley Taylor was about. Sexton said that’s what he didn’t understand. “That stupid little slut, pardon my French,” he says. “I’m so pissed of when I think about it.” Sexton claims he attempted to get work both for Taylor and her boyfriend Dick Tracy. “I met them last year and I thought we became good friends.” Because they were going through tough times of their own and trying to pay rent, according to Sexton, he thought he’d help out. “I got em a little job- a b.j.” Sexton says the job paid the girls $250 and the guys $100. Sexton swears he told Taylor she was getting $250.

“I told Dick Tracy that the guys are being paid a lousy $100 and the girls $250.” According to Sexton, Tracy told him to confirm the price with Taylor and Sexton left a voice mail, which, according to him, wasn’t returned until several days later by Taylor. Sexton told her because of the delay he had booked someone else but if she really needed the job that he’d put her back in. Sexton concedes that he had only mentioned the price once when he talked to Tracy. Sexton said after the shoot was over, the director came over to him and said here was a problem, that Taylor was claiming she was told she’d get $300. Sexton said, “to shut her the hell up” he gave Taylor fifty bucks out of his pocket meaning that he only got $50 for the shoot.

“And Dick Tracy’s saying yeah, yeah, yeah, I told him $300. And I didn’t. I tried to help them out and they fucked me over.” Sexton claims since that incident Tracy and Taylor have been “fuckin’ assholes” to him. “Here I am helping them out when they should be helping me, out if anything. I’m a million miles away from home.”

Insinuating that Taylor’s a snitch, Sexton claims Taylor feeds Chico Wang info that he likes to hear in efforts to ruin him. “I was up on that site and my blood was absolutely boiling. He’s probably jealous because he can’t get laid even if he pays girls. I get along with the ladies. And most of the ladies I work with, I have a chemistry with them. My scenes turn out usually wild.”

I asked Sexton about his propensity for alleged disguise, an issue that he addressed on KSEX, last week. “You tell me and we’ll both know,” states Sexton. “When he was asking me those questions, I said, Wankus, you’ve got to be kidding me, right?” Sexton says what idiot would believe those stories to begin with. “I have an Australian accent that’s so blunt and obvious, how the hell- even if I looked like Bin Laden according to the picture on lukeford- could I sound American? Hello, wake up!”

Repeating what was also said on KSEX last week, Sexton said he knew that Cytherea was laying a trap for him when she called after the nose incident at Sardos. “She was talking all nice and pretty. I knew she was recording me. I wasn’t born yesterday.” Sexdton swears that he never said anything inappropriate to Cytherea and that Steve Doss was his witness. “He was driving me around. He could hear every word that she was saying and every word that I was saying. Brian was saying I was going to rape Cytherea? You’ve got to be kissing me. What kind of morons and scumbags are they out here to make these kind of stupid allegations?”

I asked Sexton to venture a guess as to how he got tagged with the “stalker” nickname. He’s at a loss. Sexton claimed he wasn’t familiar with the word in the context. I explained that Sexton seems to have this reputation for calling people to death when it comes to using a phone. As illustration I mention that Alana Evans has used the word from time to time. Sexton swears he gets along beautifully with her. I mention that Skeeter Kerkove has used the word to describe him.

“Skeeter’s a pathetic moron,” Sexton states. “When I expect answers, he can’t give me a straight one.” According to Sexton, Skeeter was calling him “the bomb” after working the first three times for Skeeter. “Then I went to pick up a check from him under a bridge somewhere around his house. We were having a cigarette. He gives me a big hug. This was before something went up his ass. He said Tony you’re the bomb.”

Sexton explains that after that there was a time when he had conjunctivitis- pink eye which he got from some girl. “I couldn’t work.” But what seemed to have caused the rift, according to Sexton, was the time Skeeter hired a girl, Summer Love, who used to live at Chateau Max. Sexton said he had words with Love because he suggested to clean up after herself, that Sexton used to live there himself.

“She was bitchin’ and crying. She couldn’t do it. Simple as that. She can’t clean up after herself. She’s very untidy. She couldn’t pick up a simple coffee cup. She’s a rude, ignorant little girl, that’s why she hates me.” But when Sexton discovered that Lynn was going to be his partner on Skeeter’s set, all hell broke loose, according to him.

“She was bitchin’ and screaming and Skeeter told me, I don’t want to hear a word. I didn’t say a word. I told Skeeter I would have done the most amazing scene, even though I would rather have slapped this bitch.” Sexton says Skeeter elected to bring in another guy to fill in but never told him about it. “I was walking around the set for 11 hours, just standing there not knowing anything. Am I working? Am I not working? In the end he didn’t give me a kill fee, nothing. I did nothing wrong at all. I would have done the scene with her. Skeeter turned out to be an asshole ever since. I’ve asked Skeeter to be a man enough to tell me why he’s got something against me when I did nothing wrong. He’s now calling me a stalker because he’s trying to cover his ass.”

On the Alana Evans issue, Sexton claims he and the KSEX peejay are fine, that Evans called him a couple of weeks ago to do a phone-in to her show [Evans subsequently got sick and cancelled her show that night] to promote Tom Byron’s line Ass Eaters Unanimous,, the scene of which he shot with Evans at KSEX last year.

“Out of the blue,” says Sexton describing the call. “She was nice and sweet on the phone. That was the Alana Evans I met first of all.” Sexton claims he told Evans he was surprised that she was calling because he was aware that Evans had been attacking him and that she was upset at him. Evans, according to Sexton, explained that she had been in a bad mood at the time and that she was confused. Sexton said he asked Evans why she had been upset with him.

“Because when I saw you on a Nick Manning shoot, I asked If I could request you and call you. She went yes and Chris [Evans] gave me her number. I said if you didn’t want me to request you, you simply didn’t have to give me your number.” Sexton said he had a few jobs lined up where he could have used Evans.

“I called her but she never returns my calls. All these other girls that call me a stalker, they give me their numbers. I call and apparently it’s a California-thing. The girls don’t answer the call and never return the call. To me, is that the way it is here in Dumbville? Cause in Australia if a girl gives you her number, she wants you to call.”


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