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Witnesses Tell More About Sexton’s Knock Out

BURBANK, CA – If loudmouth, drunkin’ and disorderly clients of Sardos in Burbank fear the large bouncers at the popular karaoke hang out, they may be “scurd” of the wrong group of muscles. As previously reported on, Cytherea’s boyfriend Brian AKA The Dago Bomber, struck again, this time hitting male talent, Tony Sexton so hard, it nearly knocked him OFF the HIV quarantine list.

Not too many party goers are willing to go on record as to the exact details but we’ve been piecing together different accounts for your entertainment pleasure.

According to most sources we spoke with, Sexton had it coming. was told that he was “pestering” most of the people there, sitting at random tables uninvited and dodging fair questions adult industry professionals were asking him.

Questions like, “Is it true that you’re still trying to work, even though you’re on the 2nd Generation List at AIM?” and “How do you answer to the rumors that you’ve been seen on set wearing disguises and trying to work anyway?”

While the disguise question seems a bit silly, directors and other talent have said that Sexton was spotted recently with a fake mustache, claiming to be someone else and wanted to work. Partygoers at Sardos were becoming frustrated with Tony not answering the claims that he’s been behaving irresponsibly.

The blow [singular] from Brian came at a time when Tony crossed the line in a verbal exchange between the two. According to Brian, “I had a table for me and a bunch of girls that I brought. Jezabelle Bond, Lisa Marie, Cytherea and others. Tony just sat down and began annoying all the girls. I finally asked him very nicely, ‘Tony, can you do me a favor and go find another seat?’ Cytherea asked him to go as well. He wouldn’t leave. A few moments later someone else asked him to adhere to my polite request and he said, ‘I don’t have to listen to Brian or his WHORE! Game over.”

Like Mike Tyson against a bamboo stick, Brian delivered a shot to the nose that leveled Sexton straight to the dance floor. Brian immediately went outside and lit a cigarette while Sexton sat on the floor in a daze, holding his blood streaming face to the sound of gleeful cheers from the on-looking crowd.

After composing himself as best he could, Sexton made his way outside, walking dizzily and disheveled, like a rabbit hit by a car, still alive but barely making it to the woods.

A smirking crowd witnessed Sexton go towards Brian, but held him back and advised him to get in his car and go home.

Sun Chen of saw most of the event and said, “He [Tony] was screaming, ‘I’m gonna fuckin kill him, I’m gonna fuckin kill him. They better keep him away from me’, all this with his nose gushing blood between his fingers.”

Meanwhile on the inside, Sardos containment crews were very careful with the “spill”, putting on gloves, brightening the lights and cleaning up every spot of blood they could find.

A short time later, Burbank Police arrived and in a panic, Brian slipped away. As it turned out, they weren’t on scene investigating the fight, one witness said they were actually returning a dish or a cup from a previous To-Go order.

Were Brian’s actions justified? Don Hollywood chimes in:

If someone blatently endangered my wife or someone close to me and if I was to question them and they told me they did not have to be accountable to it, while I’m not an advocate of violence, you reap what you sew.

Anyone who at this point in time has not been cleared to return to work, under our present standards, anyone who cannot abide by those standards is not only acting irresponsibly towards themselves but they’re endangering the health and welfare and the existence of this industry.

The more irresponsible they act, the more probable the industry is going to be fully regulated. The more we do to control our ourselves, the less the state will get involved.

If in fact if he [Sexton] is still working, he’s placing the people he’s working with and himself in jeopardy. Go get a job at McDonalds for a few months to pay your bills.

If he in fact has acted in this irresponsible manner, I think he should be banned from social events as well as working in the business. There’s more responsibility to talent then just getting your dick hard and fucking.


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