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Tony T to Anabolic: Let Me Go

Porn Valley- I spoke to an irate Tony T this afternoon. Tony has been directing for Anabolic & Diabolic for about a year. But Tony doesn’t want to direct for Anabolic & Diabolic any more. He’s got his reasons, he says. But Tony’s telling me the only way he’s going to be let out of his contract, or told that he’s going to be let out of his contract, is if he signs certain statements which Chris the owner over at Anabolic can use in a divorce settlement against his wife Sue. This is what Tony T is claiming. I know. This is starting to sound a little involved.

Tony said he even went to AVN with his story but was told that because Anabolic and Diabolic are advertisers, don’t expect rich detail to accompany the story. So, basically, Tony’s giving me the rich detail with the hope that he gets a fair hearing. This is all he wants.

Again, to note, Tony was a bit agitated so I had to calm him down at certain points in the story. But this is what I was able to piece together.

“I tried to quit Anabolic a week and a half ago, two weeks ago,” says Tony. “They wouldn’t let me quit. They promised me they would let me out of my contract. After I quit and turned in all my stuff, it was- yo- here’s your stuff, let me move on.” The deal according to Tony was only for directing. “That’s what I agreed on,” he says. “I was going to direct for them three years. They wanted five and I negotiated down to three years. That was the deal we had, but they wanted to put me on a performer contract, too. I said no. I’m only going to sign a director’s contract. I’m not going to sign a performer contract. Cool.”

According to Tony, things were going good. “I made some movies for them. I was honest with them from the start. I signed this a year ago when I was 21. I said the money I’m making, right now, is cool for right now. But two, three, four years from now this money I’m making is not going to be enough and eventually I’ll want to move on. I’ll want to start my own thing, because, from the start, nobody owns their own product.”

Tony claims the agreement at the start, was, whenever he wanted to “step,” he could step. “All I got to do is finish the projects that I have on my hand, do everything the right way, then from there I come and tell them, yo, I don’t want to work over here any more, please let me out of my contract. They gave me their word that they were going to let me out of my contract. Okay?”

But Tony is claiming that the last month has witnessed a lot of problems among the directors. “Between me and Wanker [Wang] and Wanker opening his mouth thinking he’s running the show.” Tony T is saying he thought he and Wanker used to be friends. But Tony T is of the opinion that Wanker has some kind of power agenda. Tony says problems were usually handled at the level where nothing ever went back to the owners. “We always dealt between directors, we always dealt between each other. We didn’t need to take anything upstairs if there was minor problems.”

Tony T is saying his gripes don’t include Sal Genova, another director, who, according to Tony T, does his job. But Tony T is saying there was some shit talking going on behind his back and it wasn’t Genova. “I wasn’t happy about that stuff since the owners weren’t doing anything about it,” says Tony T.

Tony T is also stating that his movies were being fucked with behind his back in editing. “Stuff like that started pissing me off.” With that happening, Tony says he went to management, told him he wasn’t happy with the way things were being handled and that he was going to step. “They said cool, we’re going to let you step. I was, like, cool.” Tony T feels he always gave the company value for money and then some.

Then, for shits and giggles, Tony took his contract to a lawyer. “I told him to take a look at it. But when the lawyer looked at the contract, he’s telling me that they included performing in it. I was, like, yo, we never agreed on performing. He said, no, they included performing in it.” According to what else the lawyer told him, Tony could only work for other people as long as Anabolic agreed on it. Tony said to the lawyer that was never a problem in the past. “He said, exactly, they never had a problem with it. But the minute you tell them you want to leave, they can play with you and not let you perform for anyone else.”

Tony said he tried talking with Chris while turning in his keys and what not. But, according to Tony, he was being put off one day after another, after another. “I’m going, Chris, I got things to do, too. There’s stuff I want to do, too, but people are worried that you’re going to sue them. You sue people.” From what I gathered in the conversation, Tony was told basically to chill: “Go take a vacation for two or three months. And whenever you come back, you’re going to work for us. But I’m not going to terminate any contract.” This is what Chris is supposedly telling him.

“I’m like, yo, this is a totally different story from what you’re telling me,” Tony T is saying. Tony said he then took his case to Diabolic. “I called the owner of Diabolic because they’re two different owners. I was, like, you keep talking about how you’re a man of your word, now you’re playing games. There’s no reason for it.” Tony claims he was told not to worry, that the matter was going to be handled.

Tony T says he was in the Anabolic office Thursday. “Chris tells me I’m going to let you out of your contract but I still want you to work for me.” Tony claims he told him, no way was he going to work for the company. “Your director is talking shit about me so how do you want me to work for you. Please, man, let me out of my contract. There’s no need to talk shit and let’s leave it like that.”

Tony said he told Chris, yo, you’re the owner so you’re responsible for what employees do. “How the hell do you want me to work for people that are talking shit about me? Put myself in your shoes, Chris.”

Then, according to Tony T, Chris calls Greg. “Then they both tell me- you want to get out of your contract? That’s cool. You need to help us so we can help you. I go what do you mean by that?”

According to Tony’s account, he’s being told that there was a paper they wanted Tony to sign stating that Chris’ wife, Sue, talked him into leaving. “So we can use it against her in court in their divorcing thing.” Tony T is saying he told them, yo, are you out of your mind.

“That’s your own business,” he said in the conversation. “Don’t get me involved with it. I don’t need to be a part of that. I don’t want to have anything to do with it.” Tony then claims he was given the one hand washes the other speech that if he wanted out, this was the way it was going to be.

Tony is saying that Sue got out of a similar contract six months ago, and that Tony figured, yo, I’m going to get a copy of the same document, maybe save $2,000 which is what Tony claims Sue paid the lawyer. But Tony is claiming Greg and Chris wouldn’t sign the document telling him, yeah, what are you going to do about it. Tony is also claiming the word “blackmail” was used in the conversation.

“I told them you cannot stop me from making my money. There’s no law in any country where you can stop me from making my money. He’s, like, you wanna fucking bet?” Tony says he’s telling everyone he wants to leave the right way, but they’re making things difficult for him. Tony is also claiming that when he took a stand for himself he was told, go ahead, we’ll see who’s going to survive longer in court. “We’re going to see who’s got more money.” Tony said he would spend the last penny in his pocket to prove principle. “You’re not going to stop me from making my money.”

According to Tony, the situation was left where he wasn’t going to be let out of his contract. “But I have to defend myself,” Tony says. “I’ll put my contract on the net and let everyone see what kind of contract they’re offering.” Tony’s telling me that there’s a stipulation in his contract that when you leave the company you cannot work for anyone else for six months. For those six months, Tony claims, you have to be on call and teach or consult for the company at a set hourly rate. “Whenever they need you.”

Tony said all he’s asking is that everyone be fair. “I’m not asking anyone to defend me or take my side.” Tony goes on to say- and this is debatable- that he brought back Anabolic on the map. “Look at how many pieces are sold of the movies I did for them. You can see every time, an AVN pick, an editors choice, a spotlight pick. Plus the sales. I was making them so much money.”

According to Tony, his deal was to make movies with $23,000 budgets.

“After ten movies from each company, you start getting a dollar a tape after the eleventh movie. For the first ten movies you don’t make anything on them. But you have to wait six months until you start getting your dollar a tape; and the only money you make is whatever is left over from the budget. But you can look at my movies and tell from each scene how much was being spent, everyone’s rate. All our scenes are three on one, two on one. The girls charge $1500, $1600. There’s agency fees, locations, makeup. Each guy is $600, $700. I’ve made movies taking money out of my pocket. Balls deep. They cannot say I did anything bad for the company.”


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