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Let’s Let Bygones be…No Shows

***The following editorial was inspired by, you guessed it, Jill Kelly Productions [JKP]

(SAN FERNANDO VALLEY, CA) — I got a call yesterday from JKP contract girl, Alexis Amore’. “Wankus, Chef Jeff talked to my boss, Bob [Friedland] at the convention this weekend. He wants to come on KSEX and put our differences behind us.” “That’s great!,” I said, “this whole thing has gone on too long and it’s really ridiculous.”

Alexis gave me Bob’s number and I called him with a bit of relieved anticipation. I looked forward to the opportunity to mend the fences between our two companies. When Bob answered the phone and found out who I was, he had attitude right away.

“If you want to have the opportunity to interview Jill Kelly girls ever again, you’re going to need to apologize,” he said.

I kind of laughed for a moment, in a confused sort of way and asked, “I’m going to need to apologize? For what?”

Bob responded, “For KSEX publicly speaking badly about them.”

As you can imagine I was quite shocked by all this, being that I thought he was trying to make good on his companies flakey issues as of lately, but I continued, “I think you have the roles reversed here Bob. KSEX deserves an apology from many of the girls of JKP for making a commitment and not sticking to it, leaving us hanging, publicly embarrassed and at times unprepared, live on the radio.”

He responded, “If you want to make a deal with JKP, you’re going to have to write a press release, apologizing for bad mouthing the company.”

This cracked me up because KSEX never talked smack against JKP. Random writers on TopProTalent made a few sarcastic digs when girls didn’t show up, but is not a KSEX company. Yes, I happen to be the Editor in Chief of TPT but that’s a whole separate, non-affiliated company from KSEX. If JKP is mad at someone it should be TPT.

“On KSEX,” I continued, “the only thing we ever said about girls from Jill Kelly is that they didn’t show up when they committed to. It was a point-of-fact true statement and a way of explaining to fans what was going on when they were expecting to see some of their favorite adult stars.”

“I’m not disputing they didn’t show up,” Bob responded, “but if you want to work with JKP again, you’re going to have to apologize.”

“You want me to write a public press release, apologizing for something I didn’t do?” I asked.

“Obviously, though you may be creative, you know nothing about business,” he said.

This insulted me. I’ve always been sharp in the world of business, just chose to stay on the creative side because of having to deal with people like this.

I asked Bob again, just to be clear, “so you’re saying I should write a press release, apologizing for something I didn’t do, basically lying about the situation.”

“If you want to work with us again, you’ll take the deal.” he replied.

“The deal?” I asked.

“Yes,” he said, “in business, the people that do well, know when to take a deal. I’m offering you a deal.”

“This is a very Bill Clinton style deal Bob,” I said, “I don’t like making up scenarios just so you can save face. Why doesn’t JKP release a statement that they robbed the local liquor store?”

“I’m not involved with a local liquor store,” he responded.

“Right,” I continued, “and KSEX isn’t involved in smearing JKP….JKP’s girls are, by not showing up for events at KSEX, other radio shows, appearances and even recently, you posted, they weren’t showing up for JKP in-house appearances. Why do I have to apologize for that? You need to talk to your girls Bob, they’re making you look bad. Do you endorse their behavior? Is it ok for them to break their commitments?”

Bob continued, “These girls are adult stars, you know how they are. But one girl had a death in the family [Cindy Crawford]. She had a good reason to miss.”

“Did she have a death in the family every time she missed Bob?” I proceeded, “And, regardless, is that an excuse not to at least notify us so we don’t make blank promises to the fans about her being there?”

“No, I’m sure these girls have done the things you say,” he said, “I don’t know the situation, you may be right, but if you want to work with us again, you’re going to have to take the deal.”

I responded, “not gonna happen Bob. I am more then willing to make a public announcement that KSEXradio and Jill Kelly Productions have mended their disagreements and are going to work together in the future, but I’m not going to apologize for something we didn’t do and something we deserve an apology for.”

“Well, I can see we’re not going to agree here,” he said, “You obviously don’t see the importance in this. We have a big company and I’m making deals all day long. I just closed one deal, that I can’t talk about, and within 30 to 45 days we won’t need KSEX or anyone. It’s bigger then big.”

He continued to comment about how small KSEX was and how big JKP was and that because we won’t take the deal, we cannot work together again.

“Ya know Bob,” I said, “many of your girls enjoy coming to KSEX and we like them too. They may come on-air anyway to promote themselves.”

“Well then they won’t be Jill Kelly girls very long,” he responded and closed, “it was nice talking with you, I wish you a nice life.” [Hung up]

I gotta be honest with you. This was not how I expected the call to go. Maybe being without a publicist, they feel that stirring the pot some more will keep them in print. Regardless, and as I told Bob, KSEX is not a company to hold a grudge.

If any of the Jill Kelly girls want to come back in, and they show up, they will be welcomed with open arms. We at KSEX would also like to continue to stretch out our arms to JKP, should they want to mutually agree to end this ridiculous drama between our two companies.

Apologize? Ughhh….No. We’ll take one though, should they be willing to give it.

Our policy is very clear. If you make a commitment with us to appear, especially as host of your own show, you appear. If something comes up, small or large, hindering your chances of appearing, you contact us. In a worse case scenario where you can’t contact us before hand, you make sure you get us as soon as you can, and that’s not days later. It’s a very simple request. We are not mad if you can’t make it, only if you don’t notify us.

Talent, producers, directors, secretarial staff and all parties in any occupation need to be responsible when they are involving other parties. Especially in situations that are always talked about in the public eye.

Alexis Amore’ and Jenna Haze have cleared their names with KSEX and have proven to be responsible, fun and enjoyable guests on the station. The invite is open for any other JKP girl to come back in and put this crap behind us.

And for the record, it is of my opinion that Jill Kelly Productions releases quality products and films. None of my personal opinions or comments, directed at Bob, Jill or any of their talent is meant to discredit or impugn their integrity. Our dispute only stems from their defensive stance on not making their talent accountable for their commitments.


Program Director


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