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TT: “You Don’t Want to Work with Me”

Porn Valley- reports Nina Hartley as writing the following about T.T. Boy: He said, “What about me?” so I turned my ass toward him, expecting a little playful tap in return. Instead, he coiled his body like the boxer he is, and hit my ass so hard it left a full hand print on my ass cheek, even though I was wearing a thin cotton robe. Mark Kernes took a photo of it.

I had never, and have not been since, hit with such force, violence and anger. I was beside myself with, not anger, but astonishment. Yes, T.T. is the company owner who is in trouble with Cal-OSHA. I believe he’ll fold his business.”

Author Susan Faludi writes in her book titled, Stiffed: “T.T. reflects exactly what that sort of porno [termed “downmarket variety” by Faludi in a preceding paragraph] is about,” Caballero’s senior video editor, Bud Swope, said, “where you screw the hell out of the woman and come all over her face. He throws girls around. He pile-drives till they protest…He’s just aggression.”

In an interview in the April 1995 issue of Hustler Erotic Video Guide, “T.T. Boy had this to say: “I was a shy little kid when I started, and now I’m just a guy who wants to fuck the shit out of all these girls. Just fuck ’em to death.” He [T.T.] then proceeded to deliver the following message to all those women in the business “with big egos”: “You don’t want to work with me. I’ll beat your boyfriends up and spit in your faces. That’s what I think of you bitches, and then I’ll kick you in the head.”


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