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Turn Up the Heat With Extra-Provocative Videos

Provocative videos have surpassed nudes in the hierarchy of sexting content. While anyone can take a quick nude, creating a sexy video requires more effort and creativity, making it more highly valued and deserving of a higher price tag. Videos offer a more captivating and immersive experience for users compared to photos.

If you’re up for surprising your audience and boosting your earnings, let me walk you through the wonderful and easier-than-you-think process of creating sultry videos that will make jaws drop and money roll in.

Choose a Shooting Location

It’s common sense, but the background of your video matters. You don’t want your audience to be distracted by a messy or cluttered background. To keep their attention on you, it’s best to choose a clean and simple background, unless you’re going for a specific theme. Depending on your content, you could also consider filming in different locations like the kitchen or shower.

Nail Your Best Lighting Setup

Getting high-quality footage requires good lighting, which is a well-known fact. Even with top-of-the-line cameras and equipment, poor lighting can result in subpar results. For optimal lighting, it’s best to use natural light, which can be achieved by shooting in a location with large windows or during the “golden hour” just after sunrise or before sunset when the sun’s light is softer and warmer. However, it’s important to ensure that you’re not visible to the public to avoid legal issues.

If this is not a set of guidelines, I can rephrase it as:
If you prefer a more subtle lighting approach, soft lighting may be a suitable option. This type of lighting is commonly used in video production as it provides a natural-looking radiance. A ring light is an excellent choice for achieving this effect, as it produces a flattering, shadowless illumination that can accentuate your features.

Select a Tease-Worthy Outfit

Just because you’re making a naughty video doesn’t mean that you have to get naked right away. Instead, consider slowly peeling off layers throughout the video for a teasing, tantalizing effect. Or you can simply wear skimpy clothes that still leave something to the imagination. If you’re feeling like dancing, you can opt for a revealing yet flexible outfit or go all out with just stockings and heels.

Being sexy isn’t just about on how clothed or unclothed you are. Rather, it’s an attitude. You can be naked in your video if you want — especially if you will perform any type of penetration — but remember that choosing what to wear is one more possible way to tease and get creative.

Find the Right Music

Incorporating great music can enhance your content and create a specific atmosphere, if that’s what you’re aiming for. When selecting music, opt for a rhythm that resonates with your audience and sets the tone for your message. However, it’s important to be cautious of copyright infringement when using someone else’s original work.

Know Your Poses

Even if your video is intentionally amateur-looking, it should have some preparation behind it. That means that instead of getting in front of the camera and winging it, you should have practiced at least a few different poses and angles before you hit that “rec” button. If there are certain body parts you’d like to highlight in your video, keep those front and center, with a pose that you can sustain in a comfortable way for the duration of the content. Most importantly, do what feels right for you. Only you can know what poses make you feel empowered and sexy.

Choose which material to record.

Here you can let your creativity run wild and free. You can just show your body in a sensual manner, tease your audience in the pool if you have one, dance, show off some sensual yoga poses — extra points if it’s while naked — or perform any sexual act you can think of. You can also give fans a voyeuristic experience by placing the camera behind the halfway-open door while you’re taking a shower, to create the illusion that they are “spying” on you.

You also can’t go wrong with a good old-fashioned striptease. Start by slowly walking toward the camera, caressing your body and gliding your fingers up and down until they stumble on something to unbutton. Combine that with hair whips and then start removing your attire in a rhythmic way.

Maybe you just want to tease your audience by touching yourself, spanking your ass or playing with a toy. You can also add props to the mix like handcuffs, dildos, butt plugs, gags, chains and even whips — though for that, you first need to define very clearly what the video will be about. Do you want to feature BDSM, for example? Another option is simply to talk dirty to your viewers. Why not give jerk-off instructions (JOI)?

You have the freedom to draw inspiration from any fetish, niche or adult category you desire, allowing for limitless possibilities! However, it’s important to remember that maintaining direct eye contact with the camera in a seductive manner is crucial to captivating your audience on the other end of the screen.

How to Sell Your Spicy Videos

Choosing the platforms where you intend to market your videos is a crucial decision. Each platform may provide distinct functionalities and alternatives to facilitate the sale of your content.

Apart from the obvious pay-to-unlock albums that platforms and most cam sites offer, some sites include mass-message features you can use to sell your content directly to fans. Some also have detailed statistics pages where content creators can see not only their income, but also the geographical locations of their clientele and other information. This can help you understand your audience and their behavior, and know what kind of content they’re more likely to purchase so you can produce accordingly. You can then mass-message them with videos tailored for their tastes, and success will be pretty much guaranteed.

You also have the option to sell personalized videos by fulfilling content requests from your fans. Another option is to offer a “request anything you want” feature where users can send you their personal requests, which you can choose to fulfill or not. This customized approach is more likely to attract paying customers.

Make sure to advertise your videos on your platform for selling content and on your social media accounts to draw in potential customers.

Don’t Forget to Have Fun

Last but not least, don’t forget to enjoy the process and have fun with it. If you feel confident, comfortable and genuinely have a good time, it will show in the video. Trust me, people love it when you’re just being yourself. So let loose, embrace your inner goddess and get in your groove.

Eva is an industry insider who helps performers make money on their own terms. When she’s not writing a blog post, poking around online or networking, she is practicing yoga or doing Netflix marathons. Contact her at [email protected].


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