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Vinny Paz Calls In-update

Porn Legend- Boxing legend Vinny Pazienza called in to KSEX, Wednesday night. For good reason, you might say, since Pazienza who’s now calling himself Vinny Paz, used to be engaged to JKP girl Tyler Faith.

Pazienza’s call was a far cry from the one he lobbed on the Stern show last June, at that time calling Faith a con artist and a heart ripper out-er among other things. But all appeared placid in Vinny Land this time around. Vinny Paz even has a website, and is having a book [ghost] written about his life.

Vinny Paz was promising next time he comes out to LA he’ll come into the KSEX studios. Paz mentioned that he was with Lisa Grace. “Why I am with her is because she loves you and that’s a beautiful thing,” Paz told Faith. Faith said Vinny had a lot of chicks but a main girlfriend as well.

Wankus joked about Vinny changing his name best west coasters couldn’t speak Italian. “Pazienza was my slave name,” Vinny joked. Wankus mentioned the site, especially pics with Paz and hot babes and Paz conceded that it takes time and money to keep those updated. “My website guy is really awesome.”

Vinny Paz said there were pictures of Faith all over his site as well as all over his house. “it’s ridiculous.” Faith said Vinny has more pix of her now than when they were dating. Vinny agreed. “When she was with me I didn’t have one picture of her up.”

Paz’s first boxing title was won in 1987. It was the IBF World Lightweight Championship. Paz then retired after his 50th win. “It’s amazing how time just flies.” Faith said she was 20 when she was seeing Paz. “You were just a sexy baby,” Paz told her. It was noted that Paz broke his neck in a car accident in 1991 and that there were some news clips on his site to that effect.

Paz said he had won another belt, the World’s Middleweight Championship just weeks prior. He was on the mend about three months. “It was pretty ugly.” Paz was told he wasn’t supposed to box again much less walk. His overall record was 50-10, 30 knockouts and five world titles. “it’s a lot of stuff over a lot of years.” Not to mention training, said Wankus.

On that note, Paz after his 50th win received a letter from Bill Parcells coach of the Dallas Cowboys. “He started out in the letter saying, man, I watched you over the years and admired you career,” Paz related. Parcells went on to marvel about the extent of training in Paz’s career. ‘How many miles you’re run, how many rounds your sparred. You must really love this sport.’ ”

Wankus said he loves Parcells and even if he got so much as a hello, he’d be excited. “But the fact that he was tracking you over the years has to be an honor.” Paz said he wrote Parcells back telling him how he made his day, week and month. Wankus asked Paz if he agreed with the assessment that some of his best fights came with losses. Paz didn’t think so. “Yeah, exciting highlights- my face covered in blood, not going down, not staying down. It’s good stuff. It all adds to the warrior attitude I have.”

It was then that Paz mentioned that Boston Globe writer, Ron Burgess was writing his “autobiography”. Paz said he was very excited about it and that the book would contain some nasty dirt about Faith. “Without a doubt,” he told Faith. “You’re going to be in there and it’s going to be ugly.”

Faith protested that Vinny Paz was crazy and that she was a kid at the time. “He was like ten years older than me. I was a baby when he met me. He brought some crazy things out in me.”

Paz recalled when he took Faith with him to England, when he was fighting for a title against Harold Grant. “She practically fucked my brains out up to the night of the fight.” Energy-wise, Paz conceded that he was a little off that night.

“Tyler was just a sex animal,” he says. “I should never have taken her to England.” Faith said she didn’t lose that fight that it was Vinny’s promoter Artie who was responsible. Asked how that was, Faith said, “It was fixed. He told him that…it doesn’t matter. It was fixed.” Paz was not disagreeing with Faith. “It’s a lot of politics involved, a lot of back scenes things that people don’t know. You’ve seen fights where guys win and they don’t get the decision.”

Vinny said he’ll talk about those incidents in his book. But he claims he never took a dive. “It’s the promoters in the background, the people that are in charge of the actual promotion of the fight,” he said. “They can fix things and put judges in places. That happens quite a bit.”

At the mention of Don King’s name, Paz said King was an amazing figure to him. “I have two ways of thinking about him,” Vinny said. “I think highly of him because he really is a genius.” To which Wankus said he didn’t like some of the ways in which King used his success. As you might expect, Paz said he knew a lot of things about Don King that the average person wouldn’t know. “I know people behind the scenes that have told me things that he’s done.” Paz says he’s met King twice- once in Atlantic City and once in Las Vegas. “Both times I walked away from Don King shaking my head going I can’t believe I like Don King.”

Paz says he’s got a couple of film projects in the works. “I’m getting into the movie business little by little.” With the subsequent publishing of his book, Paz also suspected there would be a movie made about his life as well. “I’m excited about that.”

Paz, likewise, fancies himself a pretty adept actor, and said Faith was in the adult business because of him. “She don’t say that.”

Paz also said he’d like to work with Faith. “But she won’t work with me. I want to improve her.”


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