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Violet Blue Debuts on KSEX

Roses are red. Violets are blue. And so’s that pus seapin’ outta you. Had Alexander the Poet been dedicating verse to the kickoff of Violet Blue’s KSEX career, that wouldn’t have been the stanza. But it pretty much describes some of the turns Violet’s debut, Tuesday night, took.

Helming the Recipes for Sex Show, Blue came off extremely well and confident in her patter. Particularly if you have an affinity for funky smells, burning dicks, burning pussies and hard-to-spell sexually transmitted diseases that can erode your brain matter. There, Blue was obviously up on her info. In a question that ranks right up there with, is there a Santa Claus, Blue said, yes, Virginia, there really is anal gonorrhea. AIM’s Sharon Mitchell as well as Dr. Riggs an urgent care doctor who treats performers in the industry were guests on the show.

Traveling down memory lane, Blue said she got her first STD in her first year of college. She was dating a guy from home. One weekend he told Blue he was cheating on her with a 15 year-old. Blue said what added insult to injury was that it was a fat chick. About two months later, Blue found out that she had given her boyfriend chlamydia. “The funny thing was that his mom told me in front of him that only fat girls get STD’s. I think she truly believed that. But I don’t think it was because she was fat. I think she was just a slut.” Blue said most people don’t have symptoms of chlamydia. “It’s one of those things that really just don’t show up.” Blue cited a statistic where an estimated 3 million Americans each year. “It’s so common that by the age of 30, 50% of sexually active women have evidence that they’ve had chlamydia sometime during their lives.”

Blue recalled another instance where she went to a family planning clinic in Salt Lake city because her pussy smelled funny. As she was getting a pelvic exam Blue was told that she positively had gonorrhea. Two weeks later when the lab results were in she discovered she had a bacterial infection. “Probably from wiping the wrong way. It was probably from anal sex- honestly.” Blue said she was a big proponent of anal sex as long as you don’t do it too much. “Then you will be wearing Depenz by the time you’re 35.” Blue went on to describe other pleasant encounters involving chlamydia and other orifices of the body. “You can get that nasty shit in your throat and makes your throat swell up.”

Blue asked if there were any takers to hear the symptoms of rectal infection. “They include discharge- I don’t know how you can get discharge out of your ass but I guess when you have gonorrhea, you can.” Blue said there was a certain ingredient in potato chips that prompted anal leakage.

“For some reason women give men more STDs than men give women.” Quoting stats, Blue said African Americans also have the highest rates of STDs. “Trust no one,” Blue advised. “If you meet somebody and you’re going to sleep with them, take them to your local family planning clinic or some urgent care doctor and get them tested and get yourself tested before you have sex.”

For one-night stands, Blue suggested wearing a condom and using dental dams or Saran Wrap. “And pick up your girls at the best bars. Don’t go to the sleazy bars. She might have something.”

Calling from the hospital, Sharon Mitchell got on the phone and explained that she’s been working on her doctoral thesis and is about 175 pages in and has several hundred more to go. “It’s going to end up being 600 pages and once I complete that in February I’ll be a doctor.” On one surprising note, Mitchell said that the gay side of the industry doesn’t test for HIV.

“They tend to work and they tend to work with condoms,” she said. “But a number of the people that work in that industry are HIV industry. They just tend to work two HIV positive people together.” According to Mitchell the reason she was at the hospital was because talent tends to become tolerant to the AIDS cocktails that they’re on. And one such case occurred where a party had to go into the hospital. “It happens and it’s the nature of what I do,” Mitchell sighed.

Mitchell reported that there has been no HIV in the straight porn business since 1999. “We do see it but only on people that are entering the industry. So when they come in to take their initial tests before they’re going to work for a company, they have to come into AIM and get their tests. At that time we find out they are HIV positive we’re able to get them into treatment before they work. That’s been very helpful and it’s eliminated any spread or infection of HIV in the straight porn industry.”

Otherwise chlamydia and gonorrhea are the two main problems in the industry, Mitchell said, recommending regular testing if you have multiple sex partners. “If you’re a swinger, or very amorous and have more than three sex partners in a month, I would say get tested every month.” Mitchell said chlamydia can go asymptomatic in men for years, likewise with some women which can lead to pelvic inflammatory disease. “Then it’s very painful.” Mitchell said the tests are very accurate now and are done by urine. “All you have to do is pee in a cup and you’ll find out in a day or two what your results are.” Chlamydia, according to Mitchell can be transmitted through the mouth and hands as well.

Mitchell said she’s received an offer to work at Century City Hospital as a resident clinical sexologist in their addiction unit.

Mitchell: I also intend to write more grants for AIM now that I’m a doctor and I’ll be able to do more studies and get some more funding and release some statistics that I’ve been very anxious to release for a long time. Over six years I’ve gathered a tremendous amount of data and I would like to release that. I’ve been hesitant of releasing that through the government or through a pharmaceutical company or through an academic entity because it’s our data from our industry and I wanted it to be released solely from AIM healthcare.

Mitchell didn’t think that a condom-only suggestion for the industry was a good idea. “And I do think it’s a great idea. Condoms are the best way to prevent sexually transmitted diseases. You’ve either got to use them 100% of the time or they’re not very effective. From a health standpoint it’s a very good idea. But, realistically, the economic structure of the porn industry was not made for condoms. Distributors cannot sell condoms in Europe. It’s very hard to get deals. We know as a fact that it would drive a majority of the industry underground to shoot without condoms. In theory it sounds wonderful but in practice I don’t think it would happen.

Asked about outbreaks in the business, Mitchell said the industry is down to 3.2% chlamydia and 0.1% gonorrhea. “That sounds very low. Last year we were at 12.8% for the entire community and since we’ve been monitoring every month, we’ve been able to get that lower. We have between 20 and 60 outbreaks a month.”



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