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Was Hillary Scott’s a Manipulated Payment?

Porn Valley- Skeeter Kerkove said he was getting wind that Kevin Rubio of Ducati Productions was contacting various news sources in an attempt at damage control.

“I asked AVN isn’t it a slap in the face that he comes to you guys now? [Particularly when Rubio broadcast the nature of his lawsuit all last week on the Internet.]

“I go is he promising to advertise? He don’t even pay everybody on time. Thank God we were able to prove that his first effort to pay Hillary Scott was ten months after the movie [Welcome to the Bunghole #2] was shot.”

Skeeter’s guess was that Scott was paid because Rubio intended to file a lawsuit against him and didn’t want appearances of impropriety, criticism or legal reprisal. Skeeter said the lawsuit was filed between June 12-14 of 2006. An attempt to pay Scott was June 13, 2006. But it was only this week that Rubio actually got a check to her after the first one was returned by the post office.

“He wasn’t doing the right thing by Hillary, he was saying I have to do this,” states Skeeter who brings up again the fact that Ducati was allegedly running comps as opposed to new releases.

“He had the benefit of collecting full, brand new distribution pay outs from NorthStar,” Skeeter adds. “Imagine the amount of profit you can make when you sneak a movie in with no production costs. In fact you don’t even had to do an edit- all you do is just combine all the tapes together on an authoring. Literally you can release a movie with a home made box cover with 2,000 DVD’s for probably $4200, With Peter North having very strong distribution and being good on collection, Ducati was probably rolling it in pretty good the past year. There’s no way Welcome to the Bunghole #2 could make as much as #3 because #3 was for free.”

[NorthStar this week dropped Ducati productions.]

Skeeter says he can’t believe that Kevin Rubio in an interview with me this week said Skeeter didn’t ask to be paid for a location.

“But that’s okay, that’s what he’s got to do,” says Skeeter. Skeeter remembers how one of the performers Suzie Ink was asking him for money and Skeeter told her he couldn’t pay anyone since Ducati was taking care of that issue.For himself, Skeeter had no problem waiting for his own money.

“But acquaintances and people I work with were calling me concerned,” he says. “That was for real. And Alex Sanders did call me stressing.”

[Ducati opened his records to show me that Sanders deposited a check August 9th, a week after the shoot.]

“At one time I thought Alex was giving me attitude,” Skeeter continues. “Which I let him know- and he said, ‘Skeeter, I just need to know if I’ve got to take legal action.’

“I told Kevin everyone’s calling me, hating me right now. He goes the movie’s good I’ve already looked at the stills, everything’s fine but I need more pictures of you. So I called Richard [Montfort] and said take some pictures of me in the backyard during these gay poses and I got those delivered to Kevin. Everything was fine. He [Rubio] sent me an e-mail to check out the boxcovers. Even if I said it didn’t look good, he wouldn’t have changed it. I felt everything was fine, but that I wasn’t going to work for him again.”

Asked if he had subsequent conversations with Rubio about his location fee, Skeeter claims he did.

“But I was real cool about it.” Skeeter claims he has a practice of never looking at the amount of a check he’s handed.

“That’s disrespectful.” Because of that, he didn’t realize until later that he wasn’t covered for a location fee.

“Later when I got home and saw this check from Kevin I go fuck!” Skeeter’s still insistent that he included the location fee on sheets he makes detailing a shoot’s cost. [However, the production sheet Rubio handed me didn’t have a location cost detailed on it.]

“My deal is this,” says Skeeter. “Whatever I buy is mine to keep unless you come over to pick it up.”

Rubio also announced this week that he was taking on his own distribution.

“He says that once he gets fired,” muses Skeeter.

“He’s been like a little baby crying out for attention- he wants to be a player but he can’t be; he has to admit that he’s a trick, and that’s it and that’s all there is to it. He has to prey on people like he’s some big mega-crazy rich person. And that’s how he lures the girls in. But they get creeped out quick and run away.”

Because Ducati has alleged that he never made his money back on Skeeter’s movie, WBH #2, Skeeter says he’s had people making “secret buys” to see if those sales will show up on Ducati records as evidence in the lawsuit.

Skeeter says he’s been scrupulously scouring the Internet to weigh Ducati’s statements against the fact that his movie has been actually selling out. Besides, said Skeeter, Ducati also made a decision to have the movie run 2 hours and 47 minutes.

“That’s 43 minutes longer than any other movie he’s released,” Skeeter notes. “He must have thought that was pretty good stuff to put out there. He could have edited it down to 85 minutes like some of his comp movies.

“They better show those sales,” Skeeter continues. “If they don’t that alone will create a sanction against Kevin and he’s already had one or two against him in court. But I don’t know where he’s going with this. He’s taking it so personal.”


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