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Rob Black: News About the 3rd and 4th Performers Were Manipulated Around the Vivid Shoot in Vegas

Rob Black on his Monday afternoon show made a pretty convincing argument that the timing of the most recent industry moratorium was very convenient to Vivid’s out of state shoot in Las Vegas.

“The problem with the business is Vivid,” declred Black.

“There’s no way to put on a good face no matter which side you take on this issue. Vivid has been shooting during the moratorium. If you look at what Vivid has been doing, their time line has been structured between moratoriums.

“It’s really weird, and you’re going to say this is the most fucked up shit I ever heard. It’s something out of a John Grisham novel. I told people in Sacramento they had to listen this.

“Vivid has been shooting in Las Vegas. Right out of the gate they’re pandering. They were shooting Spiderman 2, and, we think, Captain America. The Spiderman is Xander Corvus, the star, the smack dab first generation performer who worked with Cameron Bay before the HIV bug hit her. Vivid is in Las Vegas for ten days.

“Kylie Ireland is a clean motherfucker- she used to be the rubber girl when she was a porn performer. Then you go look at everybody’s Twitters [especially Ireland’s]. Wow. Vivid has been shooting the last ten days in Las Vegas, and I can’t imagine there’s no sex scenes going on.

“But I guess Steve Hirsch and Paul Cambria have talked about the pandering laws and they’ll beat that. But here’s the disturbing part- Vivid shot during the moratorium. Here’s the fascinating part. The moratorium was lifted, then Vivid shot and when they finished their movie, the moratorium was set back in place.

“This is how it goes down,” Black continued.

“The first moratorium was lifted August 27th- Vivid left for Vegas that day and returned from Vegas the day of the second moratorium. Marci Hirsch sits on the board of Free Speech and PASS and mandates what is a moratorium and what is not.

“The lady that sits on the board and says we should or we shouldn’t have a moratorium also runs the entire production for Vivid. Wow. That company and the system conveniently lifted a ban everyone said was bullshit and premature [but this allowed Vivid to sneak to Vegas to shoot].

“People in the media were saying why are you lifting this moratorium? But Free Speech said we know everything and we’re lifting the moratorium so Spiderman could be shot in Vegas. I got to imagine this production was on the boards for awhile so when this moratorium hit, Steve Hirsch said what the fuck are we going to do?

“Instead of doing the right thing, they said hold the HIV information off, lift the ban so we can shoot the movie quick- tell Axel not to fuck around in his trailer. As soon as they were done, they announce the girl is positive and the moratorium is put back on.

“Guess what? Loose lips sunk ships, because Kylie Ireland puts the entire time line of Vivid shooting conveniently on Tweet during a moratorium that everyone said should have not been lifted.

“Once Vivid is done, the moratorium goes back. The star is Xander Corvus, the last guy who worked with Cameron Bay. Xander Corvus is shooting a movie less than a month of being in contact with someone who has a million count viral load.” Black wondered if he was speaking to deaf ears.

“Am I yelling in the air? You understand how disturbing that is. Cameron Bay even worked with my cousin Mark Zane on the day of her clean test and the theory of Cameron being HIV free is bullshit.

“She did a scene with Mark Zane for Hustler then off to Kink. My cousin Mark has been testing a zillion times. If the 27th she’s clean, now we have Kink where people are jabbing her with their fingers and there’s a dick in her mouth. You have this situation and a moratorium gets lifted. And you ask yourself why. Because Vivid had a huge ten day movie that involved Xander Corvus.

“As soon as it was done, they brought the third girl out and put the moratorium back on. But they had no idea that Kylie Ireland and others would start tweeting. The people at the top act with impunity because no one will step in to regulate. It’s amazing.

“This is one of those times where you are going am I the only one seeing this, or am I nuts and I’m your Jim Garrison from the JFK assassination.

“On August 27th the moratorium was lifted, case closed. On that day Vivid goes to Las Vegas to shoot those movies. The press is saying isn’t that a little soon for the moratorium being lifted? You have this going on and sitting on the board of Free Speech is Marci Hirsch who runs Vivid’s productions.

“She sits on the Free Speech/PASS board where they decide the moratorium is to be lifted. Marci Hirsch voted to lift a moratorium that involved Xander Corvus who had a bleeding penis on the Kink shoot.

“Then he goes to work with Vivid, and while Cameron Bay and Rod Daily are swept under the rug, the third girl with HIV is held back [from being announced]. And as soon as the shoot is finished, the moratorium is put back on with the announcement of the third performer.

“Now a fourth performer ran to Aids Healthcare Foundation. It was like he was held captive and broke the ropes.

“Basically the payoff and the silence wasn’t enough, and the guy and girl turned on Hirsch and Free Speech who had to figure out now how to cover it all up.

“I called for a moratorium to September 16th, so that everyone would be able to take a breather to figure this out. For us to lift the ban was asinine. You can do more harm than keeping the ban on. It was a game. It was lift the ban, Vivid shoots, hide the girl, get Xander to shoot. Now because a deal can’t be cut, the moratorium goes back on and the girl and guy run to AHF.

“Diane Duke is a patsy and a nobody,” Black contends.

“But they’re all shit. Diane Duke is the idiot, and Marci is the boss. You’ve just seen who controls shit. Vivid lifted the ban so they could do a movie with a guy who worked with Cameron Bay with a bleeding penis.

“How do you explain this as a coincidence? Then you have Kevin Moore from Evil Angel shooting during the moratorium, and he’s shooting over the weekend. And that’s Evil Angel and Christian Mann who’s on the Free Speech/PASS board.

“Is this just all coincidence with Christian Mann and Steve Hirsch being the best of friends? The entire system is corrupt.”

Black said all of this was proof that Diane Duke doesn’t call all the shots.

“Christian Mann was born and bred to be a criminal, and Marci Hirsch is too stupid. She’s always been the uneducated fat, dummy sister. Like most of the people in the business she’s a lucky dummy. That’s the mentality we’re dealing with to lift a ban, hide a girl with HIV, but Kylie Ireland blabs her mouth.

“But Steve Hirsch was quoted on CNBC that Vivid wasn’t shooting. If there is a shred of decency in this business, Mike South should have pointed this out. Not only does Steve Hirsch lie to the press, but he’s also committing felonies. Am I delusional? Is Bill Margold going to tweet I’m a blowhard delusional idiot?

“Steve Hirsch treats our business like it’s his own urinal and we’re the urinal cakes controlling the stench. That’s what this guy does. He told CNBC that Vivid wasn’t shooting and he was waiting until October to find things out. He’s lying and Vivid is shooting in Las Vegas while Hirsch is talking to CNBC, he’s talking to the press and lying. Is anyone outraged? He boldfaced lied to a major media outlet during a major media epidemic.

“Hirsch looked at CNBC and lied. You want to talk about the credibility of our industry? This was a smack to the media’s face that trusts Steve Hirsch. He fucking lied to every single one of you.

“Marci Hirsch, they all lied to you and used Xander Corvus, a bleeding penis exposed to Cameron Bay, and they lifted the moratorium so they could shoot. If this is not a call for a criminal investigation I don’t know what is. Steve Hirsch, Christian Mann lifting moratoriums, closing moratoriums, one leaves, one hides, telling the mainstream media no one’s shooting and you’re shooting.

“I don’t know how much louder I can scream and give you a reason that we need to go to war.”


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